This is a popular brand and ive reviewed many of their products because they always seem to have some cool ones, but this these are the condiment uh little dispensers here, perfect for mayo, mustard, ketchup and more airtight seal and yeah. So i just thought itd be interesting, because this is a product i havent seen. These cups could uh come in handy, but some other claims bpa free, not oh thats, interesting, not its, not dishwasher safe. This is not a toy keep away from children, pets and its by msc international lets see all the other theres. So many different brand names on these things. Um murray sales incorporated msc dash international dot com, but yeah lets open them up, see whats inside get three of them, and one thing thats, i think is interesting is so. This is from marshalls its kind of like a discount store, its kind of like a tj maxx. They get a lot of kind of like overstock, but this is 299.. If you go online, i guarantee you will not be able to find this product for 2.99. So i think there was a time where online had you know the lowest price you could you could end up finding things at the lowest price, but i would say thats really not the case anymore. You can almost guarantee you can find things lower priced uh. You know at t.j.maxx marshalls ross. You know outlet stores things like that. So if youre looking for the best price on quality products, you know kind of become a regular at your local discount store because online, i would say its just not the place to go because you have shipping.

You have. You know theres on these websites theres a lot of times, theres fee structures for sellers, and so that means the lowest possible base. Price on things wont cover the fees, and so you end up getting a kind of a base price point on any product youre. Looking for but thats not the case that you know, stores that are designed to get overstock inventory and they just want to get rid of it all right so check this out. Some nice containers look at that. Its got the logo here, which is kind of cool. These cups kind of a hard plastic and thats kind of cool their screw design. So if you put something in here and you drop it, you know the lid is not going to pop off thats cool. I mean its, not only. I guess a cup that you could store condiments in, but its i have these cups from ikea. Let me just show you and i use these quite a bit, but these are just like little cups that you can put different condiments in, and you know its like. A little dipping cup, so i could see these becoming not only something to store, but also a little dipping cup, which is kind of cool. All right lets open up the green one, the blue one. So let me just demo one of these cups and i knew this wouldnt be a very complicated demo, but i just thought these were kind of cool.

So yeah you have some ketchup, you load it in. There got a lid it doesnt matter which lid but yeah. There you go, you can drop, it turn it over its not going to go anywhere and then, when youre ready to go you just unscrew it. Let me just show you the cleaning process to see how easy these are to clean or maybe not all right so lets take off the lid, and i could just get a little. You need a brush or something just get down in there and you can let it air dry, but pretty much, really easy cleaning and just let it air dry and youre ready to go pretty cool all right. So not the most elaborate demo in the world, but they are good quality um. I like the design. I like that theyre different colors, its relatively easy cleanup. I think the only thing that can make them better if they were dishwasher, safe, which or not but its by a brand that i recommended before msc international, so check it out the condiments on the go three cups and yeah check them out and just once again, Dont spend too much because at marshalls these were 2.99. So just keep that in mind, if youre looking for these, but theres lots of options out there, you dont even have to buy these im sure you can find stuff almost anywhere like the ikea cups.