So i am at the tai o fishing village right now, which is a really quaint part of hong kong um im here, because theres gon na be a lantern festival tonight, and i thought it would be a perfect time to do a camera test. So ive been testing the vivo x70 pro plus and the standard vivo x70 pro for the last few days, but two knights can be a real test because were gon na test low light photography with a lot of lanterns, so the vivo x70 pro plus, obviously, is The top flagship of the bunch, but the vivo x70 pro has no slouch. It still has a 120 hertz display. It has a almost flagship slc and it still has a pretty good camera system, but the x74 plus is gon na be on another level, because the main camera 50 megapixel is a gn1 sensor, whereas on the standard x70 pro its just a sony imx sensor with A smaller aperture too, but of course, the biggest difference between the pro plus and the pro is that the pro plus uses vivos own proprietary v1 imaging chip, so its a dedicated chip to handle isp image signal processor. Whereas if you shoot with the non plus, then youre just using the isp in the media, tech chip, so anyway enough talking im just gon na capture, a bunch of photos and videos today and tonight, and you can see for yourself the difference between the pro plus And the standard pro okay right now were facing a beautiful sunlight, but it is against backlight.

So this is a relatively challenging shot so lets test out the camera so well start with the x70 pro plus main camera ultra wide. This is the x70 pro main camera ultra wide. Now. Both of these phones have the exact same zoom lens, if i recall correctly, its an eight megapixel periscope zoom lens five times: zoom theres a cat right here lets try zooming into this cat 5x zoom, 9.4 and now 5x zoom with the standard pro model and then 10 times zoom so notice that when im using the five time zoom lens, the shutter takes a little bit longer on the pro model than on the plus model, because the plus model has a fast aperture. So it takes in more light. Okay, now, im gon na put both evil phones on a stick and do a video test. Yes, okay, now we got ultra wide angle, camera with the vivo x74 plus and the standard vivo x70 pro i can already see like 70 pro pluses footage just looks better. Has better colors, it looks a little bit yellow and warm on the standard. Vlog 70 pro on the pro plus power, still look pretty lively. This is ultra wide angle: camera. Okay. It is a really dark scene right now, well, test the cameras of the pro plus and the standard pro now i can already tell you. The pro plus is gon na do a much better job because it has a larger image sensor and a faster aperture and the v1 chip Music.

Okay. So, as you can see, it is a jungle here, but i think ive taken enough photos and videos of these two phones to basically tell that in almost every instance, the vivo x70 pro plus this camera system captures better images. Better colors, better dynamic range, better lighting but thats to be expected and theres going to be a pretty major price gap between these two phones. If you take away the pro plus the standard x70 pro is still a pretty capable camera system with photos that can go toe to toe with the latest iphone or the galaxy s 21 ultra, so yeah ill just show you some more photo samples from just the X70 pro here, youll see that this is still a pretty good system. So if you do want to save some money, this is not a bad option: Music, five times zoom. This is a five time, zoom shot with the x70 pro, but definitely that vivo v1 chip does make a difference on the pro plus but thats for power users. If you dont, really need that extra oomph, this will serve you more than good enough. So this is the vivo x70 pro, and this is the vivo x70 pro plus. This is, in my opinion, right now, maybe the best overall camera system right now and then this you know its not going to be in the top three or four, but it might be number five or number six thats, still pretty good, so anyway, thats about it.