Ive been with boxing since 2016, and also i have knowledge about the audio engineering things and also i am a technology enthusiast. I do some gadget reviews and also the technology explanation to you and in between of both words or in that words in that area. So if you are also the music enthusiast or the technology, enthusiast youre come to the right place so in this video, the new um series from my channel, which is the old gadget review. So i review my old gadget and the first video is actually i reviewed the sandisk cruiser blade, 64 gigabytes and in this one, its a similar things but different system. So this one i will review western digital, my passport, one terabyte and it actually a kind of not really in the old days. I mean it comes when its about 2015. I think – and it already has the password protector this backup software guard and the three years limited warranty, so they knew their product will be very, very reliable and also it use the 256 bit aas hardware encryption, which is the backup drive, is kind of reliable and, If you want to see the physical, they actually come with the the pockets here. So this is the hard case: uh not really hard, but not really soft, so its in between hard and soft. I think um, sorry for the noise out there, because its raining outside of my house – and you can pull out here this deeper beside ways and you could read the logo here, and this is what it looks inside.

So it will consist of the um hard keys itself. I choose the red color and i think you will see many in red in my old gadget reviews because i love red color, but i think currently its not anymore the case um. So, as you can see here, it is actually very slim or external storage or external hardness and the color itself. Maybe you look like an orange, but in real world it looks like red. Although i know in this video it looks like orange and the backside of it is black and you can check it on wud.com its made on thailand western digital, so this is the uh cable of it, so it use this port. I dont know what you call it, but most of the hard disks use this kind of port. It is not the usb a not the usb and not the hbc, so thats thats uh very specific to the hard disk external hard disk. You will familiar if you use one in the old days, or maybe you currently use it and for the usb to connect to the port in your laptop pc or smartphone using the usb 3.0. So, as i promised in my video before when i explained about the usb flash drive, so the difference between 2.0 and 3.0, both are usb type a, but the transfer data transfer speed is very different. Um because detected transfer speed in the um usb flash drive of the usb 2.

0 is slower and also the encryption is not good enough. So this is the reason why its slower, while the 3.0 is faster in transferring data rate, and actually it is needed to um hard this product like this, because it could storage up to the one terabyte, which is all very large or theres. Many data that you could save in this hardness and the higher transfer data rate is needed because you will transfer a lot of data from your devices to the external hard disk and maybe thats it uh. Oh okay, i forgot to mention that this is compatible. Uh windows, 8 and windows, 10, so thats. The reason uh. I still think to upgrade my pc to um windows 11, because im afraid that the usb flash drive and the external hard disk could not operate on that windows anymore. I have that concern and thats. The reason why im not upgrading yet to the windows 11 and maybe thats it and thanks for watching thumbs up if you like it thumbs down if you dislike it, and please subscribe to my channel to help me reach at least 1k subscribers.