So i want to give you a little bit of back story here about the impetus for this particular item. When we went to the keys 100 and ran the keys 100, i was keeping an eye on some of the people who were running the long distances themselves, whether it be the 50 mile or the 100 mile alone. If you watch our channel, you saw that we do it as a relay a team of six people, but there were people who actually did the distances themselves. Um tommy has done it himself as well, and although now, although i had never thought i was going to run, had any interest in anything longer than a half marathon, i am now training for my first 50k, which is just so weird so starting to think of Some of the things that i might need for those longer distances and some of those runners had these really cool vests and it or shirts, whatever the things that they had, that they were putting ice packs in and on days like that running down here in florida, Its really important to stay cool so, but they had they had gear that allowed them to put ice packs in on their back and to keep them cool, and that was intriguing to me. So about a month ago, my husband and i were in chicago walking the magnificent mile, which is a lot of high end shopping, which doesnt tend to be our thing.

We just it was a rainy day and there was nothing really else to do so. We were walking up and down the magnificent mile and um and and just trying to burn time and came across a north face store now. North face is not typically something a place that i go to shop at i used to when i lived in maine it just for me. Just north face is cold weather gear, so living in florida that hasnt been something and that ive sought out here. So it was interesting that when we walked into the store that we found this flight race day vest eight and um ill, give it to my husband he someday. He finds my gadgets. A little overwhelming, sometimes im just grateful that he helps that he really works with me on finding the right things, and so we we spent a little bit of time in the store, taking a look at this and then we sat down. We walked out of the store we sat in the lobby. I think we were in the john hancock building, we sat in the lobby and we pulled up a youtube video review of the vest and it was actually an earlier version of this particular vest and it just it hit a lot of the check marks that i Really was interested in in the possibility of a hydration vest i like to run as minimalistically as i possibly can. I i dont like running belts.

I tend to have shorts on with pockets so that i can can keep things in my pockets. I carry now the nathan water bottle, which i didnt like necessarily to begin with, and it has grown on me and now i have two of them. The idea of a vest was not, although i liked the things that it could do for a long run. I wasnt really excited about having yet another thing on my body, but in looking at this and watching the review, we decided to make the purchase and it wasnt a small one. Ill be honest: it was its 150., so it was for me thats a lot of money to spend on a piece of running gear and that isnt my shoes, my my sneakers ill, do all day long, but thinking about a hydration vest it was challenging to spend That kind of money ran with it today for the first time, and i dont hate it thats what susan said i dont hate it its one of those things. I think its kind of like the nathan bottle its going to take me a little bit of time to get used to it, get used to the feel of wearing the extra weight and im just having something else on me so but ill. Let you know a little bit about it here, so there it is um one of the things that the other reviewer said about. It was the one that he had was all black and he said that that was challenging because of how hot it was, and even though its got this really amazing breathable fabric, all the black was difficult.

Well, they had one white one in my size, well yeah and small um in the store, so that you know helped with the purchasing decision. Quite honestly, so i was really happy that they had a white one which helps keep it cool here on the back. So one of the neat things on the back so theres this theres a catch here, but when the catch is undone theres a big pocket in the back now this can be used for hiking. We use for all kinds of things, so theres all kinds of stuff. You could put in there, but thats is so easy to put an ice pack in or a bag of ice or whatnot, and then take it out easily theres. Also, this great pocket in the back im, not sure what i would use it for, but it when you are when its on you its really easy to reach too so, depending on what it is that youre you putting back in there, whether it be maybe another Bottle of water or uh, you know some some fuel, some food, some jerky or something that you may need it. It definitely would hold that in the back so thats, all in the back of it are these wonderful um im, just gon na put it on, because its gon na be easier to show that way, although its still a little sticky from my run this morning, um These these adjustable straps, and they just click right in, goes right around and you can tighten them or loosen them as needed, which was great now its funny.

This is a small, and i thought that was going to be perfect. I probably i might have actually gotten an extra small. I dont know ill explain why in a minute, but really stretchy, very breathable fabric, so thats really awesome. It has um these great pockets in it. For putting some additional, you know, putting your fuel or your lets see: ive got salt tablets all left over. For my run. Today, oh extra drip drop. I dont think i have anything in the pockets over here, but theres extra pockets and on this side theres another pocket that they call the cell phone pocket. I probably wouldnt put mine there, um Music – i i think ive said it before. As a as a breast cancer survivor, i dont tend to put my phone close to my body so up here: legs, yes, but not so much up top so but a pocket. If somebody likes that uh, it could be used for a key pocket or whatnot um. There is on this side a whistle, so if you get lost or if youre being attacked, thats a great little extra feature to have so um, but it holds two water bottles. Now the original um theres one here and i have the other one out its still kind of filled, the original review that we watched about this one of the things that the gentleman said was in the earliest version of this particular pack. Putting these bottles in this.

When they were full inside was a challenge and the feature they theyve made an upgrade to it, since this version that i purchased, which is this neat little pool tab, so im gon na im, gon na attempt to do it on this side with a half water Bottle so um, if youve done this right in within that pocket, theres this little little hook and the hook goes on the bottom of the water bottle. That is collapsed. Once inside my nathan, handheld, which i really like um this is brand. I havent gotten used to it yet all the way, but once youve attached it, you should be able to pull on the tab and it helps put the what bring the water bottle into the packet and it really does ill. Tell you if there was a challenge with it before that helps without a doubt so and then it can be tied in now i, when i ran with it today, i drank right out of it. It was you know, at a right height that i could get to it. I had water in one and i had my drip drop, my electrolyte water in the other side and when we um when we got somewhere to where we keep a cooler to fill, i just filled it while it was on my body, probably in a different environment. I would do that slightly differently. I might take them out if i had a little more time to stop and take them, you know, take them out and redo them.

I think, probably for the for the big race i might see, if theres extra water bottles that i could purchase so that i could just swap them in and out um, because it would be its its easier. I think i havent tried – and i i wont bore you all with that detail here – to do it while its on my body, but you probably could um, take it off and do it, but that just slows you down. So if youre trying to work on time or if youre dealing with time and you dont and you dont, want to take that time to stop and refill them, then you just have to get really good at being able to take them in fill them and put Them back down, so i guess thats it so all in all um it its it. I it wicked the moisture really well um. It was different for me to have something on the front of my body and why i said that i might want an extra small. Is because it the water didnt didnt squish around, which is one of the things i love about these particular water bottles once you drink the they just compress so youre not feel youre, not hearing sloshing, which i hate, but, as i was running, it was moving. So the vest was moving a little bit and no matter how i tightened it. There was a little bit of move, so i was hearing it.

It was kind of cool at one point, because it was in time with my cadence of the music that i was listening to so it wasnt too horrible, but um, but thats that so the north face flight series vest im gon na give it a thumbs up. Okay, um, i wont run it. I wont, wear it for every run. It is not that kind of awesome for me. Um ill still use my handheld for shorter runs, but for longer runs the water lasted me the entire time. Actually, i probably didnt even need to refill. I would have had sufficient for the 10 mile run that we did today, but it was um i i will definitely wear it again and honestly for the price point. If i dont, my husband will kill me um, but i will so we signed up for the north face mailing list, which gave me that big 10 off, which was totally worth that helped defray the cost of this particular vest so thats. It thats todays review gadget girl review of the north face hydration vest, so i hope you all have a great day if you want to see more of this stuff. Please comment if theres something particular youd like us to try out im willing to take a look at it.