Today, on this channel, we are going to spill out the best tools and gadgets in making one of the worlds favorite meal pizza. These gadgets can be found on amazon and kindly check the description box for the links to purchase them for more videos about modern invention and pro tips about the utilization of these gadgets. Make sure you subscribe to this channel and turn on the bell notification. Youre baking. A delicious homemade pizza, the dough is perfect and youve just added the right ingredients. Oh no dont! Let your tools! Let you down pizza, peel, lets you easily transfer your pizza to the oven and then just as easily slide it on a plate once its done. The long foldable handle keeps your hand safely away from the heat and then folds away for compact storage. Pizza peel is made from quality lightweight aluminum and is the perfect dimension for the perfect pizza pizza feel just slide and enjoy right. We got a beautiful pie in the oven. This is made on our solid pizza pan our traditional pizza pan put that down right. There take a look at that. Look at that now on this pan. On this pie, we put a lot of oil because i like it that way and thats one of the benefits of a solid pizza pan is that you could put oil if you like that type of crust and see how this is a much lighter baked finish On the perforated pans another one of crowns, great products, you get a much crunchier uh toasted finish, and then we have another pan, black steel, black steel pizza pad an original crown uh developed product.

This is to the oven. What a frying pan is to the stove – and you can make anything in here – not just pizza – makes great pizza and great with a lot of olive oil, but you can make uh french fries chicken wings. Anything you want anything to heat and serve crown im david vella by the way david bella, president of crown cookwork, but really im, the chief craftsman im, the master craftsman of the company, and i develop. I use every product that we make. I bake i cook. I do everything to make sure that these pans work well for me as they will for you, so crown started in 1981. I was 17 years old with my dad and we might ive lost my father, but we are still going strong and we hope that you enjoy our pants. We know you will buy a crown cook or pizza pan and youll be happy Music, oh Music Applause, Music, Music, do Music do Music. The pizza maker plus from betty crocker is a fast fun and energy efficient way to create homemade pizzas or flatbreads. With your own fresh toppings in just minutes, youll get 12 inch pizzas with a delicious and crispy crust every time, its also great for making a variety of quick meals and creative snacks with minimal preparation like nachos, quesadillas and even giant cookies. With its non stick surface.