Today we got a few things to talk about and of those things. We got some stuff that you guys might be excited about all right and one of those things. First, off and foremost, is going to be hutao um. So there was a comment uh or there was a post. You know people are asking if huta was confirmed. A lot of people are afraid that hutao is not even coming out uh. You know there were some talks like since there wasn’t any leaks or anything happening, that it was just going to be shao and no hutao was going to appear. However, with this post it looks like uh. Gentian impact actually officially responded, so people are kind of taking this as an official confirmation now granted. We will know for sure if hutao is going to be coming here on friday, uh well, basically in about 25 hours or 24 hours. Excuse me uh when the live stream starts uh, if you guys are watching this obviously a little bit later, it might be a lot less than 24 hours, but at 3am pacific standard time on the 22nd uh they will have the official 1.3 showcase uh. Where they’ll be showing, who the new characters are going to be coming with the next update so make sure you guys are there for that. But if this post indicates that there is going to be hutao and hutao is confirmed, that’s going to be really exciting, especially considering the fact that hutao is supposed to come with a new weapon that is going to be actually be crazy.

Op um on paper now, once we test this weapon, it might be a little bit different, but from what i understand, it’s supposed to be actually nuts, and if hutao is a pole, arm user, like they said um, especially with xiao, also being a polo armor, pull Arm user. Excuse me that could create a very interesting situation and we’ll talk about that, because if hutao spear is coming with hutao um, i can’t necessarily say that i would summon for a spear on the xiao banner uh. If they do, like you, know the jade spear or something like that, uh for shao, just because that’s kind of like his signature weapon kind of deal, but if hutao spears coming it might best serve you to wait. But we’ll talk about that as soon as we find out more details as to the information that’s coming with 1.3, you know with patch notes and all of that other jazz in other news uh. We also have a new event that’s going to be coming or coming back. I should say we got the treasure event, which is basically part three of the events uh before you know 1.3 kicks off here in a couple of weeks uh, but the treasure event is also getting ready to start here pretty soon. If you guys are almost done with the cube event, which we all should be, you guys should just go ahead and finish that up, so you can get all of your rewards, get ready for the treasure event or not treasure, but the the present box event.

So you guys can knock that out, get some more rewards as well, and that way you guys can close this off pretty strong before we jump into the next version. Update now something that you guys might not be aware of is mihoyo was apparently leaking their own content. I think uh. Naturally it was on accident. I don’t think it was on purpose. I think it was just a slight oversight, but if you guys haven’t seen the new video that mihoyo released, they released this video basically showcasing the behind the scenes of dragon spine. Now with that, though, with the behind the scenes of dragon spawn i’m not going to show any photos here, but i will tell you guys where to find this information um. But when you guys watch the video you guys are looking for the time step of five minutes and 29 seconds uh once you guys get the five minutes and 29 seconds, you guys are going to look in the bottom left corner of the screen. Um. If you zoom in a little bit, it’ll you’ll you’ll notice that they’re listing some characters, one of which is yoimia uh. Who is the chat option for kamisato ayaka? For those of you guys who have been to honey impact and then another character? Um, i think, was kazuha or k. It just showed ka, but there’s a bunch of information jumping around about kazua, but you guys can also find that on honey impact as well.

So when these characters come out, if the information that we saw here in the actual video that mihoya released themselves is true uh, these characters could potentially be part of inazuma, and i don’t know if this was intentional on mihoyo’s behalf, but, like i said, i don’t Think that it was, but if it was intentional, inazuma could be coming sooner than we think right, everybody’s guessing 1.6 to 1.8. But who knows maybe to come before that? I know you guys are probably super duper excited to finally get your hands on kamisato ayaka, but we’ll have to wait and find out, but other than that guys um. That pretty much covers it. For today, uh just some small news uh, i will be streaming the live stream uh. Thank you for all the people that hit me up about uh volunteering to be a translator. I will select somebody today, i’ll be getting back to you, guys uh. So you know we can nip this in the bud and get in there and get that stream translated. While we watch so anyway guys uh that’s. All i wanted to cover today. If you guys got any questions, comments concerns.