Potentially we saw that two guys were abruptly placed on the covet 19 reserve list earlier this week. Senator then senator daniel kilgore and receiver demarcus robinson. Apparently it happened because they were getting their haircut by a barber who tested positive, and the news of the positive test came as roughly 20 other chiefs players and employees were ready to get a haircut from this barber, including patrick mahomes, so so uh. The good news is neither kill kilgore nor robinson have tested positive. The bad news is kilgore. Didn’T get his haircut finished. He tweeted a new profile, that’s great, it is there, it is that’s yeah i love it. That is not. That is not real. Pete is asking us to remind everyone that he is not walking around like that. Although i fully endorse that look. If he chooses to do it, he did get the haircut finished. So daniel kilgore and demarcus robinson were the guys who ended up in the covet 19 protocol simply because of that close contact with the individual who had tested positive and that’s what the nfl has done this year, the the intense protocol, the procedures for high risk individuals Who have been in contact with those who are positive and for the most part, those individuals don’t become positive cases, but the nfl wants to make sure, because you don’t want those guys around their teammates in the event that they begin shedding virus. So that has worked out apparently for the chiefs, but here’s the thing i don’t want to jinx anybody.

I i don’t want to reside in our fears, but the reality is thursday. Friday, saturday, sunday, four days left positive test for any player. Any coach, any key. Member of any team staff you’re done it’s it you’re gone ten days. Well, do the math 10 10 days puts you beyond super bowl sunday and, as we saw all season long chris, i don’t think even if patrick mahomes would test positive and yeah. I said it. Oh, you can say i jinxed him if you believe in things like that, but even if he does they’re still playing the super bowl on sunday yeah, i would think so. I mean it would certainly take away from the luster of the football game, but it’s a great reminder of just like how fickle this whole thing is. I mean it just it’s one little misstep. Still, i think where it’s shocking is. We went what like basically two and a half weeks without hearing anything about covid right i mean it was really since what wild card the week before the wild card game, where we had a brown, the browns right, and then we went this period of time where It was nothing and you kind of just thought: hey it’s, it’s we’re out of the woods it’s we’re done we’re down to the final few teams. It won’t happen. Nothing like that. This comes about yeah, scary, scary. It’S got to be scary for the nfl, the chiefs.

I mean dodging a bullet, certainly – and i you know who knows maybe that’ll be a lesson for the tampa bay buccaneers. This is a very common practice in the nfl, where a day off, you know a tuesday or friday, because those days could be shorter right for a work day as far as players can get out of the building, maybe around 2 o’clock, 2. 30.. So those are days where guys will go all see a barber or – and i don’t think this is happening right now, but before the pandemic, the barber would be in the locker room when you’d get done with practice and he’d cut everybody’s hair. That way, so very commonplace and scary. Glad nothing happened and hopefully the bucks don’t go get you know, go see the barber as a team on friday afternoon, yeah well, but here’s the reality now and i i wonder how the nfl would handle this, because if you had that exposure on friday, yeah right You’Re not going to be positive until after the super bowl, the incubation period carries you past sunday. That would be an awkward situation for the nfl at that point and clearly what the nfl wants to do right now is check that final box, 268 games out of 268 possible games have been played, one is left and the super bowl will be played. The nfl is not going to put the brakes on it or delay it because, for example, and just to be equal here, patrick holmes or tom brady test positive or any other players test positive.

Unless there is evidence of an ongoing outbreak – and i guess a cynic would say well – they’ll say there is if they want to get the best players on the field, but that’s what it’s going to take to delay the super bowl. I mean really, i think, we’re close enough. I think we’re close enough, that we can say there’s a pretty good chance this game’s getting played on sunday. I would think so i i really would um i mean yes, it just. It seems like everything’s going in the right direction. I would think that that would be one more. You know warning shot across the bow to get everybody to like whoa, that’s scary. Let me you know, make sure i do everything right this week and hopefully everything goes on a schedule, but i mean it would be crazy. It would be crazy if a superstar went out for the super bowl. I mean i, i don’t even want to put my brain there or anything like that. It would almost be unfulfilling yeah. As a viewer, i mean, if one of those names went down one of those big time players weren’t in there because of covid, whoever the quarterbacks chris jones, whatever shaq barrett does dion joe. You know uh devon white, it it would almost be underwhelming feeling. I think if you won that way too that’s, just something that jumps out to me like if it was brady that wasn’t out there and the chiefs won, i think they’d be like man.

You know we won it’s great, but it’s, not the same we’d like to beat them at their best or the opposite. If it’s, you know the bucks winning and mahomes was out but uh.