It was interesting because the season kind of started back um mid pandemic. You know our entire offseason um was interrupted, we weren’t, we didn’t have otas, we didn’t have minicamp and all of a sudden you know we were going back for training, camp and um. You know, as the nfl men nfl pa met, you could tell. There was still a lot of unanswered questions. Uh, we didn’t know what the season was going to be like um, but i think they rolled the ball out just kind of hoping for the best, and fortunately we made it through an entire season with with limited cases uh with limited spread, and here we are At the super bowl um, so i think you have to to commend the nfl on doing a a wonderful job and and doing something that was, i think they were faced with a tough task and they found a way to get it done. You know, at the same time i mean the protocols are all different. You guys got tested i’m sure a countless amount of times during the season uh when it came to just kind of the the habits of traveling around the country playing in other team stadiums. With all these protocols in place, how did that kind of change the workflow that you usually have going into each game? Every sunday it was a very different, dynamic. First of all, getting tested every day was um was very different.

You know getting your temperature checked multiple times a day, filling out surveys every day going and getting tested, uh tested having to wear a tracker um when you’re in the building um, you know having to use different meeting rooms not being able to eat in the cafeteria. Just our day to day, workflow was different. Um traveling was way different. We weren’t allowed to leave the hotel. So you know you go to a city you’re not going to the malls going to restaurants, which usually would do if you had a little down time. Um. Not not free to just be out, you know, hanging out with teammates that was very different. We we played in a game where team didn’t have a quarterback, and so i don’t know if that’s ever happened. So i mean it was a lot of different dynamics, um that you had to juggle um. You know i commend our coaches in in preparing us to keep us all on the same uh page when when everything was was kind of array um, you know helping us to be able to maintain, focus and and continue to have, a successful season so um. It was a challenge, but you know when, when adversity hits, you have to find a way to continue to move forward. It sounds like based off of what you just said. The nfl did a pretty good job when it came to player safety but, of course, player safety.

A big question: i have to ask you: while we’ve got you, there was a report from abc this week about settlements with players suffering from concussions and a different player safety issue, but they were arguing that you know there may have been a you know: less favorable Payout specifically for black players – i guess i’m, just wondering uh, you know: do you have any thoughts on that? Do you have any kind of viewpoints from your from your standpoint about how the nfl has been handling some of those issues? Yeah i mean the game is very different now than it was back then um, you know there was. There was a lot there’s a lot more information out now um around concussions, around player safety that that wasn’t made available to players in in years past. I think the nfl has gone through tremendous links to lynch to figure out the best ways to educate players around player safety, to protect us from ourselves a lot of times. You know so many penalties and fines are being instituted um into the game to for player safety. I think the biggest thing is the bet, and the best thing is that all players are informed of the dangers that they’re putting their bodies in when they go into these games. When a player doesn’t have their information you know made made available to them, they can’t make a proper decision. But now you know from the high school level to the college levels to the college ranks into the nfl there’s, so much information around player safety, and with that with that information, every player gets to choose whether they want to continue to proceed in their career.

If they want to step away from the game, if they want to handle things different, maybe a position change or whatever the case may be um. So i think i think you know it’s a dangerous game and so just like trying to manage a season in the midst of covet that’s that’s, going to be a hard thing to do right, regardless of the case it’s not going to be a any way to 100, prevent you know any of these cases from happening, but i think you can limit them by educating and giving people the ability to choose and um. You know at the end of the day we all have to live with the choices that we make and then one other thing that was kind of interesting thread through this nfl season was obviously black lives matter and kind of the social movements that have been happening Within the league, but you’re doing something yourself, you have a shield one it’s, a foundation that offers grants endowments that are aimed specifically at economically distressed communities and also hbcus, tell us a little bit about what you’re doing on that front. Yeah um, i thought i think 2020 was unique in a way that um covet code would happened and and and then we had the reawakening of the social justice movement um and everybody was kind of just stuck at home and looking at the same time, which you Know mobilized millions of people to be out marching in the streets and um.

You know, i think in my heart and my brothers josh norman’s heart. You know we always want to be solutions to the problems we never want to uh. You know just be mark and marching or making noise. We want to find solutions, and you know one of the ways that that we did that in the wake of george floyd’s murder and covey, we realized we need emergency response programs, and so we did a tour across the country and went through. Uh went to five cities in five days, met with people on the ground, uh met with with stakeholders and leaders in the community unless the emergency response program, and essentially what that is, is you know we go into communities where people need life sustaining help? They need food, they need health services um, you know and the other other resources that are just going to help them live and they can’t afford uh impact of you know things like coping and other such things, and so how do you help them? And so what we we do is we use our platforms and we use our global relationships to go in and meet um meet with not just the organizations that are on the ground, doing work, but leaders in communities and we we help accelerate those communities and and Help accelerate uh resources to the people that live there and and and through our platforms um. When we start posting on social media, the thing we see is um, you know miracles pretty much happening, you start getting donations and contributions and people who want to be a part and and what i’ve seen um, especially in 2020.

So many people wanted to help. So many people want to be involved, but they don’t really know what to do right or the best way to create impact. And so what we’ve learned is you have to listen to the people who come from those communities who live in those communities who are going through it and they’ll? Tell you exactly what they need and then you’ll be able to connect with the right people to to create those systems and that’s. What we’ve been able to do through shield shield wine to not only be a solution to um small communities that are hurting but but but to the nation and globally that’s awesome, um and just one last question to wrap up here i mean, obviously we have a Super bowl on sunday, uh what’s your prediction on that front and then secondly, is drew brees going to come back. Is there any sort of insider information you can offer us on that front? I don’t have any information or insider information on drew brees. I i know he’s gon na make the best decision for himself and his family and and i’m rolling with him, whatever he decides, um. As far as the super bowl goes i’ve been saying, this and i’ll continue to say this. I think it’s going to be two of the most explosive uh offenses um, probably um in a long time being playing the super bowl and definitely uh. One of you know the greatest quarterbacks of all time and one that’s on his way to proving himself in that same conversation and so it’s going to be a really good game, um.

As far as prediction i’m – not a fan of either a visa team, but um being that being i’m, who that nation and i’m saying i can’t, i can’t roll with tampa bay at all. I got to go with the chief fair enough, well demario, davis, again linebacker for the new orleans saints and i’m a jets fan.