This is the dongle, the extension cord or the extension cord, and this is the transmitter itself and the transmitter. Let me walk you through. Take out the box like this, this is the lightning connector and the back is the instruction for the preset that you use to set your radio to to match up the station. So you can play all your music from your iphone at the bottom. Youll see that theres a lightning connector there are two ports. There are two ports over here at the at the bottom of the transmitter. Um and youll see that theres one for uh lightning. This is for you charging. You can use this device while you charge the um the iphone, and this is for the headphones, and this is the switch to turn it on and off where to switch stations and ill. Show you that in a minute – and this is the extension or the dongle that come with the um the package – and i will show you how to use this in a second. So when you get the transmitter, its very easy, all you have to do is just connect it to the phone, and you see that little red light comes on. That means the transmitter has been activated and its ready to be used. So you all you have to do is connect the transmitter or the gizmo guide gadget to your phone like this, and this will work for iphone 6, all the way to the latest iphone 13.

Okay. They all come with the lighting connector like this, so this will work for iphone 6, all the way to iphone 13 and they all work the same way all you do just plug it in like this and youll see that little red light that comes on that Tells you the transmitter is now activated and ready to use, and let me explain what this dongle is for, so the dongle. What it does is that if you have a thick case, um like an otterbox or lifeproof case, then this end of it will not be able to reach reach the the lightning plug. So then thats when you need this – or this means sometime when you plug this in, if your case is too thick uh, the transmitter will not be able to reach the the bottom of the lining plug. So that way, this is where this thing comes. In this thing, allow you to you can connect this and connect it to this. So that way you can use the thick case. If you want to, you can see that the red light comes on and do it again see the red lights off now we connect it back in and now you see the red light comes on, so you can use this device like this and just when youre Done with it just plug it, yank it out, leave it in the car. So that way, you dont have to carry it with you, um or you can just kind of plug it in like this, and if you need to charge the transmitter while youre using it.

This is what you do, you take the lightning plug and you plug it into the charging end of it, see that right here and then you plug it in so this way you can charge the phone while you use the gizmo guy gadget to play your music. So you connect this or you can do it this way, if you dont have a thick case, so this is how you charge well. This is how you charge the iphone. Why ill use the gizmo guy gadget to play music on your um in your car and and another use, is for this transmitter this one guy gadget also work on ipad as well, so we have an ipad mini over here and you can just plug it in, Like this and youll work on your ipad as well, and if you have a thick case like this, because obviously you will have a case to protect your um, your ipad and in this case the transmitter will not be able to reach. You see that you wont be able to plug it in you wont, be able to plug this to the end of it, because the light wont come on because you got to make sure the light is coming on for the transmitter to work. So this is where the this dongle extension comes in handy, because then you do this. You plug this in and you plug this to Music, this end of it and thats how you get it to work on your ipad or, if you, if your iphone, has a super thick industrial case that protect it from you know its from dropping or breaking um.

This is how you get it to work, so this is how you work the transmitter for your iphone and your ipad with the gizmo guy gadget and why you may or may not need this uh extension core or the dongle that come with the package. So when you order the transmitter, youll come in together in one package, the dongle as well as the transmitter together, it will come in as one package, so you can use it so theres just k this uh transmitter come with the case, so that way, youll be Able to use this on your iphone as well as your ipad. Okay, this is wesley the gizmo guy walking you through the process of what uh working walking you through what contains in my package. If you order this device, thank you for watching. Thank you. Bye, bye. Thank you for watching to find out more about my product or to make a purchase of my product. Please go to iphone fm, iphonefm, or click on the link below to find out more or to make a purchase of my product. I guarantee you that this will be the best gadget that you get this year. Thank you, bye, bye, for more information about the product or to make a purchase. Please check out my website at iphonefmtransmitter.