Now this little device is really handy for making your shots. Your video on your iphone or smartphone smoother when youre moving around so this is it here, as you can see its a pretty funky looking device and what we do is we just slot our phone into this place here now? If youve got an iphone 7 plus, then its going to be bigger, so youll need to take off any covers that you have so youre just using the raw machine just because of the weighting of it. So what you do is you take this part here? You just slide your phone in there now youll see that its out of balance initially, and so what you need to do, because this is an iphone 7 plus its bigger. It needs the counterweight here. So that comes in the box, and you just slide that onto the end to get your counter, you go as close to the end as you can so that you get as much bounce its balancing a bit better there. Now you can see not a hundred percent, not as much wed like wed like, ideally to sit like that, but youll see when i turn it on in a sec. Itll actually will stay. That way you have to have charged. It does charge comes with a power, adapter switch it on little blue lights come on, and what youll see is that now its actually holding steady, its staying pretty much in the same plane, one thing youll find is it does shutter? If you try and move it theres a kind of a shakiness to it and that will show up on any footage.

You do now a couple of the things before i show you, the video that ive been shooting and playing with with the iphone 7. If you do want to have a microphone plugged in youll, see that just here its actually covering up where you plug in your microphone into the power part. So that means that youre going to not be able to use a microphone directly into this while youre using the gimbal. Now the other thing is, you can use it. So you use the front camera as well, and film yourself as youre talking and walking around so lets, have a quick look at some of the footage that ive been collecting with it. Now, in this footage, im just walking around the house – and you can see im just moving here and you can see its quite smooth flowing reasonably well theres a little bit of a shutter at times. Sometimes it catches a little bit and that could be a function of the weighting of this particular phone. Smaller phones, i dont know if they would have that same problem. Now, if we compare the same kind of shooting to just holding the camera, normally you can see theres a bit more movement in that camera. Now, having said that, what you can do is obviously put that into whatever editing program youre using and do a bit of smooth cam on it and that can actually improve the smoothness of both shots anyway.

So you want to compare the two so then, as we walk out here, you can see im walking a lot more and its actually quite smooth, and you can see this shot is done without the wind, pod and theres a bit more shutter its, not quite as Smooth now one of the nice things about the windpod is it does have this little button here on the front where you put it down, youll, see it tilts down and it tilts up its quite smoothly. So you can see these shots here that im doing right. Now are actually where its tilting up and im looking up through the trees very smoothly, panning and im moving. You can be quite creative, with very smooth shots. Now what happens when you go for a run? I thought id try this and so im running and you know its moving around a bit and the camera actually loses it here, where it actually falls over to the side and wobbles a bit so its a bit rough, i dont know if it can do it. So well i tried this bit of footage before with a smaller phone and it wasnt too bad. You can see. This is actually quite smooth. It doesnt look to me so much like its running its moving quite quickly and the wenpods actually controlling the movement quite well. Now, if we just put this bit of footage into final cut and do a smooth cam on it, its actually really smooth.

So what do i think of the wen pod? I think its quite good look. It costs a little bit on the box here, its 369 dollars, so its a fair bit of money. But if you like toys – and you like playing around with these kind of things, youll find it really quite a good little product to start smoothing up your movement.