Youll also need additional passwords for things like whatsapp and facebook, instagram, twitter and some additional things that want more security or just require those passwords for additional security. So you want to have those ready, as they may make you log back in now before we get started and transfer everything if youre on the home screen on your new phone, youll need to reset your phone to get back to the startup screen youre. Seeing here, this phone is currently on ios 15, as iphone 13 comes pre installed with it, and so youll need to make sure that youre on the setup screen before we get started. If youre not youll need to reset the new phone – and you can do that by going to your settings under settings, go to general under general, go down to transfer or reset phone and under transfer and reset iphone, it says erase all contents in settings once you Erase all contents and settings it will wipe the phone, it will not affect the old phone. So if youre wiping the new phone to get back to the setup screen, it will not be affected, but you will need to do this in order to start the transfer process so well hit not now now, as far as everything that transfers from your old phone To your new phone, it will bring everything from text messages, whatsapp messages, apps, app data, music photos and even email accounts. However, some of those may make you log back in, but typically theyll just set up on their own, depending on what type of authentication youre using.

So theres three different backup methods or restore methods. You can use an itunes backup on windows or a mac. You can also use icloud, and this is a newer method that theyve, given you extra storage for this year, and we can wirelessly transfer im going to show you how to wirelessly transfer since its the easiest way. But if you want to use an icloud backup just be safe, you can go to your settings and this year, even if you dont have enough storage. As long as youre on ios 15, you can go down and go to general under your settings. Go down to transfer or reset iphone and tap on get started under get started. It says youll be ready for your new iphone thats it. For now, your iphone is using icloud to secure all your data, its uploading, apps and data to icloud use this iphone to quickly sign in, and then you can trade in your old phone. If you want to it will loan you the data on icloud for about a month or a few weeks until you can transfer from your old phone to your new phone. So even if youre not paying for a lot of icloud storage, you can do that. But theres an even easier way to do this now. What well need to do is bring the phone close, and many of you may be wondering already. When do i transfer my sim card and you can transfer your sim card at any time as long as you have a wi fi connection, you can use it without the sim card or you can just transfer it right away.

You can transfer it before or after it. Doesnt really matter so well turn on the new phone and well swipe up, and once we do that, bringing the phone nearby automatically pops up and says set up a new iphone. So once thats on your screen, you can do that and just tap continue now, if youre not seeing it turn off your display and then move it away and bring it back. So if youre not seeing this pop up, move it away turn off your display, unlock your phone and bring it back but well unlock. It well scan it here and it will say finish on new iphone, so the screens really bright here, because i cant turn it down. Now it goes down once its scanned, so now well put in the passcode of the current phone that were using so its the same password you log into your phone with. If you reboot it and then it will say setting up your iphone so well give it just a moment to start setting up and at the same time it will say finish on your new phone and then on the new phone. It says it may take a few minutes to activate your iphone, so just give it a few minutes and it will activate it automatically carries over your wi fi settings that you might have and its pretty simple to set up overall. So now were at the point where we need to set up face id, since all of the new phones have face id well hit, continue and then well hit get started.

So just put your face in the frame here and then you just move your head around. Like this and then youll, do it one more time so youll hit continue, theres, also, accessibility options here, if you need them, you just have to fill in the rings and then hit continue now. The next part is after we hit continue. Well wait for this. Just a moment – and it says, transfer data from iphone 11, so we have continue or other options. It says if youre moving from an iphone 11, you can transfer all of its data and settings directly to this iphone, keep your other iphone nearby and connected to power until the transfer is completed. So you want to make sure you have enough battery on the other phone and connect to power if needed, and it says estimated time of transfer 45 to 55 minutes. This will vary depending on how much data you have on the old phone compared to this phone. The estimated time to transfer will vary depending on how much data you have on your old phone. It could be shorter or longer, but now well go ahead and hit continue. Now it says setting up your apple id now in the previous page, if we would have hit the other options thats, where we would set up our icloud or other data if we want to transfer that way, otherwise, its just easier to do it this way, and Then well agree to the terms of service.

Well, wait for it to complete here after its done setting up your apple id youll, see that it says, make this your new iphone. It says heres everything set up as you had it on your other phone, so it shows apps and data transfer directly from iphone. Then it has settings, and these are all of your different settings. You can customize these now or leave everything as it was already set up on the previous phone. So if youre happy with that go ahead and hit continue now it says: keep your iphone up to date and its just telling you to leave it on automatic updates. You can change this at a latter date or later date and go ahead and hit continue. Now, if you had apple cards previously set up heres, where you can move them over to this phone, you can set them up later or hit continue, so ill set them up later. Now, at this point, it says transferring data from iphone 11. Keep your other iphone nearby and connected to power until the transfer is complete and its giving us an estimated time. This will change initially, it started at 11 minutes and now it says 26. So usually it takes less than this and what its doing is connecting directly to the phone so its transferring directly to the phone just set them nearby and leave them alone, and it should transfer everything over so well come back when this is complete and youll see Its 503 pm right now you can see on the iphone 11.

It says: transfer complete. Your data has been transferred to your other iphone, and so at this point we wait for the other iphone to reboot and then well be back on the home screen so well hit continue on the old phone and now its asking us. If we want to erase this phone, so we can do this later on, but one thing to know is you do not want to erase photos individually. You want to erase the whole phone as a whole, because that way it wont affect the older phone. So just keep that in mind erase the phone either through here or hit not now, and then you can do it again later by going to settings and then go down to general and then go down to transfer or reset iphone. And then you can reset your phone or erase it, so you can give it away or trade it in or sell it to someone else. So just keep that in mind now also at the top here, its asking you what you want to do for the next step. It says, get step by step instructions to prepare this iphone to be sold given away or traded in through apple trade. In so you can say dont erase, but its helping you step by step through this process, like i said, do not delete the photos individually as they will sync across devices and delete. But if you delete the whole phone together by itself, it will delete everything off the phone and not affect the new phone.

Now you can see the new phone booted up and this whole process took about 27 to 28 minutes. Now its asking me if you want to use this iphone when sharing your location and as long as you want to switch to this phone right away, hit use if not hit not now now at this point, the phones are completely synced, so everything is the same, And now it will begin restoring all the apps that you have, as you can see here. So the home page arrangement is the same as i go from page to page and everything is identical and your app library, auto sorts. So that may look a little bit different here, but everything else will be the same with all of your restored data and, more so youll see the library layout and everything your messages will be there and the devices will be synced at this point where, if you Text on one device, youll actually see it on the other. If you have icloud messages turned on or messages in icloud, so theyre completely synced. When you wipe your old device, it will not affect the new device. So just keep that in mind now. Not only did it bring over everything as far as the apps, it also connected things such as your airpods, so these will be available on your iphone as well. Theyll just show up and be there automatically, so it just moves everything and makes everything very simple to transfer.

Now. One additional thing to mention is if youre, an ios beta, tester or developer and youre on, say ios, 15.1 or any future version of ios. You will need to either have a backup prior to that or set up the new phone is new or go to the home screen install the beta on the new phone, then reset the new phone, and then you can restore everything. You cannot restore from a future version to an older version of ios, so just keep that in mind and so thats everything with transferring from an old phone to a new phone.