Hi guys its Matt here. So can you believe it were in September now and the apple event is just around the corner now now straight away, this Apple event is most likely im going to shout out. There were going to see some new iPhones were probably also going to see a new apple watch and were also going to see a few other bits and pieces of apple hardware coming out. But one thing iIwant to shout out straight away its very, very unlikely. We will see any new macbooks imax or mac minis. At this event, anything mac related, probably is not going to be showing this event, because apple normally do kind of their mac events further on into the year, and that is what previous history has shown us now. The first thing, a lot of you guys are probably wondering, is when is this event going to actually happen? Well, a lot of leaks and rumors have been showing us that the actual event is probably going to be happening on september 14th this year, and this actually goes in line with quite a lot of events that happened in previous years, apart from the last year when There was delay on the iphone 12 release, and that was mainly due to covid, but apple had been ahead of the game this year and most likely most of the apple iphones will be coming out on time. This year, like they have done in previous years, so were expecting a kind of end september release but ill get onto that a little bit more further into this video.

But for the main thing right now, the actual apple event is planned to be tuesday. The 14th of september, and most likely it will be at 10 a.m, pst time so youre probably wondering what devices are probably going to be announced at this actual event. Well, first of all, like i said, the iphone 13 is definitely going to be the star of the show, but its most likely its not going to be. The actual first item is announced actually at the show. If you look at like previous years, they normally kind of talk about a smaller product or, as it were, not a less important product, but not the start of the show straight away. Normally, the starter show is normally left right to the end of the actual apple event, so expect the iphone 13s to be actually spoke about at the event right at the end, but most likely what we are also going to see at this event is going to Be the apple watch series 7.. Now, if youve been following my videos so far, you will know that this year the apple watch series 7 is going to have a brand new design. In fact, that design looks very similar to the likes of say, like the iphone 12 design. The more flat design, also the likes, will say the ipad air and also the ipad pro model since 2000, 2018 onwards, that more kind of minimal sort of bezel sort of design and not having kind of the round edge design more of a flat edge design.

And if you want more information about these apple watches, do check out my other videos on my channel skip, because i give more specific details about. It were also expecting to see a couple of other products at the apple event, and some of them will be some ipads, so were expecting to see the ninth generation ipad, and this will be built on the success of the eighth generation ipad that came out last Year were expecting one of a couple of things to happen now. First of all, one thing were hoping to see is an increase in screen design or the screen actual size on the ninth generation ipad. So right now the eighth generation has a 10.2 inch screen were expecting this to possibly increase up to 10.5 inches, and this will be exactly the same design as the ipad pro 10.5 inch and also the ipad air third generation. They both use the same kind of chassis, the same screen, but actually under the hood. The actual chipset was completely different for both of them and were expecting that this year for the ninth generation, ipad were probably going to get an a13 chipset put inside it. At least if we dont get the 10.5 inch increase in screen, but we just get a 10.2 inch like last year. The ipad, 8th generation and also the 7th generation have that same size screen at least well get a bump up in a more faster processor.

And this is the same processor that was put inside the iphone 11 and also the iphone se and its still a really really impressive chipset. Today we are also expecting to see a brand new ipad mini. The ipad mini has been waiting ages to be upgraded. In fact, it was upgrades about two and a half years ago now, so its been a long time coming now, if you again, if youve been following, my videos on my channel, were expecting to see a brand new design very similar to the ipad air. What came out last year, what was based on the ipad pro designs now basically were expecting this ipad mini to be literally a mini version of the ipad air that came out last year. So this includes a single camera on the back also the same time as well. A touch id standby button to unlock the actual ipad were not expecting face. Ids we actually put inside the ipad mini 6. but, like i said guys, check out my ipad mini 6 videos on my actual channel to get more information about this. But we are expecting these two new ipads to come along at the september event. So one thing that we will not see at the september event, but is something that were doing on this channel right now, and that is a giveaway and that giveaway is for this macbook pro that we have right here. Thats right im going to be giving away this macbook pro m1 and thats 16 gigabytes of ram and also 512 gigabytes of storage, as it is the more specd up, macbook pro and im going to be giving this macbook pro away to one lucky subscriber.

When we get over 230 000 subscribers, so its not actually that far away from now actually – but all i want to know from you guys is what are you planning to buy from apple in 2021, with the september release coming up? What products do you plan to buy from that actual event, or do you plan to buy something different? Let me know in the comments below and also at the same time as well, make sure you subscribe to this channel and also hit that notification bell, because when we get over 230 000 subscribers youll want to know if youre gon na be the winner of this Macbook pro also at the same time, while youre at it, if youre enjoying this video, please make sure you press the like button right lets get back to those features. The next product were also expecting to see is a refresh in some airpods. Now, when i say refreshing airpods, i do not mean the airpods pro 2. theres not been a lot of leaks and rumors to say that apple are working on airpods pro 2 to come out at this end of the year. There are loads of leaks and rumors. Saying it will be coming out next year in 2022 and in the early half of 2022, as well for all you airport pro fans out there, but the airpods themselves were currently on the second generation. So the third generation look like theyre coming out right now, and the great news is is that we have seen actual clones of these airpods from everything apple pro who actually showed off these a few months ago, and we believe its the same sort of situation.

Like the air tags, apple have actually been making airpods or the third generation airpods for some time and just been storing them up and waiting to release them at the right time, so were definitely expecting to see them being released in 2021 and most likely at the September event and, of course, the big product release we expect to see in the september event is going to be the iphone 13.. Now again, i have made loads of videos about the iphone 13 and it is definitely looking like its going to be coming out at the september event and then pre orders for the iphone 13 and then theyll probably start on september, the 17th. What is the friday after the tuesday event and most likely they will be released one week later on september 24th, so not that long now, until they actually come out now. I have spoken about many of the different features that are going to be coming out on the iphone 13.. Some of these include a 120 hertz refresh screen at last on an iphone a lot of our android cousins out there have these screens or even 90 hertz refresh rate screens. An iphone is still stuck on 60 hertz, so its about time were going to be getting this upgrade. We were hoping to get it with the iphone 12 and it never came so. The iphone 30 has got to have it this year. Also, the actual iphone 13 is looking like its going to be a little bit more thicker to accommodate that screen and also to accommodate slightly bigger batteries.

Again, ive spoken about this in a lot of my other videos about the battery sizes and also that 120 hertz screen so do check out my other videos about that. But those are some of the core big features. Other features include bigger lenses on the actual camera setup. It is likely that the actual cameras are going to be much bigger in the iphone 13 than we have currently on the iphone 12.. The actual square module on the back is looking to be even bigger than what we got on the iphone 12, and that is quite big already so yeah. This is going to be a massive increase in size. Other new features and changes coming to the iphone 13 is including a smaller notch. If you want to call that a new feature and also sort of a redesign face id to work, if youre wearing a mask, for example, if youre wearing glasses with a mask up or steam up, but what im going to be doing guys im actually going to Be making a more dedicated sort of iphone 13 video of basically everything that were expecting to see on the iphone 30 and im going to be releasing that in the next week, or so so make sure that you subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell. Because you want to watch that video, i guarantee you so, as you can see theres a lot of apple hardware coming out for the september event.

One of the questions ive also been asked is: do you think there might be two events or three events like? I did speak about earlier theres going to be probably a mac event later on in the year, but do you think the september event will also be split into another event and there is a possibility for that, but i personally dont think thats going to happen. I think theres only two events this year, one is going to be more towards all of these iphones apple watch, ipads and the airpods, and then i think, were gon na have the separate event for the mac. But you never know there might be a third event, because at the end of the day, apple did do three events last fall last year, so it could be done again. They could do a repeat of that. Well guys. It is also time to wrap up this video, so if you have enjoyed watching it, please make sure to press the like button and also at the same time as well. If you want to hear the latest apple news, reviews and comparisons, please make sure you subscribe to this channel and also hit that notification bell until next time.