Should you upgrade to the gopro hero 10, if youre going from a seven or eight yeah, its definitely worth the upgrade. If youre going from a nine, i will hold off on it. Stick around this video find out why thank me later: Music, uh Music. So when they announced the 10, i was like all right, 10th anniversary, gopro, better, get it right im not giving up my seven. I love my seven, but so far we have some improvement. Guys. Music, all right so im going to start this video off with the number. One reason why you should upgrade now mind you im coming from a hero: 7 black. I skipped the 8 and the 9 because there just wasnt a need for an upgrade thats three generations. Apart for this camera, gopro put in a new processing chip, the gp2 chip – why is the gp2 chip such a big deal because from the gopro hero, 6, 7, eight and nine theyve all had the same chip, so the upgrade was really external. You know it was bigger. You had different mods, you couldnt add on it, but the camera itself inside was the same until now, with the gp2 chip were talking a whole different ball game here, 5.3k at 60 frames per second, you get 240 frames per second, at 2.7 k thats, like super Slow mo, if you dont know how that is thats, just like no im just kidding, im gon na put an example of the slo mo here, but its super super slow mo, which is cool.

Now, im gon na compare this to the hero 9 black a little bit right now because of the front screen and ive used the 9 for a bit recording at 5k. The front screen will lag tremendously, but now with this one and thats, thanks to this new gp2 chip in it now im going to try to show you guys an example. The same motion that the screen is picking up the same motion that im doing the same movement. The screen is actually picking it up in real time and on top of the front screen being so responsive the back screen of this, it feels just like an iphone. You can go through your menu so smoothly, so when youre in time lapse mode, all their modes youre able to film in 4k. Now you have time lapse mode time, warp and night lapse mode, all of them available in 4k. Recording now, when you do 5.3k, you can do 60 frames. 30 frames 5.3 k at this point. Its really not necessary. A lot of people wont be able to tell the difference from 4k to 5k im going to try to move to the other side, its less noisier. If you want to take pictures with this camera, youre going to get 23 megapixels and you do get a narrow field of view, a linear field of view and a wide field of view, Music by the way, hows audio on this, because i know we got some Kind of improvement – and i cant wait to get it to post, probably get the media mod.

They have for it and connect an external mic, but as of now, the audio youre hearing is directly from the gopro itself. So heres a hot topic for this new gopro. Does it overheat? Well, of course it overheats. Do you see how small this thing is and the amount of processing is doing to get you the right images, the right colors at 5.3 k its gon na overheat. Now what ive been noticing is all these people that say it overheats theyre recording over 20 to 25 minutes continuous of video. I never do that when im recording im always recording three minutes. Five minutes 10 minutes max rarely 10 minutes at a time. So i dont run into this overheating issue. Im telling you this is going to be my new vlogging camera. I love it its like so perfect, the angle and its not that big united peoples faces big thumbs up by the way. If you like, this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up as well and dont forget to subscribe to the channel heres, where i think gopro dropped the ball on this camera right now, its a really nice camera. It does everything it needs to do and it does it well now. The difference is the price. This camera comes in at 4.99 500. It seems like gopros playing by apples playbook and releasing a new camera every year with minimal differences. So you guys be the judge on that, if its worth it to you, then go ahead.

Its a great camera im, not knocking nothing off the camera, its an amazing camera and im gon na be straight up honest with you guys. If i had the gopro hero 9 black, i wouldnt be doing this review right now, because i wouldnt have picked up this camera, the jump from the 9 to the 10, its so minimal, and its not worth it with that being said now, lets talk about another Complaint that they have about this camera and thats low light. Why do people think this camera is going to do good on low light? I dont know, but let me reassure you that gopro has actually said: theyve improved their low light performance, but its still trash and its something that i expected look how small this camera is. Look how small the sensor is its not a nighttime camera like i didnt, buy this expecting it to use it at night. I didnt buy this expecting it to be a light, beast thats, just common sense. I knew it wasnt going to be good in low light when it comes to hyper smooth hyper smooth 4.0, its great its just as you expected. So i went ahead and put it on my buddy here my gopro car not officially licensed by gopro by the way thats just the sticker i put on, but you can see the difference because on this camera you can actually turn the hyper smooth off and you Can just see the difference the hypers move on and the hypers move off hyper smooth is obviously smooth, obviously works very, very well.

I dont know how they do it, but its really good that about wraps it up for this video guys. I hope you guys really enjoyed my vlog style review that i chose to go with for this video. I had a blast making it. You know the city, its always gon na be noisy, so i do apologize for the noisy background. If you guys really enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up, dont forget to hit the subscribe button and connect with me on instagram guys without further ado ill catch.