Where i view technology for the consumer prosumer – and i give my take on the things i see with fall in the us for most states that comes with lower humidity and lower temperatures, which can cause some health concerns, and not only just to your health, but also To the precious musical instruments that you might have in your house for a number of years, ive used the standalone temperature and humidity sensor to manage the temperature and humidity levels in my office to protect my health and also to protect my musical gear. And this is done well, but it doesnt offer the smart home automation that im looking to achieve in comes the eve room which ive recently purchased and its been out for a number of years. I plan to give an honest review based upon my experience that ive had with this product ive been a big fan of e products. They work great on apple home kit and theyre, very reliable, so lets talk to what you get with the eve room version 2.. First, it costs 99 and offers temperature humidity and voc, which is managing the air quality within your room. So you maybe ask yourself what is voc its volatile organic compounds, which could be solids and liquids that emit gas that are not great for your health and so its awesome to be able to track something like this with this product, this device comes with an e Ink 200 by 200 pixel display that can be adjusted by a simple touch of the arrows on the left and right of the device which are almost hidden on the device.

It has a built in rechargeable battery which will get you about six weeks of charge, and it comes with a micro, usb cable to charge the device. The accuracy on these sensors is really good. You typically will get plus or minus 0.3 degrees celsius or plus or minus 0.54 degrees fahrenheit, and you typically will get plus or minus 3 in humidity lets dive into the pros and the cons of this eve room, starting with the pros. The first is the sensors. They are amazingly accurate. My baseline for the accuracy of these sensors is based upon my standalone therm pro, which i got a number of years ago off of amazon after amazing reviews and ive found that its very close in both the humidity and the temperature. While i have another product that works with apple homekit, thats a little bit off so based upon the baseline, that i have this seems very accurate. The second pro to the eve room is the eve app now you dont need to have any products to take advantage of the evap, its actually a great app if youre, just looking at your apple home kit and using your thread devices, because you can see whats On your network, based on the app now, the app does take advantage of this product, and one of the things it can do is build automation. So you can set rules and leverage scenes. So, in my use case to where i want to control my office and the humidity level, i can be able to set an automation that if it gets below 40 humidity, i can turn on my smart plug, which will turn on my humidifier thats.

One of the cool things that you can do with the evap. The other thing that you can do is track the humidity temperature and the vocs through the app. So you can see where theres some historical trends based upon things that youre doing within your house and make some changes or add automation and the last pro is just the clean design. This has a minimalist look, but it looks very modern for technology or your decor in your house, so lets talk to the cons. The first one to get out of the way is going to be the cost. This is a high cost at 99, and if you want to use this across your house that adds up now, you pay for what you get. You get a reliable sensor that offers automation. The second con to this is its not thread enabled now it works with bluetooth, which is great for the use case you have here where you dont need to have active monitoring, but you do need to have monitoring periodically thread is great and eve. Has it through a number of products, but for this i think its reasonable to just have bluetooth and the last con is theres limited automations in apple homekit, which you cant put on eve. But i do wish that in homekit you could be able to leverage automations based upon not just the vo sensor, but the temperature and humidity. If you look at apple homekit, all you can do is set up automations based upon the voc sensor, so you cant set up your lights to go off on a certain color if the vsc hits a certain level, but it would be great if it could offer Humidity and temperature controls, so you could do all kinds of other automations in apple homekit, but the good news is evap.

Has that automation? So if youre looking to do that, you can do that with the evap. So what are my final thoughts on the eve room? Well, its one of the best apple home kit, indoor monitoring solutions out there you can manage your temperature, you can manage your humidity and your vocs through this device and its accurate and reliable. Now i know that everybodys probably wanting this to be thread enabled so they can add to your thread network, hopefully thats coming in the near future, or they could be at a lower cost, and i have tried some other apple homekit indoor monitoring solutions and i just Havent found them to be as reliable or as accurate as this eve room. So this is my go to apple homekit, indoor, monitoring solution, at least for the foreseeable future, until any other competition or eve comes out with a new version. I hope you like this video and if you have make sure the like button, if you havent already make sure to subscribe to this channel for more great content like this.