Thank you guys for watching. If you would like, i swear, i hadn’t checked that one before this uh it’s rosalie comedy and there you go it’s, not gon na, be too hard to find yourself a shiny rosalia. My mission for today, though, is we’re gon na be more around walking and egg. Hatching i actually need to hit the 25 kilometer goal this week to make sure we tick off. You know our steps walked to progress to level 50., which means a lot of walking that’s awesome. Okay, number two check. No, oh and i’ve got the little quest there to do as well. Number three, no number, four, no okay, well, i’m, one and done. I do not need the shinies for this, but i do want to get some things incubating. It’Ll be quarter hatch distance for these bad boys, so slap these ones on i’ve got a couple of 12ks. I think these are all i think, they’re all old 12ks, except for one. So there has been a change up to the top 12k eggs and what’s in them. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly good change up, but it’s been a change put those ones on let’s put the 5k in that one and then we’ll uh. I don’t really want to incubate the the twos in anything too crazy, but you can hatch shiny budget today as well. So keep that in mind it has to be eggs. Picked up fresh once com day starts to get the increased chance for shiny budgie.

So keep an eye out for that. What does the professor have to say for himself uh? I could wait for the curious aroma, as i was out of my daily morning, walk upon investigation. I discovered that the scent was being produced by an uncommonly large group of rosalia that had assembled nearby. You can judge rosalie’s health by the strength of its aroma, lovely let’s, see what do we need to pour every time with the purple pokemon 10 times? Okay, have a pokemon 10 times catch 15 rosalia and make five nice throws. So this is the secret, not secret the one dollar. You do special research. If you want to do it, uh so that’s an option and then do we have a we’ve got a free one in it today view as well so power up five times catch five or azealia and five nice throws to get cinestones because you will need those To evolve, if you want to plus, let me claim this because yeah okay, regular hero um, i will catch that later. I will catch that later. Okay, it’s just been two but we’re gon na get walking we’re gon na get stepping i’ve got some fun things to share with you guys that i did get pretty lucky in the last little event. Okay, so the first good bit of news to share with you guys is that myself and sandal our sweet little sandy hit best buddies. Uh don’t worry i’ve, taken sandol off buddy for today.

Only because i need to get some candies walking with liquor tongue. I really want to power up my xl, like your tongue, for go battle league, so welcome with liquor strong, because i’ve got nothing in way of like regular, candies or excels, or anything like that. So cinderella will be back. My best buddy says it this morning, uh and super stoked to have hit that as well. Number two is that i got not only a uh. I got two shinies during the rocket takeover event. I took a bit of time off just to kind of like relax and recharge and um get a lot of admin. Stuff done work on some new merch, and then i got so lucky as to get two shinies, one of which being quill fish, which i’m kind of stoked. I didn’t trade allen for now. It’S been a well allen, got that during go fest last year, and we just kept forgetting to trade it now i’ve got my own magic. I also got my first ever shiny zubat last night. Both of these were house shinies, which is awesome. I haven’t had a house shiny in a little while so pretty stoked to get both of those and finally, my first ever shiny zubat. After all, these events, with it being boosted so happy days there and this these were azealia man, they don’t, want to stay in the ball. I thought that they would be um. I guess i think they’re all weather boosted for me too, because it’s sunny weather, but i thought usually the catch rates turned up for these was quick catching just before and it was going kind of fine.

So there we go resilient stay in the ball. My friend again, i don’t particularly want to get too many too many rosalia and i don’t want that quest either, because i’m gon na have to sit on my way to transfer them all to pokemon home uh, because i do not need any more of these bad Boys, okay, almost one kilometer down, keep walking, keep snapping let’s get these eggs popping Music 12k eggs are going up now and let’s see what we get i’m, not sure if anything, new or just old spot, hmm old spice are all rubbish man at least we get Some egg cells can evolve and power up my hundo rubbish at some point. Goodness, gracious should put a star pace on for this as well whoopsies. I guess, keep that in mind. Uh, the 12 kegs will give you a stack more stardust or do give you a stack more stardust. Maybe that’s like a status bonus day, not a bad idea to just have the star piece but it’s too late, now, it’s too late, next one’s gon na be another scraggy. Okay, okay number four show me some more positive hatches, please lavaton, take it need the candies number five make it happen, make it happen. Some spicy mild, spicy nice spice, but where i don’t know what i expected, but you know i can’t really avoid picking them up anymore. This is kind of there yikes just jumped into a quick little battle against cliff a little uh rocket balloon here.

So no on the shiny air duct i’ve been trying to avoid um, arlo and cliff, because i don’t want shiny aerodactyl of funny beldum shadows. Uh i’ve been trying to track down sierra she’s got carnivane. I still don’t have carnivane as a shiny, regular or carnivane carvana. Carvana shadow shiny, so i still don’t have that bad boy wouldn’t mind it as like: a regular uh and i’m way overdue for a shadow, shiny i’ve, never had one shadow, shiny, pokemon and i’ve done over a thousand and something rocket battles. So we’ll see how we go one day. You know alan’s got two he’s done 200 rocket battles. You know it all evens out at all all balances out: okay, so special research, here, 10 red balls, 20, rosalia, candy and probably an encounter with rosalia regular. That plane is doing a loop de loop. I think i can see that, but he’s got he’s going sideways, all right, hope, they’re, all good with that. Oh and i really should not be trying to uh quick catch these, because my celebi is still in that stack. I hope that i caught that rosalia, oh dear i was gon na – have to catch celebrity today and another uh rosie leaf that encounter two okay. Professor, wants us to now: catch 15 or azealia transfer 10 pokemon use 15 planet berries, while catching pokemon easy pineapple. My fave and then let’s jump across and claim you there’s some planets to use and then cinnocinos, you know easy, easy, easy, peasy.

Another great reason to stack up the whole o is. I can just start throwing pineapps at this. You know go for catching it with a red ball just for funsies and if every time it jumps out, i get to eat another pineapple at it. This is great for um. If you want to do like excellent throws in a row, quests or great throws in a row quests and things like that, because uh, if you use a red ball, it’s more likely to jump out, you can just keep re attempting re attempting re attempting so it’s Going to do that for a little bit and on the egg front, not too long to go to hatch some more eggs, so i’ll see you in a second yo. Well that was unexpected shiny budget. I mean considering the uh, the magby and the ella kid i walked and walked and walked and walked and hatched and hatched and hatched and never got did he go like it. I don’t know i didn’t get a magbeam so stomped together a shiny budgie winner winner. I was trying to track down someone for a lucky trade as well potentially so i get a nice little lucky trade in here today, fingers crossed for some spot. Maybe you can swap bar dudes that’d, be nice and a regular, budgie beautiful. But now i have a and i’ve got a spare budget of that’s awesome nice, just not lucky enough to get a shiny attention yeah, but my dad’s at like five in the morning because he gets up super early for work.

Oh, look at that what’s that yeah, nice and nice that one’s fine extra egg here we just had someone in the community call out a 100 100 percent rosalia not shiny for any of us, so that one’s shiny for us shiny, bud, that’s! Okay! Well, i feel, like the rate for shiny, is i don’t make any comment, because what like cricket got to magby last time i didn’t get any. Did you guys get maggie or ella kids for the idea? No, you got one of each that’s, pretty good i’m sitting on two budget now so fingers crossed. If you guys going for the budget, you can get one. I have uh, mostly it’s, been using the um the infinite, and then i had two of the blue incubators that i was pumping stuff out with so nothing too uh labor intensive and a 5k egg. I would not mind getting no some liquor tongue. I need the candies. I need the candies it’s almost time to go pick up alan from his gig, because alan’s been playing some sweet, beautiful music for all the other people having their breakfast so good day. I touched my eggs guys engaged okie dokie back home now and pretty quick calm day for me. He’S had to kind of help alan out with a few bits and pieces. He was playing a gig this morning, so shout out to alan uh. Also, if you want to check out alan’s streams and stuff, he streams whole bunch of music stuff every week, so pretty much.

For me, it was two hours of like active playing and then a little bit like 30 minutes on the go plus so we’ll see how we turned out in terms of like shiny, totals a lot of bad. You man a lot of bardu two four six rosalia, which is already more than what i need. I don’t want any more. These are all probably going to pokemon home, so it’s gon na be just more things to deal with. Let’S give a cheeky a praise and three budget that’s crazy. I need to check um the end, this lucky trade. I need to check how many uh budgie we hatched in total, not too bad on the rosalia like spreads, i guess let’s check b, you d budget, 2, 4, 6, eight, ten, twelve, thirteen, bad you hatched and three shiny plus we’ve got all these bad boys in Here, which are more than likely gon na be all budget. I don’t think i don’t think anything i picked up today was not budgie. I had those old eggs so yay. I guess this is you know more potential in there, but 3 out of 13 is awesome. That’S really really good. I could just be totally lucky and being like the luckiest little egg ever but um that’s a lot so fingers crossed that it’s, like maybe a higher shiny rate because of people playing from home or with you know, curved restrictions and things like that. And then four stars: we might evolve that rosalia to get the special moves and i’m gon na chip away and work on this in the background.

But i guess, as is tradition, it’s pretty much always an encounter with all of the stages, probably not a budgie, because that’s always in eggs, but probably more rosalia, more like a rosary and things like that and a bunch of items. So typically the one dollar special research has always been. You know you get more than one dollar out of it. Like you get incense poffins, you get an incubator, you get um, you sometimes think there’s silver, pineapples and things in there at the moment. So there’s a fair chunk in there for a dollar if that’s, what you’re buying so last thing to do would be to let’s above the hundo to give it the special move, so evolve this little legend and make sure it actually gets what it needs to get Beautiful flower to add to the collection that’s my second hunter, so i’m, not gon na complain there at all uh yep beautiful, got it bullet seed and weatherball fire. So a bit of extra coverage. I maybe i’ll go through and see if i’ve got a pvp one, but the move is like the moves. I guess nothing too crazy. So you know, if you get to, if you forget, to evolve um, i guess you’re missing out on anything too too extreme might be relevant in a pbk pvp cup one day, but um don’t lose any sleep over it. I think we should uh. I think we should evolve this one up to crobat legit, like seriously so stonked that i got my zubat yesterday, my first one last night and then lucky trade today, all turned out great let’s evolve this one up to crowbar it’s 98.

I don’t think i’m ever gon na get. You know really better than that in a lucky trade for azuba, so let’s do it send it up the green golbat, not my favorite color shiny, to be honest, but um it’s, just the one i’ve been hunting for so long. So this is gon na look stunning with just enough candies to do it as well. Send it up to that hot, pink, shiny, crowbar with the lucky background. Is this going to be i’m hoping it’s going to be chef’s kiss? But, yes, it will be come on. Do it look at that bubble, gum bubble, gum, pink, yes and the golden inner wings on that aesthetics? Perfect? Well, you love to see it 10 out of 10 content, good, like power hour, good little power sesh for calm day today, so i’m. Sending you guys. All of my shiny, like i hope that you can get all the shinies that you need and desire. Good luck for your budget as well. Again, i was pretty much only using the infinite incubator and then like kind of chucking, that blue, like three used one. Every now and then so, it’s 500 meters to hatch the 2ks you can pump them out just like use your freebie. If you can, if you’re allowed to safely walk around your block, go for it stay home. Do some laughs at the house shake your phone whatever you need to do? Good luck for it.

Let me know in the comments down below, if you get blessed with any crazy shiny luck too, as always lovelies. Thank you so so much for watching.