Also weve included options for every type of customer, so lets get started Music. At the first position of our list. We have ch geek wireless car charger mount the ch geek wireless car charger mount keeps the drivers phone close at hand promoting safer use. This phone mount uses an automatic clamp to secure the users phone and leverages chi wireless charging technology to keep compatible android and apple phones ready to go even charging phones with cases up to six millimeters thick, using either the washable and reusable gel suction cup or the Air vent clamp users can attach this mount virtually anywhere and, with a 360 degree, rotating ball joining and 210 degree adjustable telescoping arm it can be oriented in virtually any direction to free the phone simply depress the clamp release button. The ch geek wireless car charger mount features. A sturdy aluminum alloy frame when not in use will automatically power off when not in use. The only downside to this mount is its inability to charge phones with metallic cases or similar obstructions. The number two position is held by keysmart, while keyrings certainly have their place. They cannot compete with a keysmart, an amazing alternative to big pocket, bulges, painful, thigh, jabs and loud carrying jingles, because jingle bells is only fashionable at christmas time. The keysmart is an ingenious, kiss key storage system designed specifically to reorganize large curing payloads into a slim compact, key collection that is easy to access and makes everyday life more enjoyable.

A single unit can hold up to 8 keys at a time and with the expansion system, users can increase the capacity to 14 keys. The frame consists of aircraft grade aluminum and is held together by stainless steel hardware. Each keysmart is available in multiple colors and includes a loop for key fobs and large keys. While adding and removing keys is straightforward, achieving proper screw tension can be a challenge. Also psmart only works with bare metal keys and can be tsa and friendly. Moving on to the next number, three with blue driver car maintenance and repairs can be expensive, particularly when unexpected blue driver exists to keep drivers informed of their cars, health and performance and equips professional and diy mechanics with enhanced diagnostics and improved repair data. This obd2 bluetooth adapter allows users to sync their mobile device with the ecu on any vehicle built during or after the 1996 model year. Once paired with the free blue driver, mobile app users can leverage their android or ios device to read and clear engine airbag abs, tpms and other codes, and they can access enhanced diagnostics for a wide variety of common automakes, including ford, gm isler, toyota. Honda and more blue driver users also have access to 24 slash 7 technical support. Should any questions arise. This device is rather expensive, which is simultaneously understandable and unfortunate. It also cannot be left plugged into a vehicle without putting a drain on the battery. The number 4 position is dominated by time: 8.

M12 3. Tire pressure monitoring system avoid the frustrations of unexpected flat, tires poor gas mileage and more with the time8 m12 three tire pressure monitoring system, this affordable, easy to use. Tpms includes a main console and four tire cap sensors, which provide real time tire pressure data and boasts an 87 psi maximum with accuracy to within three psi. Users can monitor tire pressure and temperature and can receive warnings when temperatures spike when pressure exceeds or drops below user determined levels or when the system detects a fast leak. The console is rechargeable via the integrated solar panel or by usb charging cable and it features a battery health monitor and both auto sleep and auto wake functions. The time 8, m12 3 tire pressure monitoring system also comes with a 2 year warranty. Some users have reported difficulty in reading the display, while users have noted that the instruction manual is poorly written. The number five position is held by rightline gear moki doorstep. Reaching the roof on many vehicles can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, the rightline gear milky door step makes rooftop access and packing a breeze for virtually everyone. This innovative design consists of a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, making it both sturdy and lightweight. The integrated hook allows users to attach the step to any car door latch, making the step capable of supporting up to 400 pounds for federal law automotive door. Latches are impressively resilient. The rubber bumper on the step helps prevent paint damage to its host vehicle and the bright orange color makes it easy to avoid accidentally closing the car door at the wrong time.

The rightline gear mulkey door step is easy to store and includes a one year warranty. Next, at number, six we have garmin drive smart 55, tired of getting lost or trying to navigate by a smartphone. Then pick up a garmin drive smart 55 and trust yourself to a dedicated gps, a modern technological marvel. This garmin is easy to read and can be controlled by either the 5.5 inch 1280 by 720 pixel touchscreen display or the voice recognition software. The gps unit pairs nicely with compatible smartphones via bluetooth, which allows for easy hands free, calling and convenient access to tripadvisor a list of history network listed sites and a national parks directory via the garmin drive app. The app also provides access to real time. Information such as public parking lot status, traffic cameras and current weather data, the garmin drive smart 55, includes integrated wi fi connectivity for computer free map and software updates and is backup camera compatible. This unit is a little pricey which is disappointing in light of its hit or miss voice, recognition and the occasionally inefficient routing at the 7th position of our list. We have anchor row smart charge tone. The anker rov smart charge tone is an amazing option for drivers. Looking to play some rad tunes in an old car without springing for a new head unit, this little unit receives streaming audio from any mobile device via usb, cable or bluetooth, then translates into an fm frequency and broadcasts it directly to the drivers.

Radio. This system uses static cancellation technology for a clear signal and it supports hands free calling for greater safety, convenience and compliance with traffic laws. The unit plugs directly into any vehicles, 12 volt charging port or cigarette lighter, and it includes both an adjustable neck for custom positioning and a usb fast charging port. The anker rove smart charge tone is easy to use and comes with a one year. Warranty once said, the chosen fm frequency is hard to change. Also, some users have reported static and sound quality issues, although both are covered under warranty. However, this step is a poor, fit for most rear door frames and thin frames. The exposed steel screws condense some door frames, the number eight position is held by this works. Portable car vacuum, cleaner, keeping things and span on a road trip is no easy job, but a portable vacuum like this works can do wonders for the cleanliness of your vehicle. Lightweight compact and easy to use this handheld device plugs into your cars volt outlet and can pick up both wet and dry debris designed, especially for the interior of your automobile. It comes with an extension tube for hard to reach corners, as well as a brush head for carpets and upholstery. Next, at number nine we have bac trackus 80 pro breathalyzer. While we greatly discourage the idea of drinking and driving, we do believe its beneficial to have a device that lets. You know whether or not youre, legally capable of getting behind the wheel equipped with police grade sensor technology.

The bac trakkus 80 pro is one of the best portable breathalyzers you can buy these days aside from producing the most accurate test results, this top notch personal alcohol tester is extremely easy to use and read and comes with disposable mouthpieces for hygiene. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by escort ix long range radar detector, with its intelligent features, an outstanding long range detection ability escort ix is a trustworthy companion for travelers, who are often on the road. The device is one of the most technologically advanced radar detectors on the market and if you have a lead foot, your best bet for avoiding annoying speeding tickets on the highway thats.