Damn dont sweat the technique: Music, hey everybody hope you guys all didnt save. So this is the vivo x70 pro plus. This is the global version thats releasing in india and parts of europe pretty soon im gon na do unboxing here, but i have to be honest. This is not a real unboxing, because i actually already opened up the phone days ago and already took a bunch of photos. The camera on this thing is pretty amazing, but ill get to that very soon. So the reason i wanted to film a proper unboxing is because the packaging here is pretty nice and thats, increasingly rare in this day and age, because apple started the trend of minimal smartphone packaging like if you get a new iphone or a new samsung galaxy fold. Theres like nothing to unbox, okay, so the vivo x70 pro plus co engineered with zeiss. So this is pretty cool right. You open up the package and you see the camera module already sticking out through this little cutout and right here it says photography, redefined, lets open up and heres the phone so in the original packaging, theres a plastic wrap that wraps around the phone. Obviously this is my second time opening it, so my packaging that plastic wrap is gone so heres, the phone im gon na put it to the side and lets look at the rest of the package. So you have a pretty nice faux leather case. This is a good touch, because the vivo x70 pro plus actually moved away from the leather back of the x60 and x50 series.

I mean, i think the orange one is still leather, but i dont know that ones releasing globally. We have a sim ejector tool, some papers, warranty and stuff right here is a usbc cable. Along with this fast charging, brick 66 watt vivo flash charge earbuds. I believe these are probably usb c yep. These are usb c earbuds, additional silicon tips for the earbuds, and you also get a dongle adapter headphone jack, usb c dongle, adapter, okay. So what im going to do now is im going to power up the vivo x70 pro plus and then show you guys. The software inside really quick before i continue on with the rest of the the real review im going to take this phone outside show you guys how camera footage look in the real world and go over hardware all that: okay heres, the software so obviously ive already Customized, the home screen a little bit. It does not come out the box looking like this, so this phone runs on fun touch os 12.0 over android, 11., now theres, actually, elements of origin os on this origin. Os is vivos software for the china market and you can see elements of origin os right here in this dynamic music ridges. So this is a native widget that came like this out of the box and its automatically connected to spotify, because i downloaded spotify on this phone, so its pretty cool. So if i want to open up spotify, i just tap in the widget im going to play something and then you can control your music directly on this widget on the home screen.

So you can pause, play skip 15 seconds stuff like that, and then, if you tap on it, it expands and show you the information that youre listening to this is pretty cool. I wish more android brands would offer this. This is a dynamic, interactive, widget and thats kind of how origin os looks like so. These rigid you know like when originals first came out. A lot of people said it was a copy of an iphone, and i can see that these widgets here definitely look kind of similar to ios rigid system so other than the widgets, which include this uh rigid tray that you can access within the same panel as The app tray the rest of the software behaves very similarly to an android phone so swipe down, you get the shortcut. Toggles notifications swipe up app tray or widget tray, but theres. Also, these very useful shortcut features that vivo has given us in the past, like, for example, double tap to turn off the screen. You havent always on display double tap to turn it back on three fingers swipe down to grab a screenshot three fingers swipe up to go into easy split screen mode while were here lets go over the rest of the hardware, so this is a 6.8 inch oled Display 120 hertz refresh rate 240 hertz touch sampling rate resolution of 3200 by 1440, so its more than quad hd, like wq hd, plus theres, a snapdragon triple eight plus inside and here in this small hole punch is a 32 megapixel selfie camera now around the back Is this unique textured back its made of glass but with ceramic coating on top, and it feels weird it feels a little bit frosted its soft to the touch, but at the same time it does not attract fingerprints.

But i actually like the feel of the leather back better, so this camera module, at least from what ive seen on the internet. Some people, like it some people, dont like it, because some people think this area is completely wasted because its just a piece of glass theres, no lenses here, although i think this is actually helpful for when youre filming yourself like this, because its slightly reflective. So you can actually see yourself a little bit, so these two lens, a two main camera ultra wide main, actually uses the exact same hardware as the vivo x60 pro plus 48 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera thats, built on top of gimbal technology, like you, can actually See the camera move a little bit when you ship the phone, because on this floating gimbal system, its a sony, imx 598 sensor and down here its a 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor, and it has a relatively large image sensor. So that means you get a lot of natural bokeh when youre just taking still photos and also imposing a lot of light. Now, if youre disappointed by the fact that these two cameras are exactly the same as last year, well, dont be because vivo actually built a new image. Processing chip called the v1 inside the phone, so the v1 vivo spent two years developing it and basically what it is. It is a standalone chip that handles isp image signal processing, because you know digital photography, whatever you shoot its all just numbers and data, how it turns into photos and videos, is an image signal.

Processor takes in all the information and churn out a visual image. So on most android phones, they actually just use the isp inside whatever processor theyre, using either qualcomm snapdragon or like a mediatek chip, so vivo building his own chip, its technically impressive, because not every company can do it. So this gives vivo a distinct advantage in being able to customize and control the entire flow of image processing more than previous vivo devices, and this here is a 12 megapixel two times telephoto zoom lens, and this is actually a new sensor compared to what was in The vivo x, 60, pro plus okay, then down here its an 8 megapixel periscope camera with five times optical zoom. This sensor, i believe, is exactly the same hardware as the vivo x60, pro plus 2.. So that means of the four cameras here. Two of them uses the exact same hardware as in the vivo x60 pro plus, but youre still going to see improvements now theres a 4500mah battery in here. Unfortunately, there is still no wireless charging, but you do get ip68 water and dust resistance this time around. So other than wireless charging thats the only thing thats missing everything else is like premium tip top flagship territory anyway, enough talking lets go outside and test the cameras. Okay, so now youre watching footage from the main camera of the vivo x70 pro plus, okay. So heres a iphone 13 pro main video and the vivo x74 plus main video, okay, so im on a pretty dark street right now with both phones.

This is the main camera footage. Okay. So this is one of my favorite buildings to photograph. This is a very unique looking coffee shop, so im gon na set this camera down and take some ultra wide angle: shots, Music Applause, Music, okay, so im editing the video right now and examining the photos. Every single, ultra, wide angle image. I prefer the vivo x70 pro pluses. It looks better. The colors pop a little bit more dynamic range is better, particularly if you look at any image with under shader thats a little bit dark on the iphone photo. Itll, actually look, not as dark on the vivo. X70 pro plus photo, but then you can argue the iphones keeping colors a little bit more accurate. Now you can argue, the iphone was ultra wide is closer to what the human eye sees, but lets be real here if youre looking at these two images side by side and you have to post one to instagram, youre, probably gon na pick the vivo image, because It just looks livelier, see right there in there is the village entrance. I dont think i can go in there because im in outside ill probably get yelled at so im. Gon na use a zoom lens. Okay, so i think for photos. The ultra wide angle, camera the x70 pro plus beats the 13 pro in almost every condition, but when youre shooting the main camera, then its a lot closer like looking at both these photos and the scene in real life.

The iphones colors are a little bit more accurate, but then the vivo shot just looks better. The colors are better and you look at the natural bokeh behind the light. It looks a little bit more aesthetically pleasing compared to the iphone 13 pro max, which kind of blows out the light a little bit. Nighttime, video, nighttime, video, okay, also wide angle, video, okay, ultra wide angle, video, so one thing the iphone does really well. Of course, is video recording when youre filming videos, the iphone you can switch from the ultra wide camera to the main camera back and forth and zooming is very smooth like this. You cannot do this on the vivo x70 pro plus, if youre filming an ultra wide. You actually cannot zoom in at all its locked to the ultra wide and, if youre filming with the main camera, you actually cannot back out to the ultra wide camera. So, okay, now its for battery life, the vivo x70 pro plus has a 4 500 milliamp cell inside, considering that it has a wqhd plus display of 120 hertz. You would think battery life would be a problem because i had problematic battery life with the xiaomi mi. 11 ultra and the honor magic 3 pro, plus all these, like latest flagships, but im happy to report that vivos battery life is pretty good right now it is um. 6, 43 p.m. Ive been using this phone since around noon, and i still have 68 battery life for now and yesterday i used this phone pretty heavily throughout like 11 hours and i finished an 11 hour day with still almost 30 battery life.

So that means the vivo x70 pro plus battery is can be considered really good and itll definitely go a full 12 13 or 14 hour day for most people im really impressed because okay, so that wraps it up for this video. Unfortunately, i do not know the official european or indian retail price of the x70 pro plus, but this phone launched in china starting at 870 us dollars. This is the pro plus model 870 us dollars. Now, unfortunately, you guys in europe are going to see a markup, so this phone, if i have to guess i would say in europe its going to be priced around 1 000 us dollars to 1 100 us dollars. Apologies that im giving my estimate in u.s dollars and not euros but thats because im i i grew up in the us, so that number just comes easily to my head, so yeah overall im very impressed with the vivo x70 pro plus. The cameras seem like right now: the best low light cameras of the year so far, thats. Actually, not that surprising to me, because the vivo x60 pro plus was already arguably the best low light video camera around and the x70 pro plus improves on that with a custom v1 chip that vivo built to to control the entire pipeline from when the image information Entered the camera lens all the way through to the isp, to produce the image that you and i are seeing on the screen now, like i said, theres no wire charging here but other than that.

Every other feature that youd expect or need from a tip top expensive flagship in 2021 is here thats about it. For this, video im gon na have a lot more im, probably gon na shoot a vlog with the vivo x70 pro plus compared against the xiaomi mi 11 ultra and a couple of other android flagships. So if youre interested in more content on this phone, please consider subscribing to my channel, i have a lot more stuff coming up.