Go to make sure you guys know exactly what’s going on how to max out fully in pokemon go so you can get shinies and everything else. So welcome to the trainer club. Here we go. Welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below. Are you guys excited about rosalia comedy and pokemon? Go? We have a lot going on in this month of february. It is absolutely bananas crazy. So today, we’re gon na go over a tip video, obviously, as we always do to make sure you guys are ready and prep for rosalia calm day and pokemon go honestly speaking i’m, not so sure i’m gon na do a vlog for this video we’re gon na Go live for a little while, but as far as the vlog goes, i think i may not do a vlog, because there is literally so much else going on during this time frame and since rosalia is already out as a shiny. I may not do it. We’Ll see i’m, not totally convinced, but let me know in the comments below what do you guys think i should do so. Let’S get into all the details about rosalia, conde and pokemon. Go so rosalia. Calm day is taking place on sunday february 7th from 11am. All the way until 5pm, so you have a total of six hours to max out on this event, there is going to be as far as the bonuses increase spawns everywhere we are going to have one quarter, egg distance, so in the team rocket event right now, We are in half egg distance in the video i did put out for the tips video.

I did make a mistake. I said that you want to start your eggs during that time at 10 a.m, because that’s, when the event ends on the 7th and then you’re gon na, want to switch over to go for the calm day with the half incubator distance. But i was incorrect about that, because there’s one quarter, incubator distance here so you’re going to be able to hatch the 12 kilometer eggs a whole lot faster in this scenario and then finally, we do have the three hour incense. As always when we do get on these bonuses for the calm day, which is absolutely amazing, so you’re gon na need a total of two and the feature of the event are going to include. If you evolve all the way into roserade, you’re gon na be able to get two moves on that pokemon you’re going to be able to get bullet seed as the quick move and weatherball in the fire form as the charge move. When you evolve that pokemon first time ever we’re getting two moves on a pokemon, pretty cool, there is going to be an event time to research during this time frame, probably to give us some single stones, because that is going to be what we need. There is also going to be a 99 cents, research story that you can participate in and if you are playing in the canto tour, if you buy your ticket before february 3rd, because if you are, please do so – you get this included for free with your ticket And since i already purchased mine before the previous com day, because i already knew i was gon na do it – i had that one for free i’m gon na have this one for free and then i’m gon na play the canto tour for the same price.

If you choose to purchase it afterwards, so you might as well do that now, if it’s something you’re planning to do, then you can get photo bombed by rosalia. So that does add to your photo mob, platinum metal. So please do all that and then finally, we have a community today box. As always 1280 coins. This one’s gon na be an elite fast tm. We are going to get four incenses. Four super incubators, which is positive. This one’s actually a pretty valuable box and then we’re gon na get 30 ultra balls, which will help save towards the canto tour, is what i would recommend for those the shiny family is going to be out, and obviously there is a badou which is a baby Pokemon that only comes from eggs and it’s going to be populating the two kilometer eggs so predominantly badou is going to be in the two kilometer eggs. There will be a very rare occasion of it being something else, but that’s what we’re at right now. So with all that said, guys let’s get into it top tip, starting off with tip number one Music tip number one is going to be our items, this one’s going to be even more stressed than usual, because we have the kanto tour the next weekend, following on Saturday, so what i’m going to suggest for you guys is to save as many ultra balls as possible, try to use great and red pokeballs during this time frame and not use the ultra balls.

Because i want you guys to have as many ultra balls during the cantal tour because that’s a 12 hour event, kanto is going to become rarer and rarer, there’s going to be rare, spawns out there, including tritini. So i want you guys to have as many ultra balls during that time frame as possible. So, ideally speaking during that we’re gon na have a thousand ultra balls. If you have a max bag, if not take a thousand divided by three thousand it’s gon na be 33, apply that to whatever backspace you have and that’s. How many ultra balls i want you to have additionally we’re gon na need two incenses, as we did talk about. If you want to during this time frame, you can also apply multiple instances and go up to 24 hours on eight incenses, because you can stock them up. As always, additionally, i’m gon na say two star pieces. The reason being is because you’re gon na hatch, your 12 kilometer eggs and we’re going to talk about that in our next tip. As far as eggs go, i want you guys to hatch them and obviously be on star pieces during that time frame. So you can hatch the 12 kilometer eggs all the way down to three kilometers with a super incubator, it’s gon na. Take you all the way down to two point: three: three kilometers for 12 kilometer eggs, which is it really really easy to do guys? That’S a great way to get 100 000 stardust pretty easily, and the most important thing for me is cleaning out your pokemon storage bag.

I want you guys to really get out your pokemon start going through old chinese. Maybe you have machops i’m speaking to myself. Right now i haven’t cleaned out my shiny machops start deleting them only keep a couple: it’s not necessary to have 40 shining machops sitting in my bag by any means, so those are going. Legendaries are going. I am getting ready to go for this day, but, most importantly, the canceled tour so use this day as a jump point start clearing out your bag. I would say ideally speaking 33, so with all that said, guys let’s get into tip number two Music tip number. Two is going to be leading up to the event because we are in the team go rocket celebration part. I want you guys to make sure that not only you hatch eggs during that time, but you also have the 12 12 kilometer eggs stocked up and ready to go for this next event: reason being it’s so much easier to get stardust. So that is a huge way for you guys to be ready to go. Additionally speaking, utilizing mossy lures is going to be a great time during this event, because it is going to pull out grass type pokemon, so mossy lures are going to spawn pokemon faster. They are great during this time, so i would suggest if you guys do choose to do lure modules using the premium. Mossy lures are going to pull out the best spawns during this event.

And finally, i want you guys in a downtown area, that’s going to be very dense, not only that it gives you more stop potential and the stops can get you more ultra balls, which can then help you towards the kanto tour event. So with all that said, guys let’s get it to tip number three Music tip number three is going to be right before the event starts, make sure 30 minutes beforehand. You do not catch any pokemon in the vicinity, because they’re all going to change over more than likely to rosalia, then they can have shiny potentials in there and they’re going to start populating. So the more shinies, the better right gives you more potential to potentially get a good iv shiny as well. Also, if you guys are looking for shundos, please check out my video up here, because i do include the comm day tip of how to get shundos on calm day, which is the easiest way to get the highest chances to get a shundo and pokemon go. Also speaking, i always recommend that you guys do hit friendship bonuses just because a bunch of people play during calm days, so it’s a great time to do that as well and then. Finally, right at the 11 am start time. I would say make sure to put on all of your 12 kilometer eggs, and i would say then set a timer for about 20 minutes of walking to then make sure you put on a star piece at that time.

If you don’t want to start from the beginning of the event, which is then gon na lead us into tip number four Music tip number four is going to be the 100 ivs of what we are going to be looking for during this time frame. So as far as badou goes coming from the two kilometer eggs, 489 is gon na, be the hatch level 100 iv for badou and then for roselia 801 is going to be from task level if it does come from a task or if it is in a Raid or you hatch, it it’s, going to be 1068. 1603 is going to be the level 30 100 iv if it is not one of two conditions which is going to be cloudy weather or sunny weather, but if it is one of those two conditions, the level 30 is not going to be there anymore, it’s going to go all the way to level 35 at 17 36.. So not only that guys. Where does this pokemon sit in pvp and what are the pvp ivs to look for in the great league it’s going to be 5 40 for rosa raid and rosalia is going to be 546, so it’s not super relevant and in the ultra league it’s going to Be 342, so it could get bumped up a little bit but that’s, where it’s sitting right now, roseali 100 iv is going to be 0. 13 15 for the great league rose.

8 is going to be 0 11 14 and then the match league is going to be ranked 187. So now that we know everything, we’re looking out for let’s get into tip number five Music tip number five is going to be after the event so post event. We can do trades, since speaking, we will be in the 40 kilometer trade as well trading over 10 kilometers is going to give you two candy per trade. So, if you’re looking to get more rosalia candy, if you’re trying to max out a pokemon, if you’re trying to use it for an xl pokemon on your way to 50, it you can do that, maybe not the best of them. However, it is a semi semi, relevant meta rate, attacker it’s in the grass category, there’s, not too many mega grass pokemon, although there are a couple really effective, such as sceptile and venusaur, but then in the second placings the non megas, because we can only have one Magus megas roserade does sit in there in the top five, so that’s, something to take into account as well. Not only that make sure to evolve your pokemon all the way until 7 pm, because you have from 11 am all the way till 7 pm to get the move set for a total of 8 hours and then obviously, with the evolutions you’re going to need cinnamon Stones as well, the cinnastones are going to come from a couple different places.

Number one spinning stops number two defeating goal leader battles. So all the team rocket leaders you can get single stones from them and then also you can get them from go battle league as well as fighting against the team leaders in the battle section of pokemon go so that’s going to do it guys make sure to Get out there have fun we’re going to be live streaming, so i can’t wait to do this with you guys. I appreciate you guys being here, likers comments, subscribers patreon members. Everybody takes their support, subscription and participation. The next level to see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyone’s benefit. Plus i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and rating all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.