I figured i would just do a quick video, hopefully quick um, a few questions i’ve been getting, is what exchanges do i use um number one, the main the main one you want to be on. If you’re trading, all coins is uniswap. Um, you will find everything you need there. The fees are high, sorry to say, it’s just the way it is um on any swap uh platform. It’S gon na be high, but um i use coinbase pro binance us kucoin bilaxi. I think that’s, how you pronounce it. Uh kraken bittrex, and then i have my metamask and uniswap um. You want to have a vpn if you are using metamask, which is the wallet you’re going to connect to uniswop and so go on to metamask.io set up your account. Get your vpn uh. Expressvpn is good it’s, like 7.99 a month you can get three months free with the referral link and it’s. You know just gon na hide your ip address, uh you’re online, so you don’t wan na get you don’t wan na, be sharing your ip address, um and then go to uniswap.org and connect your wallet, uh you’re gon na deposit eth into ethereum into your metamask wallet And then you could swap for anything you could swap ethereum for litecoin. You could swap litecoin for chain link. You can swap chain link for polka dot, um, assuming that you know you’ve, heard of all those but that’s where you want to be when projects get launched.

They’Re not going to be on finance right away, so they might go up five ten times or a hundred percent. Even you know, which is a huge amount before you even get a chance to buy. So you got to get on unit swap first of all, uh. Next, i want to give like my outlook on cryptocurrency and kind of like how i approach it. It is a hype market, it is a trend market, it is cyclical, um and how it generally works and how it’s worked exactly this time is bitcoin pumps. It goes up, everything comes up a little bit with it, but you know it waits like look at bitcoin’s been hanging out 29 to 42 000 and when it kind of stays in in the range when it stops and it kind of halts that’s when all coins Just blow up and that’s, where i’ve been crushing it on, and i was even a little late to that – um, not not late. I shouldn’t say i i you you’re not going to be perfect. I just kind of got in some of the wrong stuff. I was an xrp and i i sold it at like 79 cents. I got back in at 64 and then boom i lost 30 grand you know came back down with that sec news and things. You know places started de listing it and it’ll pump up again, but in the meantime, there’s been things going up.

100 200. A thousand percent dogecoin went up a thousand percent in 24 hours, crazy. So the thing that gets you is, you want to know. What’S going to go up next and what’s going to go up the biggest and the two hot things right now are d5 decentralized, finance and nfts, which i don’t even fully understand: they’re pretty new, but crypto punk. Look it up. Google, it google crypto punk it sold for like 761 thousand dollars worth of ethereum and it’s. Just this generic 8 bit looking picture, and now they got these hash masks or something like that that are going around. I can’t even keep up with nfts because it’s just i’m not i’m, just not that interested in it. It just seems like overpriced garbage that people are buying because it’s historic, because it’s the first things out and um it’s new um has to do you know: uh there’s, a really really hyped up: cryptocurrency it’s called super farm it’s. Actually, one of the youtube content creators, uh elio, trades, uh, who’s, probably the top one – to follow to be honest, um Music, but he uh he uh he’s got this he’s got a project. He’S been working on for three years called super farm that has to deal with nfts and video games and um. I just don’t care to know anymore about it. I guess but uh you know mark cuban selling nfts of his own um, but yeah. Those are the two hot things and, in my opinion, you wan na look at the ones that have like a token swap like like uniswap, so you got different ones like one inch you got.

Yf die has a swap and that’s one of my favorite coins, i’ll i’ll, get into a few that i really like in a second. You guys have been at people have been asking um, but what else sushi swap um crazy, crazy stuff it’s, like anything, goes it’s a wild wild west but um yeah. I think those are those are the hot things right now uh and if you follow raul, paul um, you know he he bought big into ethereum because of the network effect, and he said you know a lot of his research um. I forget the name of his website. I can’t think of it off the top of my head, but he had a big thing about ethereum following the previous bitcoin cycle, when it went up to almost 20 000. Exactly so, he’s got a 20 000 price target on ethereum got ta. Have it it’s got a network effect? Everything is being built off the ethereum network um. So i want to share my thoughts on bitcoin ethereum and some other ones. Uh. Litecoin too. Somebody was asking about multiple people are asking about. Friends of mine are asking about um and and again it’s cyclical too, so that has to do with everything there’s, always a flow to how how each each wave comes and goes. I’Ve been trading cryptocurrencies for about five or six years, and you know i’m pretty convinced that this is. I mean things have gone up in crazy ridiculous amounts already, but i think bitcoin’s going at least to a hundred thousand and i’ll.

Tell you why uh shortly but uh, if that happens, then some of these altcoins are going to go up another thousand or two thousand percent. If that happens, i mean there’s going to be huge flux, fluctuations and volatility and it’s going to be painful at times. If, if you don’t play it perfect, which you won’t, so you know you got to have a plan, you got to have a strategy you get caught up wanting to be. Oh, i got ta get in this one, because it’s it’s running i got ta get in that one it’s like they’re all gon na. If bitcoin pumps are essentially all of them are gon na pump. You just don’t wan na be in the scams or the you know, ones that only exist to pump and dump which they’ll all dump eventually too, especially the altcoins they pump hard and then they dump hard. So i shared that in upl chart that glass node chart, which is net unrealized profit and loss and that’s pretty much been able to tell the start of each bear market since bitcoin existed. So, look that up it’s a glass node nupl chart for bitcoin and uh it’s, just the net unreal’s unrealized profit and loss so gains that people haven’t cashed out on when it gets to a certain point. It dumps i don’t think it’ll dump as hard percentage wise as it did last time because it’s being more and more adopted, institutions are owning, it they’re, believing in it, but it’ll definitely dump um so yeah that that’s.

The exchanges that i find all my altcoins on is well number one i go to coingecko. Coingecko is a good tool. It’S got you know all it’s the best at listing the new cryptocurrencies it’s better than coinmarketcap.com, and what i generally look for is the first thing. I go to is i look at the market cap what’s its market cap, you know, and then i compare it to the other ones and then, if it, you know just for instance, i compared the other ones that are uh similar. Like you know, i made 200 percent on bird dot finance and all i knew about it was that it was similar to chain link. I looked at the market cap. It was extremely low. I didn’t get in at five bucks, but i got in at 45 bucks and i sold at 140 um i’ll always hold on when when i get something like that, i’ll always hold on, unless i just think like yeah fun’s over cycle’s over market’s over um, but Uh, i don’t think we’re anywhere close to that. I think there’s going to be some pretty painful pullbacks, so we’ve had some major runs, so be careful if you’re buying anything for the first time right now, uh, because who knows when they’ll be the pullback and when they come it’s going to hurt so just take Profits along the way and anything you’re in everything’s going to go up. You want the ones that continue to go up.

You know, dogecoin is going to pump and dump it’s got no use, there’s really it’s, not good. For anything. The only thing you’re betting on there is, if like elon musk – and you know, wall street bets or whatever there’s a toshi streets bet now for satoshi’s. If they can do the irrational and just pump it up to a dollar, i mean it’d, be, i think, a bigger market cap than ethereum. If it did that, so bitcoin would need to be at a hundred thousand but that’s, basically what you’re betting on um. So i i mean i probably watch six hours plus youtube videos a day and, like you know, i uh, i just think they’re incredibly annoying people most of them, i think they’re. Incredibly lucky they took a chance good for them and now you know they consider themselves. Experts at least a few of them there there are some like elio trades who, who really really knows what he’s doing um. He also again, like i mentioned before, is the creator of super farm coming out soon and uh yeah, some of them just you know they took a shot they might have held through the entire bear market, down to what it hit 3200 bitcoin, and then they came Up and they were millionaires there’s, one guy – that i watch – i can’t stand watching them, uh martini guy and i can’t stand watching him, but he’s got good news that he brings up and he kind of uncovers some altcoins that i might not have heard about, and I go look into it: i’m, like dang that’s, a gem snow swap you know there was a guy on his stream on his live stream.

He said yeah tell me about snow, stop. He brought it up on his screen and started looking at it and he said i’m going to buy it right here. I’M, like dang, that is what’s hot right now is the swap tokens. You know that and this one uh, i think you could stake it for like 245 percent apr right now. Obviously, that’ll change, but you know this staking is it’s it’s brand new. It didn’t exist in 2018. You know you could stake coins, which essentially lock them up to provide liquidity um. So so people can trade them. You know and that that’s a value to them it kind of work, and then you know they make interest off of it. So a good example is on swissborg all right. This is my plan in the bear market. Who i also found out was an option from martini. Guy um is that on swissborg you could stake usd coin. If you’re a premium member which you have to have so much deposited, i think it’s, like 20 000 for 20, so usd coin is a stable coin and Laughter. It basically stays at a dollar. It might vary a penny or two maybe more at times, but it always comes back to a dollar it’s it’s it’s, going to be almost an identical reflection of the us dollar and you’re going to earn 20 on it. Think about that. If you, you know some of these guys, they made a million dollars in this bull market.

You can go and stake a million dollars and make two hundred thousand dollars a year at essentially no risk problem. Is you can’t use swissborg in the u.s um there’s ways around that with a vpn that you’re not supposed to do? I don’t do that. I don’t suggest it but um anyways, uh 20, that there’s no risk like seven percent in a year is what people used to try to make or still try to make you know and 20 percent. I mean that’s that’s insane, so you know what happens there. The example that i wanted to give is is essentially 40 that they get when you provide liquidity and they give you half right. So um staking’s a big thing and i love staking. I have the majority of my holdings in a token called yf die and you can go to their web page find out what they’re all about they got a video on there um they have a you know. I i went there. I looked at the market cap. I saw you know three different youtubers, um, uh, crypto, burb and um martini guy and ivan on tech is his name um and they were all talking about it and they said it’s undervalued. So i went to looking into it and i thought well, why is it undervalued? You know it’s a pretty similar to yfi you’re in finance and it’s a competitor, so the same same type of market, and i think you’re in finance, like a 400 million market cap and yfdi, was like a 10 million i’m like man, even if that can get To a quarter of the market cap and there’s reasons for it being possible to do that number one they’re circulating supply is so low um, i think there’s only 4 100 in circulation at the time at the moment, maximum circulating supply of 21 000.

yfis maximum supply And mine supply was thirty thousand. I think they just increased that to like forty thousand uh, which is why the price dropped, and it is that thirty, two thousand ish it may be different at the moment, and why, if i, when i bought it when yf die, when i bought it it’s at 2400 per coin and wi fi at the moment was over 30 000. I think it even went to like 40 thousand um and it’s just a low supply, it’s like having a low float and locking it up and it squeezes um i mean that squeezes nobody’s shorting. It but um yeah you lock up the float and it’s like a penny stock. It just soars. So you know with this one you’re able to get on metamask stake it on yfdyfinance.com, their website and you’re earning 72 percent apr that’s six percent a month point two percent a day. So some of these guys would say i mean the price is a little volatile. It’S not like usd coin, but let’s say it goes up. You know, and one of these guys throws a million dollars in there you’re making 720 000 a year if the price doubles you’re, making 1.4 million a year, um crazy. So this is a lot of the reason why i completely switched. I saw like the bull market excitement getting ready for bitcoin and you know i’ve tripled my account since moving everything over from my stock trading account in td ameritrade um january 1st, i had a little bit left mid january.

I just wanted to catch some of the pot stock runs, which i knew were going to happen, and then i transferred out so january was an awesome month now, i’m kind of watching, like what’s the market gon na do but uh getting into some coins. Like number one bitcoin bitcoin’s, the best bitcoin is king. The whole market is dependent on bitcoin. What bitcoin does, whether you believe it’s the best or the worst or not, that’s, just the facts, that’s what it does now. The reasons why you know well, people call me friends of mine. Call me they’re, like yeah. What should i get into? Should i get into dogecoin? Should i get into bitcoin like say well the safest. If there can be anything safe in this cryptocurrency market is bitcoin that’s, where all eyes are at um. I don’t know if you ever, if anybody’s ever heard, of michael saylor with microstrategy, but you know he bought like 17 000 bitcoin at an average price of like nine thousand seven hundred dollars for his own uh personal investment, and recently it was today or yesterday. He um presented to 1400 market leaders. I think a thousand of them are billionaires. I don’t know i could be wrong on that staff, but uh on why they should convert their balance sheet to bitcoin and even if it’s, one percent of their balance sheet. You know: elon musk was pitched this a little bit uh. Maybe he wasn’t pitched it, but i think pompliano was talking about it or something like that and um 1400 of them.

I mean if they just convert one percent. If if five percent of them convert, one percent of their balance sheet to bitcoin, like that’s, that’s a huge deal, and then you want to look into what is bitcoin, you know for the past five years, people tell me like well bitcoin’s, never going to be used As a currency, it’s never going to be used as a currency like no it’s, not it’s, going to be used as a currency. The way gold is used as a currency right, you don’t, take gold break it up, weigh it measure it out and pay for your gas right, but it’s worth something: it’s a store of value and that’s. What people mean when they say store value, so that’s bitcoin’s role in everything right and the argument right now is that the dollar is deflating and currency. Historically over time, deflates, like the british pound, i think they were saying the the it started out. British pound was, you could get, it was. I think it was silver right. One ounce of silver you can would convert to one british pound now it’s, like one ounce of silver, can get you 1700 british pounds. I i don’t know i that that’s not exact, but it is something pretty damn close to that it’s, either an ounce or a pound or something i don’t know, but um yeah, but that’s. What bitcoin is now the one that can be used as a currency is ethereum right and that’s? Why everybody’s so big on it right now and the network effect, because everything every single thing right now is being built off of the ethereum network, so it’s going to use ethereum right so ethereum grows.