, now ive been using this for about a month. I got both the z flip 3 and the z fold 3 right at launch time, and so ive had some time with both phones. I really want to take some time to kind of use, each of them as my primary device for a couple weeks and then have a chance to kind of play with them. You know just as you know. Obviously i switch from the flip to the fold. As my primary and then have a chance to, you know play with the other one as a secondary device for a little while and im pretty much ready to weigh in on my thoughts on the flip now. Obviously this is a much more mainstream. Probably phone than the fold will be because the fold is just a lot more expensive, and so you know at almost half the price a lot more people are going to be considering this phone now lets talk about the build quality a little bit. I do have my leather case actually on here. This is the samsung leather case thats on the outside of it, but all of you probably have seen kind of the overall build of the phone at this point. This leather case is great by the way. I think this one actually on the flip is a little bit better than the one on the fold. I actually made a video on the fold case. If you guys want to go check it out, the flip one tends to actually stay on a little bit better.

So if youre interested ill drop a link below to this case, if you have a flip and you want to get it, this is the black one uh i have the cream model of the flip. You can see the nice gold colored hinge there. Overall, the build quality on this phone is great. I mean you can flip it very, very recklessly and open it and ive had no issues. I have noticed a couple people over on twitter uh. I think um from a guy from nine to five google. I forgot who it was from 95 google yesterday they showed they had not um unfolded the phone in a long time and they unfolded it yesterday in the morning and they got a crack all around the seam right here, where it folds, and so that has been An issue in the past with the flip models – and i havent seen it too much this year, but obviously i guess that could still be a problem. Thats, probably not going to be an issue for most people, though, because it seems to be if you leave the phone to sit for a long period of time that you can risk. You know it cracking when you open it along that fold. Um, probably not an issue that a lot of people are going to run into not something ive experienced, obviously, but it is out there, but in terms of actually you know just opening it flipping it very, very aggressively theres, really no issues.

With doing that, i mean i do that all the time thats one of the most fun things to do with it, i will say in terms of the overall you know, build, there is still problem with. In my opinion, these front screen protectors around the edges of these front screen protectors. You get a lot of dust and stuff you can see. I have some there. I actually removed a little just before i started the video, and i have some here and youre supposed to leave these screen protectors on obviously according to samsung. So you know a lot of people are not going to remove them or not want to remove them and its probably a bad idea. On my fold. I actually did remove the screen protectors because i just cant ive been using that phone so much and i use it a lot in tablet and i cant deal with it but thats one of the main issues that i have but theres not really much. I guess they can do about it in terms of the overall build of the phone, its required right now, its not something thats going to bother everybody now, otherwise, the phones, incredibly sturdy. The hinge certainly feels a lot more solid than the original flip, which i used quite a bit. I havent dropped this phone, yet thankfully, so i cant say from a drop test perspective uh how it behaves at all, but otherwise i really havent had any other build quality issues with the phone.

I think ive been pretty impressed with it. Obviously, now youve got a little bit of water resistance, its not the highest spec water resistance, but i do feel a little more. You know, i feel a little more comfortable taking it out of the house, whereas you know when i had the original flip in the original fold, you had no water resistant rating and i wasnt quite as comfortable taking it out of the house, so build quality. I think samsungs making some big improvements overall, i like it. Obviously one of the biggest design changes was this little front display which ill talk about here in a second actually lets go ahead and get into it. Lets talk about the display next, so theres really two displays theres this tiny one on the front where you can kind of swipe through your notifications and some other panels, like alarms, timer, you can add other widgets here, uh, obviously its a lot bigger than the original Um miniature display that was on the flip, uh original flip and you can add a little. You know like little caricatures um. You know this is kind of fun to play around with and customize your clock now in terms of the overall usefulness of this secondary display. I still dont think its that useful i mean you can do stuff like right. You can easily do stuff like use the camera on the front screen, but its such a tiny viewfinder that i dont find myself ever really wanting to do this.

That much, but it is there its something that you can do, but i certainly am more likely to open up the phone like this and use the camera on the inside than i am to use it on the cover screen. But it is nice for seeing additional notifications theres, certainly a lot more, that you can see on the cover screen now a little more to play around with and a little more to customize when it comes to that cover screen on the front now, in terms of The overall experience on the inner display things have been changed. A ton, as you know, having the higher refresh rate on this phone makes a huge difference. Everythings a lot smoother. The display also seems quite a bit brighter, and you know just a little more vibrant than the first flip that i had. Certainly things feel a lot smoother. You know scrolling through your social media. Everything like that, when youre using this phone because of the higher refresh rate a lot of people, ask you know, does that fold in the middle or that where it flips really bother you to me, the answer is no. You guys can kind of tell if youre looking at it straight on like this, you dont really even notice it. Obviously, if you bend it down at different angles to the side, you see it a little more. You also see it more on different backgrounds so, like if youre in you know twitter, you might see it a little more if you have dark mode on like this, if you fold it at certain angles, but when im watching media or im just scrolling through my Twitter feed or im navigating the ui, i dont really notice it and when you used a really bright, vibrant wallpaper, like i have here, this is swirl walls by the way from chris lacy, which is a really cool app that i use on all my phones.

Now i really like this wallpaper app. It actually interacts with you as you tap. So if you move the wallpaper actually animates as you move it around, you can tap the wallpaper to animate. It see it moving very cool, wallpaper, app unrelated to the review, but ill drop. The link below very impressed with the display brightness is always great because of samsung outdoor viewing angles. You can use this phone outdoors with no problem and again the actual crease in the middle never been something thats really bothered me on these phones. Lets talk about the performance. Ive had absolutely zero performance issues with this phone, which is actually saying something because, with the original flip, i felt like there was a little bit of lag here and there i dont know if its, maybe because samsung just hadnt got you know the flippable and foldable Interfaces all figured out yet, but i really havent had any issues navigating around this phone performance has been great on it. Playing games is great, watching media has been fine on it as well multitasking that isnt the greatest experience on here, but its not because the phone cant handle multitasking. Obviously the phone can handle multitasking. You can easily open things in split screen view and, and you know you dont really have a problem doing that and you can, you know, navigate twitter while youre taking some pictures or whatever you want to do its not like its a problem for it.

It cant handle it, it absolutely can handle it its just that its not really the biggest screen. So you might not want to do it as much, but if you do multitasking one cool thing is you can flip it up like this, and you can have one thing down here and have the camera up there? You know obviously one of the nice things about this display. Is you can kind of sit the camera down and use it like its own tripod? Lots of people have mentioned this, and that is a great feature if you enjoy taking photos with your phone, so i havent had any performance issues on this phone so far, the only thing that i would say about the software is that there is still some things They could do to enhance the the flippable experience. Just the little things here and there, especially like with app compatibility but thats gon na, have to be other app developers kind of getting on board over time its, not something that necessarily samsung can do all at once. That goes for both the flip and the fold. At the end of the day, i think theyve done a lot of good things, though, to improve it uh in terms of software. You know this is one ui. You know it is what it is youve seen one ui i did a review of one ui4, which of course will come to the flip. Eventually, i did the beta review, which is on my s21 ultra no one ui4 beta for this, yet uh youre still dealing with 3.

1 and you basically get you know. The standard samsung features theres a lot of stuff to dig into. You can use good lock on here to customize. If you want um youve got different things you can do with the cover screen. Like i said you can change the clock style, you can change the type of widgets that are on the cover screen and then, of course, all the different types of apps that you can use there. A lot of things you can customize really with a flip theres. A little bit less to do than with the fold because on the fold, obviously, you could customize the entire app arrays that are on your cover screen versus the inner screen. You know, obviously you dont have an app launcher or anything on this cover screen, because its just too small, but you can, you know, customize all those widgets which is nice. I think samsungs really gotten to a point where their software is matured stabilized to enough where they kind of you know have a good feel for what they want to do, and their software works really really well, and there really isnt too much lag or hiccups or Anything like that that are software based kind of jitters. I do think they could improve some of the animations, maybe thats, just because uh of the fact that now ive been using the android 12 beta on my pixel and you know, googles done a lot to improve animations and also theming dynamic, theming using monet.

So id like to see some of that stuff come to one ui4, but in terms of what this phone has right now, i dont really have any huge complaints because it is very smooth and very easy to use. The next thing is the camera, so lets go ahead and talk about the camera here. Take some show you some photos, ive taken with this uh some photos here very nice photos that ive took it indoors outdoors. The detail on this camera is actually really good. I actually thought the camera on this phone was going to be very disappointing um when i originally got it a lot of these are taking low light at night. I was really impressed with the overall detail and colors on this camera. At the end of the day, i think its been a really really nice camera. I do think there are some things again that they can improve. Obviously, the low light performance isnt, quite as good as the fold three or, of course the s21 ultra. But you know, given the fact that youre not getting the same exact camera sensor here on offer its in a much more compact package. Obviously the thing is this phone needs to be a lot lighter than the full, which is an incredibly heavy phone. This phone needs to be light because the idea is supposed to be compact and fit in your. You know your back pocket fit in your purse easily and all those sorts of things.

Given those things you know the camera hardware thats actually in the phone. I thought the camera was overall pretty good now. Obviously this is not going to be a top of the line. Uh camera phone, like i said, but in terms of the shots that i was able to get when i was outdoors, you know doing things and even the indoor shots that i was able to get. I thought they were overall, very, very nice, shots very solid detail at the end of the day, and i was really really impressed with the camera. I would thought it was going to be let down the selfie camera on. This is actually better than the one on the full 3s inner screen, because of course, that one has the under display camera. I do think it was the right decision, a very important decision for samsung to go with regular selfie camera and not the under display, because a lot of people are going to be using this one to take selfies again because you can bend it up like this. And use the camera kind of in this mode where he uses a tripod. A lot of people are going to do that so thats going to be something where you want a good selfie camera and the under display one is honestly pretty much trash so so far. Ive had a lot of good things to say about it. You know the design is really nice.

Samsung made some really solid improvements to improve durability. Um, you really dont have to be super careful with the phone performance, and software is quite good. Lots of features in samsungs, one ui, um smoothness, is great performance. Is there cameras good, not the best camera on the market, but definitely a good camera that i was impressed with and then the last thing that you know everyone always asks about with this phone? Is the battery life and unfortunately, i dont have any good news for you when it comes to battery life. This phone does not get excellent battery life lets look at what i have right now for todays battery stats, and you guys can kind of just see yourself. I dont even know because i havent checked it yet uh so far, ‘ minutes of screen on time. So most of its been standby youll see. Swirl walls does eat a little bit of battery thats normal, though, because its kind of a live wallpaper, but only ‘ minutes and im already down to almost 70 percent. So i honestly get about three hours of this screen on time, id like to say um, maybe sometimes three and a half, but i rarely got over four four and a half hours, maybe thats. Just because i keep all my notifications on. I dont allow any battery optimizations with the apps. I want all my notifications instantly, because if i have a smartphone, i paid a thousand dollars for it.

I want to be able to use all the features, and so the battery life on this has not been good. For me, i dont even think the z fold 3. Is that great? Because the s21 ultra, which i use for a large portion of this year, had amazing battery life, i got myself i dont even remember. I got somewhere around like seven to eight hours screen on time on average on the s21 ultra, which i think is fantastic battery life is always relative, of course, um. If you use your phone lighter and you dont, you know, i have all the push notifications on with all the battery optimizations removed. You dont care about getting notifications instantly. All those things, of course, will improve your battery life. Maybe you dont get as many notifications coming in. I get a lot of work. Emails, also a lot of comments from youtube that i answer on studio in addition to regular social media messaging and all that stuff. So you know not not that great. In terms of battery life, and also, i feel like the stand i stand by battery life has also not been that good um, because even if im, not using the phone, the phone still tends to eat quite a bit of battery at the end of the day. So, at the end of the day, i think this phone is a lot more ready for prime time than something like the galaxy z fold.

Three honestly, i love the galaxy z4 3 actually and i really enjoyed using it, but in terms of people who are going to buy this phone and use it, how many people are going to buy it and use it? I dont think that many people are going to buy the z fold 3 and use it this year i mean. Obviously the flip, though, has been selling very well. People are interested in this its at the right price point. Its got a very compact form factor and its just super fun. You know slamming this thing shut when you hang up on someone on the phone thats, an old school kind of nostalgia, thing that lots of people get flipping it open. Like a flip phone, like this, you know very, very, very intuitive and fun to do so. I think this phone is priced right. I think its a very good option, but you just have to be able to live with the battery life compromises. Everything else about it is nice display is beautiful, fingerprint sensor is fast, the camera is plenty good enough for most people and the selfie camera is much better than the one on the inner display of the fold. So, at the end of the day, you know theres a lot of good things to like about this phone, but the battery life is the one downside. If you dont mind carrying around external battery pack – or you know, wireless external wireless charger or something that you can actually kind of charge, this up on the go or you dont mind charging up in the office towards the end of the day, then youre, probably fine, But otherwise you might want to consider another phone, because the battery life is definitely not top tier on this device.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed my review im going to hopefully make more full reviews its been a long time since i did full reviews. So take me a little while to get back in a groove, but i wanted to get one out on the z flip three, a lot of people asking my opinions about this device, and i do like it quite a bit. I think its a device that certainly hits a target in the market. A lot of people will like it. If you guys enjoyed the video uh. Please, like comment subscribe, you can follow me on twitter ill drop, the link below if youre interested in picking up a galaxy, z, flip 3, or you want to pick up the case or any of the other accessories. Ive showed off on the channel. Ill drop. A link below to samsung, if you use my link, it does help support the channel. So i can make future videos. You know, get hardware things like that.