Now the 6 and 6 pro are just around the corner, but i want to give you guys my overall thoughts on opinions on the pixel 5. One year later were going to be talking about the screen, build quality cameras, of course, and the overall batch life, and just in general, how its held up over time with roughly a years worth of use no case no protection, no, nothing just a pure phone. For that 12 month period lets take a look so, first of all, then of course we have the build quality. Now ive been rocking my pixel 5 naked for the last sort of 10 11 months, and i havent had a screen protector case skin nothing on there whatsoever and its held up extremely well over that time now well go onto the screen in a bit more detail, But in terms of the actual screen itself in terms of scratches and things and abrasion marks, and things like that, i havent had any issues whatsoever. Now, like i say, i havent had a screen protector. I havent used a glass one or a plastic one and theres. No visible scratches that i can see on the actual screen itself and ive dropped it a couple of times and not really any issue whatsoever. The actual case itself of the actual phone ive gone for the sage green model and again thats held up very well over time now. Yes, it is starting to wear away slightly where it is a plastic outer shell, so it does feel maybe a little bit smoother than it did on day, one it doesnt necessarily have that same texture to it, but overall the actual color itself was held up really.

Well and again, the build quality being that sort of overall plastic feel ive not really had any issues with it at all. The buttons themselves have remained very clicky and also the chrome power button, hasnt sort of worn away or anything like ive seen on. Maybe some other models of devices over that sort of one year period. The only issue really ive had is the usbc port on the bottom, some of my charging cables dont, necessarily click in like theyre used to beforehand. So i have had it a couple of times when ive woken up after a night, for example, and it hasnt actually charged because the cable has maybe slipped out or just isnt in there as securely as it would have been on day one. But overall, for what is basically a quite cheap phone and also a plastic phone at that. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well the pixel 5 is held up over time. Obviously, youve got these newer devices with completely glass front and back once you drop it. Its kind of done for this one, i have dropped a handful of times and its not really had any issues to it: theres, maybe one or two dinks on the corner, but again thats just been on the plastic, so it hasnt kind of cracked or fractured or Anything like that whatsoever so again pretty impressed with the build quality overall and now on to the screen and again there is a point where i have been pleasantly surprised.

Obviously, the brand new iphone 13 has only just gone to that high refresh rate screen, whereas ive been using 90 hertz for the last 11 months, and it has been a great experience. The overall smoothness of the actual screen itself is really nice and the touch responsiveness, hasnt really sort of worn away over time. Sometimes you do get it occasionally, where you may have to press it a couple of times with an older device for it to actually pick up on that input. But for me, ive not had any issues at all now to give you guys a bit of a recap: it is a 1080p screen, 6 inches and at 90 hertz. So again, when you compare some of the newer devices out there with you know a 2.5 k screen or even a 4k screen on a sony device and up to 120 hertz. Yes, it is slightly flagging behind, but i think the overall smoothness of the device does help massively in regards to how things look and interact on the screen itself. Colors are still very vibrant and of course, you can tweak it to your. You know general preference in regards to if you want a bit more vibrant or a bit more natural as well and again, the actual size of the device is something ive really been enjoying as well. Obviously, with these bigger devices and the rumor of the 6, pro being pretty large, ive really been enjoying just being able to use this device in one hand and getting from each corner of the screen without any issue whatsoever.

So while the overall resolution of the screen could definitely be better in 2021 and yes, the screen size could be, you know maybe slightly bigger. I think, if youre after that sort of general everyday use where you dont really want to have to worry about using your two hands or it being too bulky in the pockets. I think the pixel 5 is a really nice middle ground. In regards to size, i would compare it maybe to the standard iphone 12 or 13, for example, where its just that perfect size again youve got the newer, bigger galaxy devices and obviously the fold devices which are massive. So, for me, this one is pretty much the perfect size for a smartphone and now on to battery life. Now. For me this has been a bit inconsistent, but very good. Overall now i know thats a bit counter intuitive, but what i mean by that is unable to get through a full days worth of usage. No problem, however, occasionally if i do use – maybe the camera a lot for example, or im using a lot of games on my device, which again i dont really do. Too often the battery itself will drop down very quickly compared to just sort of everyday general use. Now i also downloaded an application that allows me to see my overall battery capacity now, what i mean by that is, while my phone says on the screen, it charges to 100 percent thats going to be 100 of the actual capacity of the battery.

That is left batteries themselves degrade over time for me, im working with around 83 of the original battery capacity, so ive lost 17 over the last sort of 10 to 11 months now i have been using my device with quite heavy usage using the camera, a ton. Obviously, and just in general social media games, things like that, so for me, 17 over that full kind of year period, basically isnt necessarily the worst, but yes, okay, its not the best. Now for me, i havent had too many issues with the battery. Like i mentioned, and i still think that even today, you dont need to sort of worry about carrying around a battery pack or anything like that. However, if you are going to be shooting a ton of photos and video, for example, you may need to charge up maybe halfway through the day, just to make it right through to bedtime. But again that kind of depends on your general usage. If youre a light user, no problem whatsoever, however, if you are a very heavy user, you may want to stay a little bit closer to the outlet a little bit later on in the day now, when it comes to the software, this ones a little bit awkward Ive actually been rocking the android 12 beta, since it released with the version one and im now on version five and ive been having a great time with it. Now i am gon na be doing a full in depth review on android 12 when it comes out but safe to say in regards to the actual software on my device and the speediness ive not really had any problems.

Yes, the processor itself is not the best processor and it wasnt even the best one, when the phone came out using the 765g and eight gigs of ram. Obviously, comparing that something like a snapdragon triple eight, with 12 gigs of ram, there is going to be a massive difference. However, the lightness of android 12 or just android in general on the pixel devices ive not really had any issues. It still feels extremely snappy opening apps as quick going into the camera. There are no problems at all, so overall, the software experience for me has held up really well over time and again, im quite excited that with a pixel device, you do get multiple years worth of. Android updates thats, not something that a lot of android manufacturers can say even running some of the latest games. Ive not really had too many issues, ive been playing, pokemon unite quite a lot and ive been using it on ultra settings with 60 frames. A second – and it holds up extremely well – you can see from this gameplay here it may look a little bit off, because the video that im shooting is at 24 frames. But overall the actual you know, game quality and the processor has held up extremely well over that length of time now. Dont get me wrong if you do play some very high, intense games, for example. Yes, it may come across some issues and obviously moving forward over the next 12 months.

Obviously, if youre going to be using the device for two years, you may start to see it drop off a little bit over time, but at least at this very moment in time after the first year, it still performs like an absolute chat. I just wish to process photos a little bit quicker and if youre enjoying this video and youre not already subscribed now is a great time to do so and turn on notifications, so youre notified as soon as that, android 12 review comes out and then the last Thing that i want to talk about is one of the main reasons why someone may pick up a pixel device is, of course, the cameras now. Yes, i know that, obviously, over time, youve got 100, megapixel cameras, 8k video and just enjoy a ton more camera features. However, for a standard, just you know pick up the phone open the camera and shoot a photo. I still think that the pixel produces some very nice photos now more on the photos in just a second and of course, ive got a ton of samples to show you. But i did also want to touch on the video side of things, because when the pixel 5 first came out, there was a really big push from google in the actual keynotes. With regards to the video aspect of the pixel 5 and its still, not amazing, while yes, the 4k video, does look quite nice and the colors themselves, arent necessarily the worst.

It kind of lacks that punchiness that you get from some other devices, the microphones arent. Necessarily the best either and overall, the actual just picture itself with the 4k video can look a little bit flat now. Yes, you can change this in the editing software. However, if you are using something from samsung or even apple, for example, you dont really have to worry about that. The way that theyve got their video locked down is a lot better than what weve got on the pixel line of devices and kind of always has been, but im hoping thats gon na change, with the six and six pro when theyre released. Now, when it comes to the photo aspect, i still have no problem at all with the pixel 5.. Yes, the resolution isnt necessarily the best out there, and if you do zoom in and pixel peep, it can look a little bit strange in some places. However, overall, the picture, quality, hdr and googles processing does an amazing job at some really nice photos. The ultrawide itself is also extremely good. This was the first ultra wide on a pixel device and ive not been disappointed. I have actually been using it a ton when we go into the photos in a second im, going to do a selection of standard photos telephoto where it actually just crops in two times and, of course, the ultrawide with a little bit of video in there as Well, to give you guys my overall sort of thoughts and opinions on using it for photo and video but safe to say, ive been very impressed.

Im still impressed – and i think, even going forward for the next sort of six months, or so its still going to be a very good camera on a smartphone. Now dont get me wrong when the pixel 6 comes out. I am expecting high things from the camera. In terms of increased resolution, better video tons more features, and yes, you do have some other phones from samsung and apple that are kind of you know, kind of a little bit blowing out the water, depending on what youre doing with the device. But again for that. Overall sort of everyday pick up and shoot photography, it does a really good job. Music. Do Music and thats going to do it guys for my 12 months later review of the google pixel 5. if youre still using a pixel device. Let me know in the comments section down below it: doesnt have to be the pixel 5., if youre using the 5a, the 48 or even something from the 3 or before. Let me know in the comments section and let me know exactly what your experience is like. If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up down below if youve got any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below or on twitter, at copper versus glass. Now, just before i round up this video, i just want to answer one question whether the pixel 5 is still worth buying in 2021.

Well, considering that, on the second hand, market, you can pick up the pixel 5 for around ‘9 pounds here in the uk or even less. I still think its a very good smartphone theres rumors, the pixel 6 and 6 pro are going to be coming at that standard flagship amount of a thousand pounds and, above so to get all the great features. Software build quality is pretty good too, and, of course, the camera for around three to four hundred pounds. I think it is a steal at that price if you guys arent already subscribed nows a great time to do so and dont forget to turn on notifications.