So of course, little further lets slice. This open slap it on the iphone and give you guys my quick in depth review. So once again, one of my favorite leather cases for the iphone has returned in their new modern leather case and modern leather folio case one in black one in brown and of course you can get them in either color for each case. The cases come in your traditional cardboard, nomad packaging, which you can easily recycle, and the first thing that we get here is the new modern leather case and same thing with the leather folio slides out, and here we have the leather folio edition of the modern case. Take a closer look at this case here before we slap the iphone in these are hybrid style cases. You have a polycarbonate back shell, wrapped with this beautiful horween leather on the sides. Is this flexible, rubber, tpu material and on the inner portion? You also have this microfiber line backing to cushion the back of your phone. You can already tell the circle means that these are magsafe compatible, heres, a quick look at the wallet edition here, identical to the modern case. The only exception, of course, is that you have the addition of the folio flap. One new feature that i noticed with these cases is this new button cover design, which you can see here are separate plastic pieces from the case. So hopefully this should improve tactile feedback and basically just the overall function and feeling of an actual button.

All right so lets slap. My brand new iphone 13 pro max into one of these cases well start off with the modern case, slides in pretty easily and were pretty much set to go. All right. Take a quick overview of this case starting off at the top. Here we do have an excellent amount of top protection with the tpu material wrapped around the entire border of the iphone and lips. Just above the glass display. I do have a temp glass screen protector on my iphone right now, which the case doesnt seem to be interfering with, keep in mind its actually an iphone 12 screen protector. On top of my iphone 13., i havent been able to get an iphone 13 screen protector. Quite yet, hence why the cut out for the earpiece is a little bit off. Moving towards the side of the case we have covers for the volume rockers, you still get a nice tactile feedback when you press on them same thing with the power button. On the other side and, of course, a little cut out for the vibrate and ringer switch on the bottom of the case, you have three individual cutouts for the stereo speakers mic and lightning ports. Last but not least, on the back here, we do have that horowin leather in black that wraps around the entire back and partially around the borders of the iphone. I also like how nomad didnt put any branding on the back of the leather.

I, like the clean, plain, simple look that this case offers and, of course we have a cuddle here for the triple lens camera module with a blacked out border to prevent any flash issues and seems to be compatible with my camera lens protector that i have on Top as well, all right next up were gon na check out the leather folio edition, so heres. What the leather folio edition looks like on the iphone 13 pro max again its pretty much identical to the modern folio. The only difference, of course, is that its very nice luxurious brown, but, of course you can get it in black and the added edition of the folio flap here so ill go over the newer stuff on the folio edition here. Everything on the bottom case here is identical to the modern case, so thats all the same. The new addition, of course, is the folio flap here this is actually one piece of leather that goes all the way across. This is just a crease here, but its actually one piece of leather that wraps around the entire back and front, which i think looks pretty neat the front flap does feature this additional stitching. That goes all the way around the border and just like the back of the nomad cases, the front here, theres, no branding or anything like that, its a nice, clean, simple, luxurious, leather, look all right, so heres, a quick look at what the wallet portion looks like Here you can see you can fit three cards as well as a bill section with canadian bills.

The length of this is actually a little bit too small, but you might be able to get away with it with american bills. For those of you down in the states now, you could double up some of these pockets here with two cards instead of one that being said, even with three cards in it right now, its already starting to make the flap a little bit bulky. In addition, for those of you who want to use this as a wallet style case, i do recommend having a screen protector on your iphone, or else the plastic cards can and will rub against. The display of your phone. Almost forgot heres a quick demo of the magsafe and wireless charging with this case, as you guys can see here, the magsafe does work with the nomad cases heres another demo with apples, external battery, magsafe wireless charger sticks on doesnt, come off and charges overall guys. So those are looking for a clean and genuine leather case for your brand new iphone 13, and you want something that is still leather, but you dont want one of those ugly uh chunky, leather ones, that you see some leather companies offer for iphone cases. Then the nomad modern leather case is certainly a great choice. The modern case is also a great alternative to apples own leather case, which i have here, which you can see, theyre largely identical. If you get the black one at least the only advantage with the apple ones, that you do have multiple colors available and the added edition of the apple logo engraved in the center there, which of course something that nomad cant legally do and between the nomad case And the apple case, i find the horween leather to be a little bit more durable than apples, sheepskin leather, that they use here and on top of that, nomads case is a little bit more protective thanks to its thicker borders and its hybrid design.

In terms of any cons or changes, i would make with this case i would recommend maybe extending the microfiber line backing to the sides as well, so that so that the chrome sides on the iphone are a little bit more protected. The only con i can mention with the folio version here is that if you need to access the volume controls you have to have the flap open, because it is very difficult to find them with the thick leather on top anyways. Thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video any questions or comments about the nomad modern case.