I bought this one from wolves uh two months ago, but i never really upload this one. Although making a video or and call this item because im really really busy – and i didnt wanted to use right away so right now – i have this one and i have choice this one and i dont have any blood uh upload video. So i have planned this right now, so i have this brand. I bought this one from uh from kohls, and this is the brand is um. Lets go this one verb again: very young branch, guys uh baby is a 360 uh rotation, one caller um, Music, Music, download or scan young canyon, or i could buy one yeah or i could so. It is its official tracking and its official tracking, and next is a tripod computable, its my shooting and filming any tournament for a object tracking, and you can have this affordable, switch, um, terrazontal or but vertical, and we have also wt5 filter guys. Thank you, inconel Music, and this one also is used for the battery young battery is a double a battery. You got um Music, but you know i will show you how it can be or put the battery because its different one but its nice, but i think its easy for you, but me. I really feel difficult and Music um Music dinosaur.