Welcome to the 9malls gadget review channel today, im a review of something that i saw pretty funny its the sriracha to go. Keep it spicy bonus two pack and youll be glad to know. This is great for travel, tsa friendly, says: hoi. Phong approved it says, and what you get in this package is uh, one full size, uh s2g, plus one mini sriracha – to go so check this out pretty funny product its got a little keychain clip on there and lets see on the back. It says attention sriracha lovers, your your life just got a whole lot. Spicier you love it youll crave it, but you cant always have it until now, no matter or until now with sriracha to go, you never need to worry about sriracha less meal again, no matter where you go no matter what time of day sriracha will always be By your side grab our two pack and kiss bland food goodbye forever, just fill sriracha to go with hoyt hoifang sriracha and clip it on your keychain slide it in your pocket toss it in your purse. Youre now set to add sriracha to your breakfast lunch dinner. Everything in between so yeah grab your 1.7 ounce swatch to go or one ounce dishwasher safe and its even bpa free, so yeah lets open up open it up, see whats inside, and i could definitely to me this would be like a christmas gift. You know a stocking stuffer or something like that: uh really funny idea and yeah.

So these are just kind of cheap plastic bottles, but not overly cheap. You know they feel like they do have some quality um. You know they are just going to disintegrate on you. Its got these nice, i dont, know really light. I dont know if theyre what theyre made of aluminum theyre just light clips, but still quality enough theyre, not gon na break up your keychain or anything like that. So yeah lets fill up one of these bottles. This felt a small one here i got a nice bottle of sriracha, and here we go so sriracha to go three. Two one fill it up and check that out put on the lid and now youre ready to go anywhere with your sriracha to go. You just clip it on your keychain. I dropped it on the floor, it didnt break. Let me show you that again, im going to drop it from about id, say three feet and it even went on the floor, but no problem. You know and then, when youre ready to use it, Music got a plate here, squeeze it out of the bottle and look it. I mean its like its a good cap. You know it doesnt get all messy or anything like that, and then it kind of snaps on which is great, so yeah i mean i could see if youre like a hiker or something this could be kind of fun. Bringing this along. You know, like you, want a little uh go bottle or you know i guess an airport baby, um yeah, if you want to bring bring it along clip into your keychain unless you have a bag.

You know that you put this in. I could see putting this in a backpack on your keychain, but uh in your pocket. I would say its a little bit bulky, especially this large one right here. Um, the other thing is, is um. You know cleaning you got to open it up. You got to clean it out with some water, its going to take a little bit of effort, but actually um at first i was like this is just a total joke which it is its still kind of a joke, its a novelty um. But i think this is quality enough, that you could actually use this for its intended purpose. You could actually clip this to your keychain and i think it would last – and you know these bottles are simple: theres plastic, but theyre, not the cheapest. They could be. You know they got a nice print on front sriracha to go, it says, and this doesnt feel like its going to come off or anything like that. It even has a serving facts there or no, it says: hoy food phong, approved convenience, bpa, free, tsa, friendly, convenient conversation, starter stuff. Definitely a conversation starter. I could totally see that yeah, i would say a pretty fun product and im surprised, im, surprised, im about to say this, but uh. I do recommend it. I think this is a fun product and i think it would make a fun gift. So let me know what you think: dont spend you know.

I dont know its been around 10 bucks. I would say at most or around that, but uh dont dont spend more than than 20 or something but uh yeah sriracha to go 2 pack pretty funny item. Let me know what you think: would you use this and yeah thanks for watching everyone until next time ill see you later and if youve actually used this in public? Let me know leave in the comment section for sure.