So we will talk about its design performance features while performing a quick unboxing as well, but before we start, if you are new to this channel, then do not forget to hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon to get the notification for future uploads. The uni arc junior a30 is currently live on indiegogo, and the campaign link is share in the description of this video and now lets start with the unboxing inside the retail box of junior a30. You will find the junior a30 web conferencing camera a quick start guide and a usb type. A to usb type c. Cable now lets talk about the design and build quality uni arc junior a30 comes with a cylindrical design that is comparatively thin at the top. With respect to the bottom, because of that, its placement is quite stable and it doesnt fall or move from its position when the web conferencing is going on, the rubber strip provided at the bottom also contribute in providing a stable position for the camera. Also at the bottom we got the usb type c port with a pass through slot. The majority of the upper part is fingerprint resistant, matte finish, and it looks beautiful and premium. At the other part, there is 360 degree speaker provided beneath the mesh fabric at the top. We got four microphones to capture 360 degree audio, and we also got four touch sensitive buttons. There is a circular led indicator, provided that shows different color for different activities.

To let you know exactly what is happening with your camera and then on the front side. We got our 115 degree wide angle camera. Another very interesting thing about the human ear a30. Is that, even though it is pretty huge in size, it is still very lightweight. So you can easily carry the unir a30 anywhere for the web conferencing purposes so, overall in terms of design and build quality, the unir 830 is premium and beautiful looking device as it comes with minimalistic design and nice build quality. Now, talking about the features to use the unir a30, all you have to do is connect the usb cable with your computer and connect the other end with the udir a30. After that you can launch any of the compatible video conferencing. Software, like zoom skype, meet microsoft teams etc and just select unir a30 as your preferred webcam. The 115 degree camera of unir 830 is very nice for the video conferencing purposes. Just to give you an idea that how wide is the field of view here is the image being broadcast with the camera of my laptop and then here it is with the junior a30. So for the video conferencing, where lots of people are involved, unir a30 is a very nice webcam that you can use to include everyone in the meeting visually and in terms of audio as well as it comes with four directional microphones. So every person sitting in the room can speak and the junior a30 will clearly capture their sound.

It supports up to 5 meter voice pickup, and here is a quick demo of its voice recording capability compared to the default microphone of the laptop from distance of 2 meters. This is an audio recorded by the junior a30. The speaker provided in junior a30 is also quite nice in terms of audio output and loudness as well. It produces good quality audio that you can use in a small meeting room and everybody will be able to listen it clearly and once the meeting is over. You can also use the unir a30s speaker as your desktop speaker for listening, music watching movies, etc. The camera quality is also very nice. It captures good amount of detail and the low light imaging capability of unir a30 is pretty nice as well as it comes with automatic exposure and white balance adjustment and provide a very nice overall video quality for the web conferencing purposes. The touch sensitive buttons provided at the top are very useful as well using them. You can instantly mute, the microphone turn on or off the camera, and you can also increase or decrease the volume of this speaker for every different action. A special color is assigned to let you know that what exactly is happening with your camera and whether the microphone is off or the camera is off to avoid messing up your online meetings and web conferencing overall uni arc. Junior a30 is a very nice web conferencing. Camera in every aspect, the design and build quality is nice.

It looks beautiful and premium the camera quality is very nice and the wide angle field of view is perfect for web conferencing purposes. The speaker quality is good enough for web conferencing, as well as for the entertainment purposes. The microphones range is pretty solid and the unir hrd comes with easy to use, touch sensitive, functional keys. So if youre planning to buy a webcam for the online meetings and web conferencing purposes, then junior a30 is a very nice option for you, so thats all for now.