We have some great presentations for you tonight on indoor air quality um before then. I just wanted to give a quick hint for our next faster event, which is may 28th its going to be a tuesday. So is that its different than normal? So keep that in mind um. The venue will be announced in the email that youll get, but the presentations will be on thermal different topics on thermal comfort, so were gon na have three different presentations, um, two of which are or one of which are led by folks who, i think are here Tonight, nathaniel and ingrid, so this should be really awesome and i hope to see everybody there um so on to tonight. There will be two presentations tonight, each about 30 minutes um and i can get that queued up. Lets also make sure the audios on its on okay, cool, all right. Okay, awesome! Sorry, there we go okay, nope thats, the wrong one cool. All right, i think, were all good, so give it up for arena um. Somebody was talking today about modeling for the 2019 ventilation requirements for multifamily how theyve changed a little bit for codewise just up in front, so we know were talking about and then going into actually doing some modeling with a couple pieces of software. Today, um we have the 2016 software. The 2019 softwares and alpha version so well highlight some key points of what might have changed, but um and well talk about when that new software, with all of the beveled muscles will be available.

So nope nope cant mess up. Okay, dont mess with that good job; okay, so um whats changing next code cycle. The great thing is that all multifamily is going to be aligning with ashrae 62.2 um. Previously high raised residential had kind of been doing some of this, but the ventilation calculations werent. Quite the same um, so there was a couple ways of having to look at it: theres going to be some amendments for california requirements for the ashrae 62.2, and this is also going to be applicable to any additions of multi family units in existing buildings as well. We want to talk about low rise and high rise, but theyre going to be the same. The only thing were looking at differently. Tonight is maybe the modeling differentiation between the two pieces of the software that youre going to be looking at, depending if its at three story or lower versus that four story or higher. So nothings really changed here too much with the local exhaust, except for our kitchen hoods big change here in the sense that they have to be the vented to the outside and checked by a herz raider to make sure theyre actually meeting the um sound ratings and Theyre certified thats going to bring out a refrigerator on the project, but as far as modeling goes doesnt look like too much has been changed within the software at this point in time, but keep an eye out for that.

One. More 13 filter requirements will be required everywhere. So heads up with that for the designs you guys have around – and this is the big one were going to be talking about and showing for modeling the iq requirement and the ventilation rate. So theyre going to be going to so the amendments that are happening are the windows are not used for ventilation. We cant rely on the users of the buildings to know when to open their windows when they dont want to to get enough outside air. So continuous mechanical ventilation at all multi family dwelling units, whether its high rise or low rise at the same ventilation rate, were going to be looking at. If they do it intermittently or theres a lot of considerations, there were not going to be talking or showing modeling on that tonight were going to look at those continuous operations on these schemes were going to also have a bit of a higher ventilation rate to the Entire construction technique, but the two big items were going to look at now are the pathways theres, a balanced pathway and an unbalanced pathway to meeting this co department. So the ventilation rates have shifted a little point: zero three um times the square footage 7.5 number of bedrooms, plus one that should look and feel very similar. The only thing that changes whats there in red for this next code cycle, but now for high rise multifamily. This is lining with it should be the same across the multi daily board.