Welcome to the 9malls guys review channel today, im reviewing something called the collapsible popcorn popper by hs housewares solutions. I reviewed something similar to this. Never this brand but ive reviewed another collapsible, popcorn popper and lets see if this works as well. This is durable space saving, bpa freezes, lifetime warranty, which is great. I always like to see companies that back up their products, bpa free, carry handles for convenience, suction lid prevents overflow, dishwasher and oven, or oven and microwave safe, which is great big size bowl for true popcorn lovers. Space saving classical bowl all right, so lets open up, see whats inside it says no mess because it has a lid cool touch, handle 10 cups of popcorn, which is pretty good, durable, high quality silicon space, saving, collapsible bowl. All right all right check this out has a little direction: booklet, thats kind of nice. I, like the thank you microwave popcorn, support at housewaresolutions.com. If you have any questions its got a little pattern, thats kind of cool – i havent seen that before so its less generic. Looking you can pick this up like so which is kind of cool, just kind of a rubberized or silicon lid, and then you have the popcorn bowl and im smelling this. Sometimes silicon has kind of a smell. This doesnt really smell its pretty neutral collapsible. I am getting kind of a really, maybe a little bit of kind of like a film or like a grit to it.

So im definitely going to wash it out before. I use it first and what im going to do is just kind of throw some kernels in here and just let it pop and see how it turns out here see if it actually works im, not seeing. Oh here we go so it says: pour 1 4 cup popcorn kernels in the popper, add 1 teaspoon oil or butter if desired, for flavor not needed for popping, which is great. If you want to see the directions right, there add one half teaspoon salt to raise or or raise a lid close lid microwave for two to three minutes or until popping slows down carefully open the lid and yeah so thats great. Because it gives you the option. You dont necessarily have to you know, make it you can make it as healthy as you want. I mean you could just load it up with oil if you wanted to because sometimes putting a little bit of oil lets the salt stick. So you know depends on what you what youre looking for. It also gives a little bit of flavor, but im just going to try it out um and see if it works without oil, so im just kind of rinsing it off washing it off. I use a little bit of light detergent on this and i dried it off a bit. Um lets get the popcorn, and this is im just using a kroger brand kind of just eyeballing it and lets throw it in the microwave ill.

First put on the lid. Throw the microwave and actually thats interesting. So do you pop it with the lid? I think it just goes up like so like it rises, it kind of stops. It has a ridge right there and then just kind of stops. Let me see yeah, so i think thats how its supposed to be thats interesting, all right. So here we go, lets put it on for about three minutes ill, just stop it when its ready to go all right. So you can hear the popcorn sound its about exactly two minutes in at this point, but yeah popping quite a bit take out the lid smells amazing smells like popcorn, so you have some nice fluffy popcorn right here. Im, getting a little im put my nose up to this im, getting a little bit of smell from the silicon just a little bit a hint, but not enough that i would actually stop using this. Some of some of it ive noticed, has a really strong smell. This is pretty mild Music, you know just comparing it to my other tests with these types of products, whether its in the oven or in the microwave but yeah. As far as the fluffiness goes its pretty good, and i would say it popped pretty much. All of all the kernels ill dump it out and check, but yeah it looks pretty good all right. So the houseware solution, collapsible popcorn popper, lets test it out see if the popcorns actually good.

Here we go three two one. So as you expect with no butter. No salt, you know its pretty bland pretty basic, but as far as the kernels go you know very fluffy yeah i mean it did a good job. This is kind of a proven design. Ive seen it before. I do like the shape um better than the other one that i reviewed and i like the lid and its got this nice handle and then, when youre done, you can just put the panel on top. You dont have to eat it all at once. So yeah pretty cool, so yeah youre all wondering do i recommend the collapsible popcorn popper by house. Wear solution. I would say. Yes, this is a cool design, its got a nice logo on front and let me just show you actually before i leave. I want to show you the kernels, because thats important to pop all the kernels, and maybe, if i left it longer yeah, you can see a little bit of kernels right there, but not much so yeah overall great design, you know its a proven design, but i, Like this form factor better than the other ones that i reviewed so yeah, i do recommend the collapsible popcorn popper by houseware solution. I would say: dont spend spin around. I dont know less than 20, maybe 15, because theres lots of designs out there, theres so many ways you can pop popcorn and if you dont get this theres other great products out there.

So dont feel, like you, have to get this one specifically, but this one does work. So let me know what you think: whats your favorite popcorn popper.