This is the kind of stuff youre going to see on the shelves, so its kind of reviewing some of that cheap stuff that people pick up. You know for a quick holiday christmas gift to that person in your life or a stocking stuffer, or something like that. This is from bed bath and beyond for five bucks, and i bet if you go online, this will cost more because a lot of times these types of kind of inexpensive uh – i was you, know, kind of want to say, crap uh. It costs more online than it does at the actual store. So if youre looking for the stuff just check out your local, you know i dont know tj maxx bed bath young places like that ross. What are the other places marshalls? This is a softball launcher. The softball launcher is the worlds ultimate soft, safe foam ball. Slingshot includes a power grip handle and four safe foam balls that fly up to 50 feet. Take this flying toy anywhere for high performance, fun, high performance, fun, thats, right on target and its by grand star industrial limited and from china made in china uh, but yeah so thats. Why i like to get less christmas lists im just i i would say a terrible gift giver as far as just like picking up an item off the shelf ill end up getting something like this and the person will open it and be like what the heck Is this, but maybe its good, who knows, lets open up, see whats inside see if this things actually worth five bucks? I think the box alone is probably worth five bucks.

The box is probably more expensive than the actual product all right, so you have these foam balls and you have the slingshot and its actually not just from the looks of it. It actually looks better than i thought it was gon na look and how do these attach lets see or how do these fire so just open up the package here? Okay, maybe its interesting, so you hold on to this like so and then fire it or oh. It was like this, maybe its like that. Let me look at the directions if there is no no instruction booklet yeah, this is the lo. So here we go see you put the ball right in between there, it kind of just stays, and then you launch it so lets test it out, see it that actually works if its actually worth getting all right. So, like a previous video today, im gon na shoot at uh the uh oven there. So here we go three, two one. Does it work here? We go three two one ah actually works better than i thought it was gon na im gon na load. It once again load the ball in there and fire, so these are real soft. These are real light weight. Lets. Try it again im going to try to launch it as pull this back. As far as i can, there is kind of a stopping point where you cant really pull back uh further. So here we go as far as i can go.

Im gon na move this up actually thats fine. Here we go three two one, so it works. I guess it works as well as i thought it was going to work because its not portable, so yeah, if youre looking for kind of like a stocking stuffer or something like that, i would say this does work better than i thought it was and if youre, If you know someone thats into kind of those nerf launcher launchers, or something like that, this may be an item for you. I would say: dont spend more than five bucks, its definitely not worth more than that um. I would say, for the most part pass on this item for most people unless were looking for a quick uh. You know christmas gift or something like that or birthday gift, or something but um its kind of meets expectations, but really doesnt exceed them, and i would just say, for most people pass unless you need. You know that obligatory stocking stuffer. So, thanks for watching my videos, everyone, if you like them, continue following support. My content, the patreon.