My name is teo. My name is oscar on the vosscoin youtube channel. This is tails the owner of the boss coin youtube channel. I work here thats, my beautiful pup and uh yeah 10 seconds of tales. We do every day on the channel smash that subscribe button and lets jump into it. If youve ever wanted to mine bitcoin, then you should head to and learn how theyre making it possible for everyone to mine bitcoin. Now they sell bitcoin miners. They will connect. You with facilities, co location, which enables you to host your bitcoin miners with some of the best bitcoin mining farms in the world, click the link below to learn how you can start mining with compass today. Nft is not fungible tokens theyre all the rage right now. Theyre theyre so much fun, theyre, so excited making people millionaires and its like. When are we going to make this an nfc coming soon? I have some fun projects in the works, but you know another day another doubt that that didnt even make any sense. What put that out? Im just gon na go and jump into it. Um heres, my new public, open c account um, so ill drop. My token address below. If you want to send me anything, you know you want im, not like fishing for donations or whatever, but anything funny or cool, or you know sheba related, not the sheep token necessarily. But after my last video i got a potato pin and it let me down a weird rabbit hole.

So i went to uh the toxic avengers profile because he had sent me a potato pen hes a creator of potato pens and then he had a planet waifu, and so i went over im like it was playing a wi fi. I, like anime, everybody needs a good waifu in their life. Lets pause it there for a second to talk about it. So nfts are non fungible tokens, theyre, normally erc 721 tokens or theres alternatives on other blockchains like, for example, solana, thats been booming when it comes to nfts. One nft is a unique token theres supposed to be no other ones like it. Even if another one looks the same, that specific one is at least unique in that regard right, but people become incredibly more interest, myself included, for example, with these randomly procedurally generated nft. So you mint it. You dont know what youre going to get its basically random theres, different levels of rarity, and then people just keep minting and minting minting. Hopefully they find a cool one that they love and they keep and cherish, and then they sell off the other ones. So thats kind of what were dealing with here. This is like a la crypto punks inspired, which is just you know, absolutely captured the top legendary status uh. I i stopped bringing up again grierso in the boscoin discord. Server weve got a ton of awesome. Nft talk in there make sure you join some of the brightest and best guys and theyre just killing it with nfts.

He was talking about these and we were looking at him were like you know, i dont know i dont really know im gon na spend like 200 bucks on those. These things are sell for quarter million dollars now holy. It actually worked and theyre super cool with thought. They were cool, then wanted to fork them and make our own project at a minimum. Speaking of some of the latest nft news, whether you love them or hate them, logan paul literally left dinner last night to snag these sixty thousand dollars and ninety five thousand dollars the first rock nft on ethereum theyre pixelated right. They barely even look like rocks, but rox 65 and rock 68 just sold for crazy amounts. If you dont know, logan paul loves, nfts and hes a very popular personality. Again, whether you like it or not, the facts remain hes working on his project. Here, crypto zoo, it was supposed to have an initial release date of september 1st, but that has since been removed and a buy in of about 300 and its built on the binance. Smart chain, so we mentioned about needing to have metamasks, set up to use with defy and dapps, and things like that, like minting that nft that we created also, we have a video guide on how to set up and use metamask with the binance smart chain, which Is basically just a clone of ethereum ran on proof of stake with incredibly cheaper transactions, and they process faster, so im actually really happy to see him doing this on the binance smart chain um, it means itll, be a lot cheaper to transact, and this is not Just like oh look at my fancy art look at my crypto punk dude, look thats what it does.

This is a project that is built to collect and breed exotic animal hybrids that yield zoo their zoo token on the blockchain. They have their own site, which we just showed you. They also have a telegram group that has a ton of users in there. I wonder i worry are a lot of those bonded with logan pauls reach. I dont think so. I think that you would have a lot of irregular telegram users, guys that would not be online all the time, but they download telegram just to try to participate with his nft there again. This video is not sponsored by logan, paul and crypto zoo, so please dont be thinking that everyone thinks i talk about anything these days, that its all sponsored thats, not the case, but heres a little bit of a background, so cryptozoo genesis, smart contract update, anticipated some Community traction quickly: 11 000 new holders within one week of their announcement of crypto, zoo and theyve, been upgrading contract, pause, snapshot of zoo holders taken v2 contract zoo holders. Getting a one to one airdrop on that airdrop begins. Airdrop will take place immediately after the liquidity has been added to the pool liquidity being supplied being done via an extraction of the b1 zoo liquidity pool migrated to v2 zoo liquidity, pool eth bridge to be deployed. That will allow you to move your zoo tokens from the ethereum blockchain and to the binance smart chain and back and forth.

The one thing i think is pretty interesting about the cryptozoo and these eggs and logan paul hes from a generation that grew up on pokemon and collecting things and hes young and hes immature. So hes able to remember his youth right, obviously, but also connect with the generation below him very effectively. He has a lot of popularity based off of interactions with things like pokemon and him launching this nft somewhere between just you know, nft hype and art, and you know collectibility right, coupled with crypto kitties of like just breeding and the eggs and collecting add in any Sort of like fun gaming mechanic like a little bit of battling, even if its just like my stats versus your stats right. I think thats right up his alley and something that like he can really envision and kind of lead there and and really take charge. And above all, would really relate to his target audience and that just simply demographic, to be honest, i actually kind of vibe with the marketing. From a little bit of like the sci fi ish text, you got the egg, the hatching the surprise element, and then you throw in a little bit of 8 bit right there and like an old school clock, i think its kind of simple its kind of effective Its easy to digest – and it kind of gets the point across, but lets take a moment to thank todays video sponsor and thats, going to be a token that almost rugged its devs and youre like.

What are you talking about here? So frosted cake is a new deflationary community driven token. They have an eight percent reward incentive thats distributed to all of its holders in cake four percent of every transaction that the traders investors holders will make with frosted cake, go back into a buy back, auto liquidity mechanism. This is built in to support the frosted cake price and the investors at all time. A technical issue moved the entire liquidity to toshiros wallet, the founder of the project in a very cool move. This developer and founder decided to not rug. The project here give the coins back refund them. Send them do everything he needed to do, and apparently even lost 30 thousand dollars in the process. Learn more about this community friendly token frosted cake with the link in the video description below so lets, go ahead and just min an nft for fun right im, not showing this not pumping it whatever else, and so, when a lot of these projects launch right, you Can see that they have over 11 000 planet waifus and only 600 have been minted. This is a project that never truly took off. It could take off in the future, but in this hot nft market, most things are selling out in minutes not days weeks months. Whatever so again, im not recommending this one id probably recommend against it. At this point, but i mean dude, look: everybody needs a waifu right, waifu, whatever you want to call it and its just a fun way.

Um. You know random rabbit trail. How i got here and we will go ahead and participate. Remember you have to have metamask set up. We have a full video guide on what meta mask is and how to use it. Then you just load up your ethereum in it and then you get slapped in the face with a bunch of ethereum gas things. You click connect, connect the wallet that you want to there and now im connected so ive connected. I can mint as many waifus as i want. If you go ahead and meant four more, you get a bonus away from buy five life is get one free. If you want to get more customers in your pharmacy, youre gon na have to do a promotion like like, buy one get one free and they even have a gifting option. So go ahead and spam, your friends or whoever you find in the discord server with random waifus thats, always funny and fun um. But this is the. This is a fun thing. I think when it comes to these procedurally generated nfts non fungible tokens all these different traits right so 150 traits here, um uniquely generated 11 111 different waifus to be created, they break down in different tribes. Here you have the waifu tribe, the feline tribe, the supernatural tribe celestrial, if im saying that one right now tribe and the android tribe, with only four of those so thats, incredibly low and rare, so well go ahead and spin it up.

I guarantee you that im gon na get an average one here, but if not hey thatd be exciting right so for a whopping price and keep in mind this isnt cheap to do at all with the transaction fee of almost 67 plus. Just this ethereum is up in value. This is expensive, so at 222 dollars now thats how much it costs to mint this and you know, for the tube ima, go ahead a minute. So looking at the gas prices right now open c has been dominating. The ethereum blockchain has been using over 10 percent of the chain every day. You know it trends towards 20, lately, its very crazy, very high use were in a booming aetherium nft market. Absolutely so we went ahead and minted our nft here or our planet waifu, you see, the total minted went up to 608 automatically there, and so now we will go ahead and refresh our account here on openc and lets see. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we got: waifu 607. We got a feline, so we got more rare than the the first one. We got this crazy, crazy, watermelon background and lets just say: watermelons is absolutely appropriate for the nft we got here. So i actually think this is pretty fun pop quiz in the comments section whats, your favorite anime, if you dont have one. Let me know what you dont like about anime, i think nfts, non fungible tokens are super fun and interesting.

Its been crazy to watch like just even this top nft chart and watch the way things are moving around. Just changing loot for adventurers just took off and went absolutely wild. We got a floor price here of 14.. I dont see the appeal man um. I dont see the appeal on this one at all uh, so i mean its interesting nonetheless right but like look, i love diablo, i probably played you know: rpg games, um, dungeon crawling games and stuff, rogue rogue games, rogue lights or whatever more than most people. So i i love that kind of stuff, but like uh thats, just that doesnt do it for me, um personally, you look at things like crypto punks. I think thats cool. You look at the board ape yacht club. You know. I think this is cool. I i dig that thats an art style that i think is cool trendy and it appeals to a lot of people. The me bits, you know its a little bit of a diver like a divergence from you know some this other like more hand drawn style. I like this stuff, i think it looks a little bit kitty kind of like minecrafty uh by personally. I think thats cool i like that, but i dont think that has the as much of a potential reach right, its something a little bit more cute and weird, like pudgy penguins id like to take a brief moment to thank todays, video sponsor and thats, going to Be rentable dot, io, theyre looking to evolve renting, making it cheaper, leaner and crypto, and you know, obviously we love crypto here on the channel, so thats a good ring as far as im concerned, but theyre, basically moving a sharing economy model via d5 or decentralized finance Principles and they have their own token, the rnb or rentable token, its an erc20 token, which means it lives on the ethereum blockchain theres a 0.

3 unit swap fee thats distributed among those staking rnb token. You also can win prizes. Token holders will be entitled to participate in their r b bounty programs and liquidity access holders of the r b tokens will be eligible to participate in the deposit. Pools learn more about rentable, with the link in the video description below one of the nfts. People are buzzing about today would be initial cap offering, which you know ico. I think thats kind of funny um its got dynamic pricing stats for about 17 grand. You can own an mcapp right now and uh, or you can redeem it and free shipping worldwide and before you laugh at this right and youre like dude. This is ridiculous, youre, an idiot or or whatever um. How about we talk about uni socks? Okay, you want to talk about uni socks, so they came out. I remember seeing them. It was crazy. Im, like dude people out here, buying virtual socks for three thousand dollars. Is you know insane thats ridiculous, like what the hell, the kids up to right, yeah? Well, guess what buddy uh these things been trading over one hundred thousand dollars all month entire last month peaking somewhere around 200 000. Okay, some people redeem these for real life socks. That is the timeline we live in. This is the world that we live in. My friends oh and the cool thing about mango market caps, yeah guess what its on the solana block chain, which means you use the phantom wallet thats all the rage.

Boys got me in the scoop and the discord. How many times i got ta tell you all to join it, so you know i got a little bit of salon in there. I dont have enough to afford a hat im. Just uh im not whale enough for that one um, but i just want to close this, and so we got ta. We got ta censor this one out, but you want to talk about a legendary power move um. How about this one ill buy as much soul as you have right now at three and then you can f off sell me all you want that was just earlier this year. Since then, solana and the sol token has gone from trading around three dollars to about 150 dollars per token. So if you dont think that there are a lot of exciting fun money, making opportunities here in the cryptocurrency sector and nfts non fungible tokens, i dont know what to tell you if youre gon na, let all these just one fun, two like just lucrative opportunities to Pass you by i dont know what else to tell you if you are intrigued, interested and want to get hip to it right, and i sound like oh dude when i say get hit, maybe im getting old. I got gray. Hair coming in from crypto then smash the subscribe button hit the thumbs up. Join me on my crazy crypto journey. Is i try to navigate this stuff and digest it and bring you? You know decent content.

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