Before we start, i want you to make sure that you have the latest software on your phone. So lets start with the iphone on the iphone. If you go to uh the app store and then you search for whatsapp, you want to make sure that you have the latest version. If you see a button say open. That means that you have the latest version. If you see a button say update. That means that you need to update if you want to see what the version i have, i have the 221 181 and also make sure you have the latest version of ios. If you go to settings general software update youre, going to see that i have ios 15.0, which is the latest version, also guys make sure youre using the regular whatsapp, not the wasa business, because this will not work with whats a business yet so open whats up And go to your chats and youre gon na. Do a chat, backup back it up now so make sure you have a fresh backup of your whatsapp on the iphone. This backup is going to be 49.7 max, in your case, its probably going to be heavier, but this is just for testing purposes also select this. If you want to include the videos right, okay, so thats it for the iphone now, what do we need to check on the android on the android a51? You need to make sure that you dont have whatsapp installed.

This is the first thing. Second thing: you need to make sure that you have the latest version of android so for update. You know you click on download and install, and here youre, going to see that my software is up to date. Right. You can see that i have one ui version. 3.1 and android version 11 – and this is the latest android version. Okay, also, i want you to open the play store and i want you to search for smart switch, smart switch and make sure you have the latest version. Currently, the newest version is the 3.7 23.5 and also one more thing: youre going to look for google data data restore tool, make sure you have the latest version. Okay, data restore tool. If you want to see the version you can see its one zero. Thirty: nine: zero, six, zero, four zero, three, three; okay! So once we have that out of our way, we can start the process. Youre gon na need a special cable that goes from lighting to usb c im. Gon na put a link in the description where you can buy it at amazon right. I think it costs ten dollars and youre gon na plug the iphone on one side and on the other side, youre gon na plug the android make sure that you have 100 battery on both devices, because this might take a while and theres no way to charge. These devices, so when you plug the cables, you dont see anything going on, so you need to unplug the cable and plug it again right and then youre going to see this pop up youre going to select smart switch and youre gon na click just once.

Okay, look at this its connecting to transfer your data searching for data to transfer. So i want you to click this button to deselect everything and just select apps and then scroll up and youre gon na click transfer. I want you to deselect all and i want you to select whatsapp messenger click, install and look at this. This is the qr code with the camera app you just move it on top and youre gon na read it. This is gon na pop up a link that is gon na open whats up and its gon na say, move chats to android youre gon na click start and the whole process is gon na start its almost done and thats it. This is done. Transferring your data. We are organizing your transfer data. What happened? One item, one mac, so click here and look at this whats up messenger. This is gon na open, whatsapp messenger and youre gon na click agree and continue hold on one. Second, let me do something really quick data transfer complete, but look at this galaxy setup, galaxy a51 setup in process. It says so now its asking me for my account, but i dont want to do this. Yet let me try with whats up. Let me continue with whats up agreeing continue now its going to ask me for my phone number right, and this is another device. I have as a backup and im going to get the code on this device all right, so im going to click next, its asking me to confirm the number – and i just got the text right here – look at these guys and the code is four three.

Four. Three forty so im just confirmed my whatsapp transfer, okay and it says importing chat. History start allow whatsapp to access. Your contacts, allowed, allow whatsapp to access photos and media allowed. So now its doing the importing chat history and here on the iphone, it says, continue on new phone import complete. It says: im gon na click, next im gon na put alex ‘9 im gon na do a backup daily on this account and im. Gon na include videos and im gon na click done now its authenticating with google drive. So this happened to me before it takes a long time, but you can just go to actually. You dont want to move from here. Im gon na click done im gon na click done whatever again and thats it guys. This is the whatsapp message that i transfer. Okay, look at this guys. I transfer everything and i have uh. Let me show you: i have videos, make sure that the videos are working because sometimes, when you do the transfer, you just see the thumbnail, but not the videos are not working. So this is a confirmation that the videos are working all right this one too, everything is working, all the videos, all the pictures – and i also put this like an audio file hi guys we are testing the audio files on just to make sure that its working – I also included some documents because somebody said that the pdf they dont work.

I open google drive and now when i try to open the pdf its asking me, this im going to click drive always – and this is the pdf, so the pdf they got transfer no problem with that all right. I just confirmed it. How about uh this file? You might not have a proper app okay, so you need to configure what app is gon na open, excel files and what app is gon na open doc files thats just a matter of configuring, an app that is going to open this file, but the files itself. They transfer all right and thats it guys. We were able to move all my chat history from the iphone to the android. Without any paint software. We just use a smart switch, and this is a native function that whatsapp introduced with the new samsung galaxy z. Flip 3 and thats it guys thats how you transfer your whatsapp from the iphone to an android device. This is now possible on samsung devices with the latest software, but uh once you have it on the android, you can do a backup on google drive and then you can move it to a xiaomi, a oneplus, a google pixel. Whatever you have motorola – and this is your friend alex thank you so much for watching my video dont forget to subscribe to my channel guys. In that way, you will help me a lot.