You can see it on the products, but they always listed as msc international in the packaging, but this is kind of a cool one, its an egg pan and yeah. So you can see this little pig right here, thats. What makes it unique thats why i decided to review it? Is that a is that a sheep? I think it actually is sheep or pig, or what is this sheep or a pig? Let me know, or is this something else but yeah? So one thing i noticed is this is pretty solid. It has a non stick coating on it. I think a lot of companies are phasing away from this non. Stick coating because, in my experience, this stuff eventually comes off its really useful in the beginning, but it eventually comes off uh. One thing i didnt like about this is watch that so you see this handle how theres flex theres a lot of flex in that handle. So they can definitely add metal there, because theres a just makes it feel cheap. I mean its thick right here, but as far as the handle goes theres a lot of flex to that. So its kind of interesting just a kind of pink plastic handle right here and what im going to do is kind of coat this in oil and put an egg in it, and it should, with the non stick, coating um, you know, come out. The egg should come out pretty easily and i dont know if theyll have the shape of the pig or the sheep, but uh lets see uh yeah.

It looks more like a sheep all right. So here we go im gon na put on the burner its all ready to go and yeah test it out see if it actually works. Here we go all right, Music, even on the gas, it still works. The burners there, its still able to uh, be set on these burners, its not too small im going to get one egg. Here we go all right. It is already cooking thats, one of the things ive noticed, ive reviewed other uh of these small. You know egg. I think theres one by msc international, called eggy or something like that. Its just kind of a little pan doesnt have a shape, but the eggs look really fast in these things, so yeah im not going to cover it anything normally, i would cover it. I think covering this would help it out a little bit, maybe just turning it down. I dont want to burn the bottom side, but you can see its cooking quite a bit on the bottom here, but still completely raw on top so yeah you can see a little bit of smoke coming and that is not a good sign because i did not Want to burn this yeah its getting really burnt on the bottom there so thats a big fail im about to clean this out im going to try butter this time and see if that helps and ill actually cover the top so yeah.

I thought with the non stick plus the oil: it would do its job, you know and not stick, but i was wrong. Ive noticed that butter is a lot better for getting things to not stick to. The pan lets. Try that im going to put a ton of butter im going to cover the top so hopefully ill get a result. Music, and maybe it was just a little bit too hot thats. Another thing it could have been Music all right. So i have the cover tons of butter. Shouldnt sticking should not be a problem, put an egg Music and there we go Music and then add this nice yeah lets see if thats even better. I dont have anything better, so im just going to cook slowly im going to have the heat way down Music, much better Music, all right its pretty much done. I didnt want to burn the underside ill. Show you what i mean in a second yeah check that out so um so yeah. I didnt want to burn this. I would say if you get, this definitely get some sort of lid im going to flip it and yeah theres a little bit of sticking. As far as the shape goes, dont really see the ears or anything like that. Um non stick definitely could be better, so yeah, i dont, even know if they sell this on amazon anymore, but i would say this is a huge disappointment. Um didnt really work that well didnt, take on the shapely of the animal um, so yeah huge disappointment id say, and i will definitely not be using this at all in the future uh waste of time, i would say waste some money.

These things small little pens usually cost between, i would say, ten dollars and twenty dollars. Dont pay more than twenty um, because theres lots of different options on you know different websites like amazon, so uh. Yes, i wouldnt get this passed completely on this. The msc international egg uh shaped like a pig or a sheep uh animal frying pan. So let me know what you think.