It is dangerous! This we are on. We have finger. Oh lets go ahead and do this: okay, okay, Applause, unboxing of iphone ive got that shop. So we are so left that a quick video is, i cant believe it from ipod touch and im gon na hit and and a cable for plastic next up will be uh, uh unbox this and blue, and we are oh there is. We have battery its. The ipod touches low battery is quick battery load; okay, um, okay, get a quick! Okay! That way refresh is quick, its cut automatic so and we add one okay, there you go so we are on on right, so our product is charging. So we are uh cables and um and we are um and the class plus part and yo unboxing ive got the job of space flora. So, moving on for the gadget shop, 7, 1 space fleet and go cat, um and shop gon na move down this Music um Applause get shop, theres instructions and we will get this job. Okay. There you go explorer. This is instruction. Oh, this is instructions there and uh yeah. I forgot the the cable look at that cables and finally, these stickers and im nothing in the box. There you go. Ah, finally, we have got that shop inside i cant get shopping. Look it up. Ive got the trouble instructions; Music, careful all about this. Okay, this is the uh Music. We have instructions, and finally, the cables and um there and and for long way, for twins and and finally stickers, smart um, polish tickers and finally, these cables.

So we are lots of cables. Im gon na go for it uh. Finally, the end im gon na make it lots of filming and um okay. This is it so i guess i hope you enjoy this video from case cat casual from space, plotter and seven ones play space fleet and, if you like, please resume subscribe.