My name is rar, and this channel is about music, especially beatboxing, because i am probate. Boxer ive been beatboxing since 2016 and also about the technology in this context, is the gadget reviews and also many technology. Explanation to you, and both of those word is the audio engineering things will i i think i could do those kind of things also and many things between in between that world thats, the summary of my uh channels and in this series this is a new series. I call it the old gadget review, so i want to review some of my old gadget that currently is already discontinued and lets start with the very simple gadget, which is this one. Send this cruiser blade: 64 gb, usb 2.0 flash drive and the compatible system is the windows, 7 windows, 8 windows, 10 and mac os. So why i put this on the old gadget review because currently, i think nobody use flash disks. We call it flash this or usb flash drive anymore. They prefer to use the wireless system, but i actually still save these classes because i use it. Sometimes you can see the physical here. So this is a very small flash disk and my hand is actually big and cruiser blade is one of the smallest usb flash drive type from sandisk and why i love that, because how small it is i mean the portability is very, very flexible and also um. I think sometimes its its its used for this storage uh, because it has the 64 gigabytes and nobody could hack into it.

I mean you use it by the physical way, while the cloud using the digital and sometimes if you are not aware of the hacking system, and sometimes your data in the cloud will be lost, but not in this one because um the anything inside it is kind Of reliable ive been using this kind of product since 2010, i think, or 29 or 2010. I i mean 20 times and its still function until now. So its kind of high in reliability and also 64 gigabytes is enough to storage your files that unused file that maybe filled your internal storage, both from your laptop or your smartphone, and you can transfer it to this little tiny thing and thats it maybe thats it. The review of the sandisk cruiser blade usb 2.0. Oh okay, i will explain later what is the usb 2.0 and what is the usb, 3.0 and etc the terms of that differences, but i think it will be. It will not in this review. So thanks for watching uh thumbs up if you like this kind of topic thumbs down, if you dislike it and subscribe to my channel, help me to reach 1 million subscribers thats just a dream. I i mean at least one thousand a 1k subscriber, so my channel could be monetized and see you next time.