Thats just crazy, but i do think that the iphone 13 is going to heavily influence and possibly change the future. Android phones. We see in 2021. In 2022 and other years, moving forward in fact lets just sort of break down the five biggest features coming to the iphone 13 and how they could sort of change the future of android phones. We see and also why apple might owe android phone makers a thank you or two or three and a big thanks to keeper security for sponsoring this video Music. We go any further into this video. Let me sort of address the elephant in the room and say just quite plainly: this is not an ios versus android debate. Video. In my opinion, you are more than welcome to love and use whatever phone you want. You love iphones, great youll, have android even better enjoy the phone that you want. That makes you happy im, not here to disagree with you and tell you. Otherwise. What im instead here to do is something i regularly do on this channel and that is sort of look at things from an apple lens or an apple perspective. With a channel called the apple circle, we typically tend to analyze. Apples moves see their influence and how some of the decisions they make change different uh things in the wider tech space, including their influence on android phones. Obviously, apple has been heavily influenced by android in the past, and android phones have definitely been influenced by apple and uh.

The big iphone decisions theyve made theres, definitely sort of this yin and yang here, theres a symbiotic relationship and we both benefit from this healthy competition. But we also cant ignore that when one company makes a move, others tend to follow. So what moves is apple planning to make with the iphone 13 that could change the future of android phones? You may or may not decide to buy. Lets start out. First, with touch id on the iphone 13, or i guess more specifically the lack of touch id on the iphone 13. now, obviously weve seen under display fingerprint technology on many android phone models for many years. At this point, weve seen ultrasonic technology weve seen optical technology. That all work sort of in varying degrees of good and some people prefer that over face unlock some people like face and luck. But i think we can all agree having that choice is nice and of course, android is known for giving you all those options and availabilities to choose what you like and sort of use. What you want, when you want to use it on the iphone side, weve sort of just had face id for the last couple of years, since the iphone 10, at least on the flagship models, but with the iphone 13. All of that was supposed to change and wed have sort of the best of both worlds. Where you could unlock your phone with your finger or your face, it was gon na be great right.

Well, it seems like thats not going to happen anymore and at least according to mark german over at bloomberg. Although apple tested, the technology, maybe even tested it for an iphone 13. This year, it doesnt look like its going to happen and instead, it seems, like apple, is going to double down to their efforts on face id and eventually work to move all of the necessary components for face id totally under the display. But what about right now? In 2021, where a lot of us are wearing masks and just the face id system isnt as convenient as it could be, wouldnt it just be nice to sort of, have touch id and face id and sort of have uh sort of what the android world has Had for some time, yes, that would be great, but again it doesnt look like its gon na happen, but all hope is not lost in terms of face id, at least according to john prosser over at front page tech apple is working aggressively to make their face. Id system better, specifically kind of giving out these weird sort of true depth. Camera system face id contraptions that theyre using to test and improve the accuracy of the upcoming face id system on the iphone 13, specifically making it better for those who wear glasses and those who wear masks and those who typically have foggy glasses when theyre wearing their Masks and if apple really does go all in on face id and the face id system does get really good to the point where you dont need to have touch id or you dont, even miss touch id.

How do you think android phone makers will respond? Do you think that uh android phones will sort of embrace sort of the best of both worlds, having a maybe less secure facial unlock, but also having the fingerprint sensor built into some part of the phone, whether its on the back or in the power button or Under the display, or do you think that they will sort of take a page from apple as weve, seen in the past and sort of go along the lines? If apples not going to do it were not going to do it either and were not going to invest the time and money in r d into continuing to produce these under display fingerprint readers and make them better and instead either move to make their facial unlocking System better or go with something else, im curious to see if android will embrace face id esque systems and true depth. Esque systems, like apple, has in their future phones. Next up is a very controversial feature of the iphone 13 that gets many people riled up and angry, and i understand why – and i guess its kind of two features on the 13 pro and pro max, and that is a pro motion display and maybe an always On display mode as well now, these features are coming exclusively to the 13 pro and pro max, because on those phones, apple is adopting ltpo display technology actually made by samsung of all companies for those higher end iphones for this year, and we kind of know that These are not sort of new things on the android side, but they are new in the apple side, at least coming to the iphone, and there are definitely two schools of thought here when it comes to these features.

On the iphone on one hand, you have those who say that apple is really late to the game that promotion 120 hertz. Whatever you want to call. It has existed on android for years, and this is sort of just apple playing catch up and also for always on displays as well were not sure if were going to see that on the iphone 13 pro and pro max this year or not. But regardless of that, weve had this on android phones for a number of years dating back years and years always on displays, have been a thing on at least one model or another. But you have to remember, for the average iphone buyer someone going into the store once a year, checking out these new phones for the first time they probably havent, seen this maybe theyve never used an android phone or never used an android phone extensively for them. This 120 hertz is a really cool thing. It makes their phone feel faster. Everything feels a little silkier and a little smoother thats. A really cool thing same for always on displays, as well sort of for them being able to see this information at a glance and sort of get a little bit of information they wouldnt otherwise be able to see is really cool. The other side to this as well is that just because apple is like to do something, doesnt mean they dont, do it in their own way or they dont do it right.

Apple has been notoriously slow to adopt things like lte and 5g, and a number of different things weve seen on android phones for many many years, but typically apples motto here, is that when they do something they tend to do it sort of the right way and In a way that they think is best unique and well optimized for the iphone and apple obviously has waited for a reason to do this. So we just got to see what those reasons are and just why theyre, special and whats different with those features on the 13 pro and pro max and objectively speaking here. I think this is a really good example of androids influence on ios weve. Seen this on a number of different features here, over the years like i said, theres, definitely, this sort of yin and yang theres, this influence from both sides, and this is an example of android sort of releasing features and refining features on these different phones. Thanks to the phone makers and apple sort of again, maybe owen, uh android phone makers a little thank you for pushing these features as much as they have and finally making it the appropriate time to bring them over to the iphone. But we are not out of the woods just yet, because the next feature is again very controversial and that is the port on the iphone 13. and in this instance, im not talking about lightning over usbc or anything like that.

But im talking about the existence of the port on phones moving forward now this is an example of apple sort of changing their mind, seemingly from removing the port on the iphone 13, it looks like lightning is going to stay this year, but that might not be The case for future iphones moving forward and with that said, if we see a portless model of the iphone 14 next year, what does that mean for android phones moving forward? Will the port become like the headphone jack, something we sort of want to hold on to and relish for as long as we can, but eventually sort of just fades away due to the times or do you think that apple is gon na go out on a Limb, remove the port on the iphone and android phone makers just wont follow before we continue whether you are using ios or android, regardless of your mobile os preference. I think we can all agree that we want our passwords the things that are like our digital keys to unlock our accounts online. We want them to be safe, secure, consolidated in one place and also out of reach from bad guys. Dont have your passwords on some random sticky note by your monitor or even worse, on some random note on your phone. You want them all safe and secure in one place and a great place to do. That is with this video sponsor keeper security and their amazing password manager, its a super sleek, simple and easy to use app that keeps all your passwords, safe and secure in one place and also easily accessible across all your devices, with apps for desktop mobile and even Web access as well, this is seriously your techs best friend no longer do you have to worry about getting locked out of your account or having to reset your password, because you forgot it.

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That will undoubtedly continue to influence. Android phones is the existence, so i guess again the continued existence of apple custom silicon. This phone is supposed to be powered by the a15 bionic processor, its the most powerful, most efficient processor weve, seen in an iphone, and we know that apple has this want and need to have this crazy amount of control over their products. They want to build the hardware they want to build the software. They want to build and design as many of the components for their products as they can. If theyre able to really max out power and performance and efficiency and do things they wouldnt otherwise be able to do if they didnt sort of own most of the components that make it all possible and to be fair custom, silicon on the android side, isnt, really Anything new samsung, obviously is a huge phone maker. They make a bunch of android phones, they also make their own custom exynos processors as well. That is available in sort of varying markets around the world. But what about another android phone maker sort of making this custom silicon, making the hardware in the software and really trying to take the apple approach with their phones? Google looks like they want to throw their hat into the ring on this one with the new google pixel, 6 phones and their new tensor soc and again to be fair. Google has made their own custom silicon before even their own custom designed silicon for phones, but this is the first time that a google phone, a flagship, google pixel 6, is going to be powered off of their own custom, designed soc, that is the tensor processor.

In the new google pixel 6 phones, which google is touting as a really big deal, theyre, obviously touting the power and performance and the optimization and how they can do things on the pixel 6. They couldnt do before and drastically improve things like photo and video quality and im really curious to see how this tensor chip works, uh, what sort of images and videos its able to produce and how the pixel 6 sort of stacks up to future android phones and The iphone 13 as well. I, of course, will reserve judgment until those phones come out, but i am really curious to see how this continued influence from apple sort of uh owning the hardware and the software continues to go into the android ecosystem. Samsungs doing it googles now doing it and im curious to see if other android phone makers will do it as well and last, but certainly not least, android phones will undoubtedly be influenced by changes coming to the camera on the iphone 13 models. This year now were not expecting any drastic changes to the hardware of the iphone 13s camera, but its really with these new software features, you have things like prores video support, portrait mode, video, maybe an astrophotography mode, better, looks and colors and filters for your photos. This, of course, is again nothing new weve, seen this on android phones before, but apple has proven over and over again that its not about having the highest megapixel count or the most complex camera, setup or array, or even just having the craziest camera system, but its All about how you optimize and use the hardware and the software and im really curious to see how these new features affect uh different android phones will apple sort of push the industry forward by using maybe lidar sensors and lidar technology to sort of make this ultra Silky, smooth bokeh, esque portrait mode video on the iphone 13 pro and pro max.

Will we see uh prores sort of push other android phone makers to make similar codecs less compressed higher quality versions than what we have right now and, of course those android phones. Add more features and capabilities to their camera systems in terms of hardware and software im sure over the years we will see those features come over to the iphone as well ultra wide again, lg really pioneered that. Thank you lg, because i love the ultrawide lens on my iphone, regardless of what you think about the iphone 13 series this year and whether its a big upgrade or not. I hope we can all kind of acknowledge and appreciate all of the different changes in this industry. Again there have been moves that apple has made that have really you know, helped android phones become better and better and pushed phone makers to do things they might have. Not otherwise done on their own. At the same time, android phones have certainly introduced a lot of features with hardware and software that us iphone owners definitely appreciate and are happy to see on our phones and im curious. What are your thoughts on the iphone 13 series? This year, what do you think that apple will do with this phone? That could change influence affect the future of android for better or worse, or do you think the android phone makers are the ones sort of leading the pack and apples just following them? We can have a civil discussion down below on how you think the iphone 13 will affect the world of android.