This is an electric tailgate drop theres, a little light in here, its just like endless gizmos. It never ends Music hi, im david tracy, with jalopnik um im in colorado, ive been driving this rivien r1t for hours. This is an amazing machine. The the most exciting part of it is that you just find these nuggets of cool gizmos and gadgets everywhere. There are so many that to go through all of them. Ive captured the director of special projects. His name is brian gase, and he is right over here, brian gates, hi, director of special projects, hes gon na walk us around all the quirks of this r1t, and there are so many i cant do it myself. I tried writing them all down yeah, and it was two pages long. Well, let me uh start with moto key fob, so i can close the front where i was hanging out: go and watch again, carabiner carabiner, yeah, so flip it on um. Well start it is an electric vehicle, so might as well start with our charge port. So ccs charger connect there charge indicator on the headlamps where you are plugged in so when this is this is plugged in this will turn green itll itll flash green yep flashlight. You can tell that its charging connected. You have a green ring around here, letting you know youve got a proper connection. Can we pop this again absolutely so, instead of using the key fob this time ill use the button, we can also do it from the center display its all power, no more brian brians, not in here anymore, but space theres, a 12 volts yep theres a false Floor here right, yes, so underneath the falls floor, what youll have is our gear guard cable, which is great for uh, locking stuff in the bed and tying into our gear guard system, and you have ribbon chargers right, so this is just this is magnetic here.

This thing just holds right up and theres a drain. So if you want to fill this with ice and whatever icing whatever absolutely all right lets go around to the side. Okay, yeah so were going to start. Ive got my ribbon band on so the so. The handles are always like that when its when it is unlocked theyre out so right now, ive got a locked vehicle. I can use the key fob. I can use the identity card. I could use the app. I could use the band now. The vehicle is unlocked and opened cool, and i know you guys have seen this. This is the flashlight and they all come with this flashlight yeah and that charges itself charges while its in the door. Absolutely one other cool thing: you can pull out of the vehicle underneath the cup holders. We have a removable bluetooth, speaker, so harry music listing in the car, get out of the car and be able to take this here, your campsite, all right, maybe i go around and you stay there sure well talk about it. So in here theres, i noticed there are some lights that you just touch and they just turn on. You just touch the lights themselves, yep. I can certainly do it from uh doors being opened or closed or from the screen, but just tap them, and i can do them as well. Okay and the hvac system. Right normally you, you know, you know old school car youve got the little vents these little shutter vents yep, so in ours.

Right now, weve got set at 70 degrees. If we want to come in here and move the vents around, we can just pick them and move them and what youll see if you watch that event when i turn it off, it closes wow. So as you move that theres just a little the direction of the air changes as we move, these around see theres a lot of stuff in here, thats like um. Surprisingly, like techy like okay, so electric vents, even this center console, is theres an electric button to open the center console electric release. Nice deep storage, um put stuff in there. Weve got the usbcs for charging devices or, as you see with the phone here, inductive charge pad all right im going to reference this big list, ive written because i dont want to miss anything great. Oh under seat storage, oh yeah, nice little storage bin under here yeah under here too um. My sunglasses were under here. While i was driving um nice little place to keep them um. That way you know, theyre there theyre, safe and secure yeah. You can hide stuff down here. You can definitely hide stuff and ill show you this on the door, so got a little bit of expand, yep yep. So for bigger bottles, bigger things all right, yeah lets go to the back seat. Lets talk about this real, quick Music. All right screen screen lots of lots of charge ports two down there, one right here, yep all right! Look at the screen here! Yeah you can adjust your heated seats.

Yep last thing ill. Show you in here a little bit of storage, but the cooler thing is ive: got access to this little door to the big storage bin, the gear tunnel, so theres little little, undersea storage bins in the front, but theres big ones back here so theres, one on The other side, its freaking big, i dont, know what you you could put a whole thanksgiving dinner, a couple turkeys in there. If you wanted to release button here pop open the gear tunnel, all the way in Music, pretty dang big – and you can stand on that right – you can stand on that. You can stand on it uh if youre trying to reach something on the roof, youre trying to look for moose out in the field. I havent seen it yet today, where i was standing Music, i got my little bag. The reason i got this out is this allows us to air up the tires on the vehicle electric tailgate release. Here you can kind of see where the hinge is in here um with the dampened assist for dropping, but what it does it gives us about. Seven feet of supported bed length when the tailgates down so got a little kit here. Well, do is go ahead and open this up Music. I can connect this Music to the vehicle. I can set the tire pressure so were going to set it to 48 psi. Im going to connect this to the tire over here, an air compressor im going to come in here and connect this, and then all we have to do is come back here and hit play and it itll stop once it gets to the stop at the set Pressure, okay and then all we do is connect to the next tire hit play again and uh its great for off roading.

We aired down just now to do some rocks for to get a nicer ride, yep, better grip. How long does it take to air up? Usually um depends on for what were doing going from about 30 to about 45 34 minutes, all right, cool, okay, so yeah theres, also so theres the gear thing in here right. Yes, so let me go and grab that. So this is our gear guard, cable and what youll see is we can attach it in here and once its locked in you can wrap it on your bike, lock in the other side and with the vehicle doors, locked, thats secure and if somebody tampers with it Or if somebody walks around your vehicle, while its parked our friendly little gear guard guy, comes on with a video camera, so you know youre being that right. There thatll start recording okay. So if youre going to steal something, just dont steal it from an r1t dont steal it from an iot yeah youve got a lot of hooks um, absolutely here and then also up top where you can sort of hook up. So you can get the crossbars uh, which will tie in you can put the tent on them or your. You know: bike rack, uh, surfboard, rack same crossbars can fit on these and the same ports are on the roof. Okay. So this is power right, but you guys arent. This is kind of an early yeah yep yep its a its a power tonneau um.

It is power, retracting ive, seen it its freaking awesome. It all fits between the back glass uh right above the gear tunnel. You click this button. It just rolls away. You dont even think about it. Its clean, its quick, its just okay lets, keep going lets see what we missed full size bear. Oh yes, the under bed storage underneath here, look at that its great oh theres, a hidden hitch right. Yes, so normally on a truck youve got the big hitch that hangs below and it looks kind of weird its all squared off and usually gets all rusty and it looks terrible, but so this one has a hitch you can. You could tow with this like today. If you wanted to yes, you could tow 11 000 pounds close that right, underneath here, theres just a quick removable panel, theres your hitch and look at that little panel thats clean two quick little quarter turns um and theres your receiver. Its the little features on this truck that you just noticed them one by one by one and then next thing you know youre in like two dozen little things: its legit, its um, its full of just surprising features and its just a lot of fun. So brian thanks a lot Music. Okay, now with all of the rivian people gone, i can tell you what i really think its pretty incredible. Look at this interior. Look at this wood, real wood, all across the dash like beautiful wood, a big ass screen right here, wood on the doors i mean: okay, the doors are open, so those are gon na be on, but its just its so many gizmos, its so satisfying.

Ah, this trucks – amazing okay, so we looked at some of the cool features of the r1t, but the coolest one we somehow havent looked at yet. Luckily, rachel jukes, lead engineer for this kitchen is here whats the official name for this uh? This is the ribbon cam kitchen, cam, kitchen, yeah yeah, so weve got the um the three piece, so it sits on top of the gear tunnel shuttle which you can see down here: um thats the sliding platform which helps to bring it in and out of the Gear tunnel: how is that mounted? Is it bolted in there yep, so its bolted to the um to the vehicle either side youve got eight bolts which mount the gear tunnel shuttle to the vehicle and thatll be installed and set for life of your vehicle, and you can use that for multiple things. Anything, okay, so its got onboard power, its got 220 volt outlets um, which our cooktop is running off now and then youve also got down here. You have two 12 volt plugs as well: um and thats what powers our pump and usb c um outlet at the top pump. You said yes, so its a 12 volt pump and it runs our water system. Weve got a hose rail in here and faucet so that you can do your dishes: wow, theres, okay, i didnt realize there was a water system as well Music and then hows it going good man.

How are you do you mind if we have a peak under there? Absolutely look at this all being powered by the battery of this truck. The cooktop is powered by the onboard inverter um and that that yeah delivers power to the shuttle. So you can use it for the cooktop and camp kitchen setup or you can just use it for whatever, whatever powered accessories. You might want to install onto the shuttle and the kitchen mounts to the shuttle via an integrated t slot system, so the feet of the of the cooktop or the each module they actually just drop into some castellations on the um on the shuttle and slide along And then you latch them in place actually just here by these sort of paddle latches down here, um, so youre, just going to un unlatch those when youre ready to take it off. So what all comes off when youre, in the last step from here youll, be able to take yeah up from this line? Okay, so that whole module comes off and you end up with it just a flat sliding cap, oh yeah, so you have a big table. You can put all sorts of stuff yeah exactly you can actually see it. Oh look at this a drawer, its a straw in here. You can see the sliding platform of the shuttle um yeah, and you can see the t slot system just in there that outfit uh mounting to um theres an outlet in there yeah yeah, and so you put your sink here.

Youre gon na do dishes in this little sink and then youll be able to carry your gray water disposable elsewhere, so that youre not kind of standing on your drained freshly drained water, wow um, put it back in and the sink fully collapses and stuff as well. Um on this side, youll see our weve got our grill system in here we have all of the utensils like carefully curated, and these are collaborated with snow peak, more drawers. Oh my gosh yeah, so theres a ton of stuff youve got the camping. Coffee youve got everything you might need to like cook your meals when youre out on the trail um, all your serving wear and everything in here and here, the controls for the yep yeah. So its all capacitive touch and its all induction um, which is great because it means that you will never get like windy. Um, windy environment, destroy your meal, inhibiting your ability to cook. It also means that we can pack it up really quickly and were not worried about heat um right, its quickly cold right, yeah yeah, because it just relies on um induction through the pan, so its really localized in efficient heat, which is important when you, when youve Got an electric vehicle and it means that its really safe to put away as well awesome rachel.