These conditions can rob your child of their childhood. I set up this demonstration to help show you exactly how these conditions work, so this clear tube is a representation of a bronchial tube, which is the airway that carries air to your lungs. Now these tubes often become clogged with mucus which causes breathing problems. So weve used this green solution to represent the mucus. Here it is in the tube. Now i will use air pressure to represent breathing. You notice how you can hear gurgling and wheezing sounds that are typical of common breathing conditions and see how the mucus just sticks to the tube and continues to block the airway all right now i will attach the air physio to the end of the tube and Use the exact same air pressure to demonstrate what its like to breathe through air physio Music, now listen to the pulses of air. These gentle pulses help remove the mucus from your airways. Air physio is an award winning op device that was specifically designed to help children breathe easier. Now, look carefully at the mucus in the tube see how its vibrating and starting to flow through the airway. Well, air physio uses pulses of positive pressure to gently yet effectively loosen mucus from airways, so your child can finally breathe again, and parents love how its 100 natural and drug free when your child breathes out through air physio. It expands their airways and helps to loosen excess mucus, pushing it out of their lungs.

As the mucus is expelled from the airway, it produces a productive cough that allows your child to clear their airway, so they can breathe effortlessly and go back to being a kid again if your child is suffering from breathing conditions, you owe it to them to try Air physio click the link below to learn. This is the air physio. It looks like an inhaler and what it does is it helps your kids relieve their mucus. Naturally, by using vibration and positive pressure, it is a 100 natural chemical, free, med, free device and its going to help your kids strengthen their lungs, its great for anyone that just likes to have their kids go out and play and not have to worry about a Thing its actually super easy to use and its safe for anyone. I have an adult one that i use as well its great for those of us with asthma. My whole family has asthma and im trying not to let that progress any further than it is. This is going to help with that. This will help us all breathe easier on our own. It helps strengthen their lungs, the same way that it would for any exercise for any other muscle, its multi award winning and it has over 3 500 5 star reviews. So weve got an ad physio for children and this thing is awesome. So all of the monkey literal cystic fibrosis and were always looking for new ways of kind of helping strengthen our lungs, strengthening the respiratory process compartmentalized to australia.

Everything comes apart. Super easy heart fit lets. Try it out Music like a little volcano, anything that we can find that will help with cystic fibrosis or, if you just like to run or if youve got. You know, lung problems, breathing problems.