In my case, i have the lg c1 oled, which does support adobe vision for gaming, but on top of that, it also supports 4k 120 hertz variable refresh rate and gaming game mode on dubli vision. So, based on the website im going to play some official games, there are just a few of them right now available that also supports dolby atmos as well. So welcome to the channel guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and, if you did dont forget to drop a like and also subscribe, if you havent, im joster and lets do this, oh, and by the way this video is sponsored by groovemate, they make high quality accessories for your desk. Personally, i have the wrist pad made of walnut and black leather, and my favorite headphone stand also made of walnut and stainless steel. There are many more accessories available, including laptop stands desk shelf systems, despats so definitely check out the link in the description of the video. Alright guys so before i start, the game lets jump into the xbox settings and also one thing i wanted to mention: make sure you have the latest xbox update. Okay. So that way, you have the dobby vision up there as well and, as you guys can see right here, im playing with the 4k resolution. You also have the option of 1440p if you want to, but you can play a 4k and 120 hertz or 60 hertz im just going to leave it at 120 hertz, because even if the game doesnt support that refresh rate, you still get the lowest input lag Possible this tv is usually around 10 to 12 milliseconds of input lag, but once you change this to 120 hertz itll drop to around 6 milliseconds.

Its really good. So lets go to 4k tv details, real quick and you get all the green check marks on your xbox right here with the lg oled c1. This is amazing. I love this. You get all the green check marks. 4K 120 hertz will be vision, lets go to game video modes and i have all the check marks here as well: auto hdr, hello, dobby vision and adobe vision for gaming. All right all right guys, so lets jump into this game. This is psychonauts 2.. It is available right here on the xbox series x and it is a very, very colorful game. It is also a lot of fun. Trust me. It is fun, even though it looks kind of cartoony im not really into this kind of games, but it is fun. I was surprised that i am actually enjoying this game, so anyways, as i mentioned, this game also supports adobe vision, and let me tell you it does look beautiful and especially because it has so much so many colors im going to share with you my xbox, not My xbox my tv settings, what im using with the adobe vision, although theres not a lot of options available but im going to share with you what im using alright guys so lets go into the settings and first we have. We have the game bar right here. So we got plenty of information already the frames per second black stabilizer low, latencies on and vrr or variable refresh rate, but its going to go into the all settings.

And then this is where we get into most of the picture, sending the adjustments. So we have here adobe vision, game optimizer were going to go advanced settings here, lets start with the brightness and, of course, its a hundred percent every time im playing with hdr or dolby vision. I try to have this 100 percent, so you can get the brightest picture possible same with the same. With contrast, 100 screen brightness. I keep down this to 50, otherwise you will be introducing a lot of white to the screen. Most of these other uh settings are going to be grayed out. You dont have access to them motion. I care is off. I dont want to play with that lets. Go uh lets, go back, lets go into color theres, not a lot that you can do here. Even fine tune white balance, nothing much! I can do here clarity. This is mostly sharpness. I have sharpness at five percent. You dont need to add sharpness to games that are running and high resolutions. Already super resolution is off noise reduction. All these other things are off all these other settings. You dont need those settings available. You can apply this to all the inputs just in case, if you forget which input you are using or you can reset everything filmmaker mode switch it off, reduce blue light. I have this turned off and thats pretty much it like. I said theres, not much that you can do in um right here with the adobe vision for gaming, but as a matter of fact, it is already tuned up for you.

So that way, you guys dont have to do many uh changes to the picture, setting and still looks absolutely beautiful. Lets move on to another game. Shall we lets do this alright, so another game that supports adobe vision is gears 5 and also lets go into the settings options on the game, and you can also change from 120 hertz to 60.. Of course, i want to play a 120 hertz and get the full advantage of it right all right, so lets play a little bit of a multiplayer and lets see how i do lets do this all right lets play this versus game man. I havent played gears in a while so im probably gon na suck, but let me tell you it does look bright, so i noticed that some people will say that hey you know its not bright enough. All the tvs are not bright enough. Let me tell you something: if you are playing on a dark room, if you are not comparing this tv to an lcd tv, for example, you wont notice the difference. It is bright enough for you to enjoy hdr in toby vision. That is for sure, oh man, oh my god, i suck already. Finally, yes, i survived, but anyways. This game also has dolby atmos support. So if you have a system that supports dolby, atmos a surround sound system and a tv that supports w bishop, well, you get the best of both worlds right see if we can uh.

Oh, yes, so anyways! This game looks absolutely beautiful, with adobe vision support and he plays very well too serious, all right guys, so another game that also received an update. Well, this is the division two and it has received many updates, but dolby vision and adobe atmos has been officially assigned to this game, even though this game came out a few years ago. Already, this is a post, apocalyptic apocalyptic game. Third person shooter and its still a lot of fun and it looks gorgeous thats for sure what the hell is. This, oh, my god, im gon na see. If i can uh. Oh there you go there, you go, we got the boss already. Yes, this is a third person shooter with some rpg elements. The game looks fantastic right here on this on the xbox. Look at that kamikaze, my goodness lets uh lets, show some grenades. Shall we lets go over there go find them. Thank you very much its another kamikaze game. I believe this game is a lot of fun when youre playing with friends, especially when you go online, the dark zone, its uh, its a lot of fun but im playing the solo. Oh, i believe, thats a boss right there. Oh no, oh my god. This guy is killing me Music lets throw him. Oh, what the hell no im reloading. I got ta jump. I need some help. Anyways guys check out this game. If you havent got it highly recommend it its a lot of fun and it looks gorgeous right here on the xbox and the oled c1.

Ah, no, no jesus lets jump to another game. Shall we lets do this all right guys so finally, im going to play flight simulator right here on the xbox? This is another exclusive game for microsoft, xbox, series x and also pc. So this is running with dobby vision as well, and its looking gorgeous look at this, its just so realistic. It truly feels that youre flying over san francisco, its just every single color and every detail, looks so realistic, so anyways guys. I also one thing i noticed is that dobby vision, it adds a little bit of a warm tone to the colors its not going to be like. I noticed that hdr. What it does is just like colors look a little bit more saturated and in adobe vision. They look a little bit more warmer thats. What i notice, but let me know in the comments below what do you guys think about this update? Do you have an lg oled tv to take advantage of dolby vision, or maybe you have another older tv like a nano? 9090 99. I believe. Let me know if it also has adobe vision for gaming support and thats it for this video. Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate that you watch till the end of the video and dont forget to subscribe to the channel.