So i i guess i have two of these now and neither one of them is doing what i want it to Music. Xp pen sent me this box all the way from china inside it is the new artist pro 16. Now, when xp pen did reach out to me a few weeks ago and said, do you want to review our new 16 inch tablet? I was like yes absolutely. I do because they had just announced that they have a multi touch display, which is very rare on drawing tablets, especially like a really budget friendly drawing tablet. Unfortunately, once i opened this up, i realized this is not that product theyre releasing two products. So this is the non touch version and this one looks a lot like last years: xp pen, innovator, 16., thats, a good thing. That was a really well designed tablet. If you want to check out that older review or just do some research into the drawing tech, i do rank my favorites over on my website. So inside the astronaut box itself, we have the tablet taking bags off things. Is not my superpower, its got this nice plastic film on it that you can peel off once you open it up that keeps it from getting scratched in transit all right. This was pretty cool. This is the pen case. You uh tap to click. It open lets see if i can open this one handed. If i slide it out there we go, you can see the pen.

If i get it a little bit more open there. You see theres some extra nibs in there, its really nice, its really well built the way it slides in here and just like snaps shut when youre done. I im digging this case. Youre also gon na find everything you need to hook this up. There is the usb hdmi connectors. This is a three in one cable. You also have like a usb extender cable, and this is a power adapter, and there are also some other power adapters for other countries included in the box as well. The thing thats, not in the box that i was expecting to find in the box, was some kind of stand place this on theres no feet theres, no way to really prop it up, so you are going to have to invest in some kind of stand, whether Its from xp pen or just something you grab off of amazon all right now that we have this thing, unboxed lets set it up Music im setting this thing up lets go over some of these specs. First of all, weve got a 15.4 inch screen its full hd thats 1920 by 1080 and its a 99 adobe rgb color gambit. Is it fully laminated? Yes, that means theres no gap between the glass and the screen below it, which is very nice thing to have for illustration, and drawing contrast, ratio is standard about a thousand to one viewing angles.

I find that theyre just okay 178 degrees, and this is their new x3 elite plus stylus. It has 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt, and a 200 rps report rate xp pen did send me some bullet points on the new x3 stylus. It has what they call the x3 smart chip. Xp pen sent me a bunch of bullet points about this new x3 smart chip that theyre putting in this stylus. It looks like the main benefit of this new pen is an improved initial activation rate. That means you dont have to apply as much pressure in order to get a line. Last night, as i was finishing up my day, i decided to pick up the pen and try it out see if the pressure sensitivity was working after the installation and all that, and i immediately noticed there was a lot, a lot of wave on the lines. So my next step is to figure out. Is this a brad problem, or is this a hardware problem? I always assume that its my fault, that it is user error, because nine times out of ten it is so the next step is, i just got it installed on windows were gon na, give it a try there. I also took my old mac laptop and im reinstalling mac os on that right now, because i want to make sure that the software xp pen software is not clashing with any old drivers that i have on my other mac or clashing with something else.

That might be causing this problem, so i am wiping that clean reinstalling mac os and were going to test on that later today, when that is finished, installing lets give this a roll im going to start by just testing the pressure see how it looks. Everything looks pretty good. Pressure is working going to get some quick brush strokes in here just to see whats happening. We get a little bit of shoe stringing, but nothing too terrible here. The big tests are those lines, so we have our own layers so lets go ahead and just draw some slow diagonal lines at different speeds to see whats happening, and i am seeing a lot of mechanical wave on this too thats, not good, just to make sure That its not my hand thats wobbling and that were picking it up from the pen im going to use this straight edge and well go ahead and draw that line out and yes were seeing something very similar im. Seeing a lot of indents to the lines when theyre on an angle all right, so the next step is to figure out what are our options. It looks like its happening on the hardware side just to do my due diligence im going to wait for that mac to finish, like re, installing, then im going to test it on there just to make sure its not happening on my side, then im going to Contact xp pen and see what they have to say.

This is a pre production unit. They sent it to me before they started selling these things and they said if you have any problems, contact us, which i often do if im getting something from the manufacturer. Sometimes theres beta software that theyre working on thats going to be going out to customers as this thing launches or there might even be a firmware, update, thats gon na fix all this that is installed on the later things that was not installed on my particular unit. So were gon na find that out, but what that probably means for this review is im gon na put it on pause for a few days or even a few weeks, work on some other stuff and talk to you later good morning. I have right here on the desk: a new product just came in the mail last night and i am going to open it been a few weeks. So i should probably back up a little bit and explain what happened. First, tried it out on that fresh install of mac os, i was telling you about earlier, still had the same problem. So i contacted xp pen and i told them what was going on gave them examples of it and they gave me some stuff to test. In the meantime, i decided to to take an extra step. What i want to figure out in all of these reviews is what is the experience the customer is going to have with the product? The original product was an early release product.

I wanted to actually use the product that is coming off the shelf, so i went to their website and i bought this tablet and had it shipped to me, i actually bought two tablets. Remember that touch base tablet that i mentioned at the beginning of the review. Thats gon na be a totally separate review, but i picked that up too, that is literally my favorite part of unboxing. All right got this running on the fresh mac. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them just to make sure ive got critter open here. Thats. Another thing i didnt mention earlier is that if i come across a problem, i like to go to a different, app and test it there to see if it might be a problem with one particular program and thats. Why youve seen me use clip studio in photoshop and here is krita, so here we go line test angled lines, slow, oh yeah, im, getting the same exact thing that i got before im just getting like just a lot of mechanical wave. So i i guess i have two of these now and neither one of them is doing what i want it to all right, uh yeah, i mean it is what it is. This is what i found so now. The next logical question is: how bad is that wave? Is this something we can just draw around and not worry about, and that sort of thing so to do that we need something to draw.

It is september and september is also known as sword. Timber sword sword timber, its like inktober, but youre, drawing swords every day, instead of just using ink its pretty awesome. Some of you shared some of your stuff with me so today for me, in real time, its september 10th im gon na look at the prompt list. Im gon na figure out what im gon na draw im going to be using faith, shafers prompt list and the word for september 10th is banished. I didnt really know where i was going with this when i started drawing, i dont think it turned out the way. I originally envisioned it but im pretty happy. I was thinking about when humans lived in tribes and if you did something really horrible, your punishment was banishment. Theyd, kick you out of the tribe and back then you didnt live very long without the help of other people. So my thinking was hey. Lets use some old material wood as opposed to some kind of metal, so think of this as more of a clubbing sword than a slicy slicey stab stab sword. The twigs intertwined in the middle started as a way to show separation from the group, but because theres, two twigs and theyre kind of twisting around each other. It doesnt really make sense. But oh well, i like drawing it and i did toggle on and off line. Smoothing as i was drawing this so the wave that i was talking about before it wasnt terrible, i didnt really notice it as much, but i wasnt drawing a lot of ink lines.

I was drawing more shapes and a lot of those shapes were organic. So for this project, thats good news where this does show up more, is if youre trying to draw straight lines and the faster that you draw the less wave youre gon na see. I also tried out that initial activation rate, while i was drawing and its its pretty good if youre a light, sketcher youre, going to really appreciate that all right. So in conclusion, what do we have here? Well, we have some pros and we have some cons. Obviously, this is a really good price for the product. It is, it does some things really well, i think the screen looks really good. I love the design of it. I love the thinness. I love the placement of the buttons. I think the build quality of this product is really good. The cons. Well, you already know this. The the big thing is with the drawing tablet is the number one thing i needed to do is: i need it to draw well and for me and my style, especially my ink lines and things like that, its just its just not there obviously theres a new Pen, this is new tech, theyre, just rolling it out here its maybe one step forward when were talking about initial activation rate, but it feels like a big step backwards when were talking about the actual drawing experience. If you looked at this thing and thought wow, thats really cool, i think last years version is probably a better option.

This is a new style of video. For me, you probably noticed that already. So i wanted to thank you for watching to the end. I would love your feedback down below in the comments. Do you like the more polished style? Do you like this more blog style of a review? What things can i improve on? Let me know down below in the comments. Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.