What nfts is uh. You know how you create them, how you sell them, how you buy them and tease, is non uh. Fungible tokens non fungible tokens the unit of data stored on a data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, so basically its a unit of data thats stored on the blockchain that certifies that additional assets to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. Nfl nfts can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audios and other types of digital files, so its basically a digital signature to an asset online and thats. You know according to wikipedia there, but according to the bbc news people are trying. Are people are paying millions of dollars for tokens? People are paying millions of dollars for tokens. How much are people paying for nfts, like theres people, making literally 500 uh thousand dollars uh with nft, like literally making 500 000 with uh nft, and the only thing that nft is? Is a digital footprint? Basically uh signatures? All the only thing it is is a digital signature of uh of a digital product, and so once its sold, you know you could sell it for whatever it is. You know its just theres, no replica of it. So once you make that digital footprint of it, then it goes on to the blockchain network, and now you can sell it whatever so its unlike bitcoin, that can be sold um for many different currencies and be broken down and different things, its just one unit of It so with bitcoin you can have multiple units with with uh lets, say: um ntf theres, just one unit there, all right um, this one jump right here, sold for 500 000, so its literally a little kitten flying with that look like a pop tart in the Middle and a rainbow coming out of it yeah.

This is a 500 uh thousand dollar gif like this one gif is 500 thousand dollars why it captivated everybodys attention people like it to gravitate to it. You know thats what people like so this one jail generated. Five hundred thousand dollars – this is the power of enough tease, all right, uh, a tweet sold for 2.5 million dollars, so twitter, founder dorsey had promoted an nft uh of the first week, uh of the first ever tweet uh with bids hitting 250 million dollars. So yeah you can literally sell any footprint, so the tweet itself, or that digital footprint, the signature itself uh. He sold it for 2.5 million dollars, so thats, just one little nftn, creating nlt is so so simple its not this isnt rocket science, but it sounds like rocket science uh. How do i buy nfts uh nlt assets you can buy and create you could buy, sell and create nfts on different marketplaces. For example, uh, like a few below these platforms, allow you to buy and sell nfts fast and with simplicity, so open c. You can go to opc, which im going to show shortly in this video available, uh minimal uh. Those are just different marketplaces. You can buy, sell and also create in nfts, so you can also create your own nfts on these platforms, also how to create and upload nfts and earn a ethereum easy for free. So literally you can trade. You can sell the e the eat of the nft for cryptocurrency, so its like.

You have a digital asset that produces your digital currency. So if a digital asset could boost you digital, you know revenue, then its like. Now you have free currency coming in so well. Free crypto, coming in so thats. Basically, why i say its like hey: this is how you create free crypto, because now, if you understand how to sell the digital product like the digital asset itself, so if you can, you know that asset itself is going to bring in you know some type of Continuation of something is going to be now that asset is going to be bringing in a continuation of crypto for you as long as the trend is selling. As long as you know that image, or whatever it is, has popularity has bubble around it. People is talking about it as long as its a social bubble around it. Its gon na create more and more uh value, which then is putting more ethereum inside your pocket inside your crypto wallet. So you know free, ethereum or cash. If you want to trans, translate it out so live demo. This is what i was going to do. Is i was going to show you guys a quick demo here, um how to create and upload nfps and sell and earn them earn ethereum easily and free. You can literally just use um. Let me go ahead. Full screen this. You can literally just use an image or a gif or even open c alone, to sell your nfts uh assets so uh.

What im gon na do is im gon na do a live demo. I just created nft right here, uh on canvas, and so i downloaded the canvas nft uh after i did download the canvas in this nft uh im about to go ahead and upload it on to the nft marketplace uh to sell this nft that i just literally Just created, and so what i could do is i could click here to say mint and item so and i can click uh create new item, all right, very simple process, its nothing complicated whatsoever. So i can pull up the image itself that you know i created as an nft, so lets see heres, rethinking and so lets see i certify that i own this content and i can say, rethinking and i could say list subtitles – think different from most or i Could say this think outside the picture you thinking idiots yes frame. If you get it all right, youre, probably not gon na get it because i dont even get it but its okay uh and were gon na do a fixed price on this. So we can start off easily, i might just say, for instance, somebody said a hundred dollars, so anybody that want to buy this. You know you can invest a hundred dollars into it and you can get it so, its pretty simple, its nothing complicated whatsoever, uh. Just literally just building the ethereum out or building the asset itself out, thats it once you build the asset itself out, then you can list it.

So what it sees is similar items to what i have inspired to tighten that frame. Is it a frame, its probably the frame, see that image doesnt really relate to anything see a lot of these images? Dont relate to anything, so you want to check them just to make sure to see if the other images relate to your image, if its not, then you dont have anything to worry about all right now, once you dont have anything to worry about, then what you Can do is just list the item select category, then its going to be art and then going to list the item right there proceed then were going to sign it and so yeah i just listed. You know nft just now, so this image just now. I just list that just just that simple uh view your item so now, if i want to go view, my item right here now i can see hey. This is my item. Rethinking idiots uh, you know thats, it think outside of out of the picture for an idiot like so thats my nft, so i selling this nft 400 us thats whats translated, but on ether wise. This is what im translating that to, and this is what im selling it for so take that back and you can say ethereum all right and we could see here. This is how much ethereum that were selling that for okay. Well, i think thats. I think those numbers are a little bit off im, not gon na cop, because not to use thats, not the same ethereum that i just put there but yeah thats, the in your ethereum thats.

What is the actual price? So basically i could sell this. No, they could pay with a car, or i could just do it based on your ethereum there, all right so rethinking idiots this is you know my digital footprint that i created uh most. Definitely, if you like it, enjoy it, hey, give it a ring and go buy it or so you know its yours to buy, but most definitely um. If you want to understand more, most definitely send me a message. I did just created a group um a facebook group for nfts how to catch popular nfts to buy and sell. This is a marketplace so lets go over to um, openc, the io, okay and so on openc.io. So with this marketplace you can kind of see different nfts thats out so lets go over to art, so you can do music, our trading card theres. So there is unlimited amount of different nfts uh out there, and they all are going for all kinds of different crazy prices and the beautiful thing about it is its just artwork, its just digital artwork, uh its nothing crazy, crazy, like hey its a whole lot. No, its just hey its just artwork like its just its literally just art um, and you can make it out to be other different products and services. So its not like hey its just got to be just an image, or so like you can trade um. You could trade lets, say: music, you can trade uh, oh its its its really, this guys unlimited what you can trade with it, because theres just so much stuff so like right here this right here.

This picture right here itself is worth two ethereum, so thats 7 000 us dollars, so this 2.2 ethereum. So if you understand, like hey the amount of money that you can make off of just a picture, then you can make you can do a whole lot of damage. So this is seven thousand dollars just for this picture, thats it the digital footprint itself, alright and so price histories. This out, i dont obviously dont have any prices. History no offers yet um, but the thing is, is you can still sell? So you have so many different avenues on here to create uh nfts, but thats. Not the images is not the main thing i would say to sell. Um honestly, i feel like theres a whole lot more higher ticket things you could sell for 7 000. Alongside with the nft itself, so its just like how you go about structuring and growing it all right, i hope you guys enjoy this video.