This is the iphone 13 mini a phone for folks who just dont want a big phone, but doesnt a small phone come with compromises, or is this the phone that youve been waiting for hi im michael josh, your gadget, matchmaker helping you find the right iphone for You this is our iphone 13 mini review, so its been about two weeks now, since my review devices arrived and ive used the iphone 13 mini long enough for me to confidently be able to give you my thoughts. Clearly, ive got a lot of phones to review this week, but i wanted to start with the iphone 13 mini, partly because for most of last year the iphone 12 mini was my daily companion and during my time with it as much as i loved it. I ran into two issues that i wished apple. Would one day fix number one: storage, wasnt big enough for a power user. Like me, i kept hitting that 256 gigabyte ceiling and begrudgingly had to store more and more of my data on the cloud number two battery life was poor. Once new york started opening up and i spent more time outdoors, i realized the battery life on my 12 mini just didnt cut it thats when i switch to the 12 pro max, which has awesome battery life, and so, as we begin this video im thrilled to Report that this year apple has addressed all my problems and then some Music.

If you know all about the iphone 13, then you can skip ahead using the chapter markers below. But if youre one of those users who are switching from an older phone, then heres. A recap to get you up to speed the new iphone 13 mini is the smallest. Iphone apple currently offers its slightly bigger than the iphone 5 or the 2016 iphone se smaller than the iphone 8, the 2020 iphone se and the iphone 10 and much smaller than the current iphone 13. in 2021, its rare to find a phone as small as the Mini and that really is the appeal of this phone, its design mirrors the rest of apples, product offerings with flat, edges and rounded corners. Its frame is aluminum, its back glass and its green. A more shatter resistant material called ceramic shield, its ip68 water and dust resistant enough to keep you protected from the rain. It doesnt have a home button or touch id anymore. Instead, it has face id which uses your face to unlock your phone. All of this is thanks to super secure tech called the truedepth system built into the notch, its powered by apples, a15 bionic chip, which tbh packs more power than you actually need with an oled display, thats, rich and vibrant. Its got two cameras with wide and ultra wide angle lenses and it supports 5g for super fast downloads on the go. Finally, it has circular magnets inside which enables a whole range of magsafe accessories like this portable battery pack, my favorite wallet or third party accessories, like belkins boost charge pro or jobys grip, typed gorillapod, speaking of if youre looking for the best accessories for the iphone 13 Series that video is coming real soon and id love it if you help us out by subscribing to this youtube channel and turning on notifications, so that you get notified as soon as we upload Music.

While thanks to a makeover last years, iphone 12 seemed like the big update id argue that this go around is much more significant, even if the 13 mini looks just like the 12 mini between its larger battery, more powerful, yet efficient processor and completely new cameras. This is the update youve been waiting for, and can we just spend some time to appreciate how small this phone is apart from the big screen trend? One of the reasons why phones have gotten bigger is that tech companies just needed more space for all the high tech components that go into our phones. I know we all complain about camera bumps getting bigger, but hey. If you want a better camera, then thats the price you have to pay. So imagine the engineering challenge that apple has had to face to come up with the mini all the tech that they needed to fit in this smaller form factor on paper. Apart from battery and screen size, this is the same exact phone as the larger iphone 13 and in a world where bigger, usually means better. I love that the iphone 13 mini isnt any less of a phone, even if its smaller and i love that apple gives even power users like me, the opportunity to choose Music apple promises, the iphone 13 mini, will last you 1.5 hours longer than the 12 mini Of course, how much that ends up being depends on how you use your phone, so the best test would be to spend a usual day with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and thats.

What i did overall im happy to say that the 13 mini does last longer than the 12 mini about an hour longer, roughly with average use, which for me means constant texting and posing social media watching videos. In the morning a few snaps on my camera or a game, it got me through a nine to five day and then some more like nine to seven actually about four hours of screen on time. Of course, not everyone is like me. I have a lot of friends who are not always glued to their phones, and this phone can probably get them through a full day, its definitely not long lasting, like the 13 pro max. So if youre, a heavy user youre still going to want a power bank, its a bit pricey, but if you expect to be out longer and are carrying some sort of bag, i recommend taking apples, magsafe battery pack and start charging once your phone gets to 50. Now lets talk about charging for a bit. The iphone 13 mini supports charging speeds of up to 20 watts. In my tests using apples, optional, 20 watt charger, i got to 56 in 30 minutes 87 in an hour and 97 in one hour and 30.. Magsafe charging speeds are capped at 12 watts and will be slower, but i usually just leave my phone on my magsafe charging puck to charge overnight so thats a non issue for me to make sure it stays put.

I have the puck secured by nomads magsafe mount a pricey paperweight with a cutout for the puck to sit in its one of my favorite inventions that i didnt even know i needed, if youre, switching from a much older iphone. I regret to inform you that these days, apple, no longer bundles a charger in the box, and your old charger might not work as these days apple includes a usb c to lightning cable instead of usb type a if you dont own one or are shopping for A new one, i recommend the 20 watt park station pro wall charger from this videos sponsor spigen its smaller than the one from apple, comes with a foldable plug, so it takes up even less space in your bag and, despite its size, delivers the same 20 watts Of power that can get your iphone from 0 to 50 in 30 minutes, not all chargers are built the same, and this is one area where you do not want to skip. Spigens chargers include protection against over voltage over current short circuitry and leakage protection. This model has one usbc port and is available in white and black. It will also charge android phones, speaking of if you own more than one device consider their dual usb c port chargers. The 30 watt model can charge two iphones or one iphone, and one ipad at full speed. The 60 watt model can charge both an iphone and power, a macbook air and believe it or not.

The 100 watt model can power, two macbook airs at the same time or one 16 inch macbook pro ill put links to all these products down below. I get asked this question all the time mj. How much storage do i need, and my answer is always the same as much as you can afford, especially if you dont upgrade your iphone every year or so youll want enough leeway to be able to accumulate all that digital junk. I personally am a digital pack rat. I like to keep my messages, archived my attachments emails, lots of photos that alone takes up a lot of space for most folks. I personally think 256 gigabytes is the sweet spot, but if you can afford the 512 gigabyte model go for it im just thankful. The base model now comes with 128 instead of 64 gigabytes. This also makes this years iphone 13 and 13 mini cheaper by like 50 bucks over last year. By the way, this doesnt really have anything to do with the new iphone 13 mini, but if youre upgrading to a new iphone this year and need to back up your files, but dont have enough icloud storage apple gives you temporary icloud storage that you can do A full backup of your old one if youve, already bought a new iphone theres an apple support article on this ill also leave a link down below Music. If you look closely the iphone 13 minis camera bump is much larger than on last years model.

It would have been even bigger, had not apple arranged the cameras diagonally thats because of all new camera hardware. Apples had to squeeze into this tiny phone for context of all the four iphone 12 models apple sold last year. Only the iphone 12 pro max received the incredible wide angle camera with a huge image sensor, and a new kind of stabilization called sensor shift that camera tech from apples biggest phone had to be squeezed in its smallest phone. The iphone 13 minis ultra wide angle. Camera is new too also with a bigger sensor, and why does a larger image sensor matter? Think of it as just having a larger surface area to capture more light and detail ill show you what that might look like in a bit, but first lets take a look at some image samples shot against the sun. This first photo uses the wide camera. Can you see lady liberty in the background, both photos are very similar. The 13 minis has a bit more contrast, but its unnecessary to nitpick heres another with me in it again. Both shots are very similar with my face properly lit, as is almost always the case when it comes to the wide camera and photos taken during the day. Youre really not going to see that much of a difference, even as you get tighter on a subject. The bokeh in both these photos is as creamy as it gets when there is sufficient light.

Even the ultra wide angle, cameras will produce similar photos like in this shot of a city bite docking station. The difference really is one youll see in low light with larger sensors on both its wide and ultra wide cameras. Youll get photos like this notice if you zoom, in how less noisy the 13 minis photo is, and finally, this which i took in a very dark bar with a 10 second exposure, the 13 minis photo is brighter overall new on the iphone 13. This year is a feature called photographic. Styles. Here are some examples. This is standard how the iphone would normally take the photo vibrant with more vivid colors, rich contrast notice. The shadows are darker warm with golden undertones and cool with blue undertones. These arent filters by the way the iphone knows theres a human subject so notice, even in warm and cool styles, my face isnt, yellowish or bluish in terms of video theres, also a feature called cinematic mode available on all cameras, including the one you use for selfies And heres an example: Music. Of course a small phone will have its cons too, and i feel like its important that i point them out in case these are your non negotiables screen size, for example, is obviously smaller. If you play a lot of games or watch a lot of movies, a big screen is always going to be better. I personally watch a lot of youtube on my phone in bed and while mosing around the house and while a bigger screen would have been nice in the year that i used the iphone 12 mini.

I really didnt mind id still watch all my favorite shows and movies on my big screen tv anyway. It also doesnt mean you cant game on the mini. In fact, ive been playing the press demo for catalyst black on it. An upcoming multiplayer background action game and if it looks familiar its because apple highlighted it during the keynote another con is that audio isnt, as loud as on the 13 or 13 pro max, so its the same excellent screen just smaller and same well tuned speakers. Just relatively softer the last con and youve probably guessed it is battery life, but thats also a factor of how big of a battery apple could squeeze into such a small chassis. Just like the rest of our examples, the larger the phone gets the better progressively the battery life gets also Applause if theres one reason to get the iphone 13 mini over the iphone 13 is portability even with pockets that can fit a 13 pro max its nice To carry a phone thats, barely there, its small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket, a fanny pack and purses or pants of my lady friends who struggle with shallow pockets. Lately ive been doing a lot of running. I love the freedom of being outdoors and, like most runners, i like to keep things lightweight so much so that id rather use my aluminum apple watch versus my heavier titanium one. So what im saying is, i will always leave my phone at home, but there are some days where i do feel better having it on me like when im out running further away and dont know how long it is till ill be able to get back home Or when i have a feeling i might catch a gorgeous sunset by the water and want to be able to capture the moment, as i run, by having a phone.

So small is a godsend, especially because i can comfortably wrap my hand around it. If youre in the market for a new iphone 13 mini case, dont worry ive already done the homework for you. You can click up here to watch my best cases for the iphone 13 video. But here are some of my favorites in no particular order. The otterbox, which is an apple exclusive, i just love this bold print and its silky soft feel cons its expensive and mac, save accessories, dont hold on as tight two apart from it being a very affordable option. I love the quirky print embossed on this smartish grip case in flavor of the month. As their name implies, these cases have nice, grippy grooves on them three. I will always default to an apple case, be it silicone or leather. I dont currently like the colors being offered but thats just my personal taste, so i went out and bought a tried and tested product red case for my mini for the utmost in protection. I love spigens, tough armor in navy blue. It features this cushioning neon foam to protect against impacts and has a built in kickstand if you want to shop for any of these cases, ill put links down below before we wrap up its time for some quick fire q, a questions that you left for me On social media that i havent answered yet crawford asks, is it too small, no and heres what i always tell my friends, whatever the size youll get used to it? So when you first start using, the mini youll feel too small when you first start using the max itll feel too big, but over time, itll feel just right.

Howie asks for a notch comparison, sure the notch is 20 smaller this year, but its still a notch and youll know its there, and while i one day dream of an all display experience its, not something thats ever bothered me last question from shinra. Is it still your favorite yep? I think it is so. Is the iphone 13 mini your gadget match, so i counted and apparently ive used. The word love seven times in this video already, and that comes as no surprise, because theres plenty to love about the iphone 13 mini its a small phone that still packs a punch and really theres, nothing quite like it in the market. Today it deserves the gadget match seal of approval, if youre the kind of user who wants a small phone and can live with average battery life, then the iphone 13 mini is your gadget match? If you watch a lot of videos or love playing, video games, consider a bigger screen and got the iphone 13, and if you want the best cameras on an iphone today, move up to the pro series easy as that, and that was our iphone. 13 mini review. Guys we still have three more iphone review videos and a lot more content coming your way, so to make sure you dont miss any of these awesome videos subscribe to this youtube channel and hit that bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we publish Follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes, fun stuff and, as always, make gadgetmatch.