Is it the Delta stimulus endgame, how we see this pandemic ending for real and how stimulus can actually make it happen? The 3.5T stimulus package confirmed to put food on your table and money in your pocket and for our finale. The latest 1000 stimulus check sent out to more than 1500 people. This week. Stay tuned to find out how to get yours. Now. Welcome. Welcome Youre watching the Ron Yates channel your number one source for daily dose of stimulus, US news and personal finance. Thanks for tuning and hey a big thanks for lighting up that like button, I promise you wont, regret it. THE PANDEMIC ENDGAME. Here we go guys. I still remember President Bidens speech on 4th of July declaring near freedom from COVID, but 3 months later. Here we are, hospitalizations are rising, indoor masking is back, and schools and universities are re, opening and reclosing. Crazy right Bottom line. The Delta variant really threw everyone for a loop and now medical experts dont want to commit to any solid predictions as to when itll all end., Instead theyre offering this view that herd immunitythe point where enough people are immune. That outbreaks automatically fizzle. Outlikely cannot be reached through vaccination. Alone.. This means were not really going to have that zero COVID dream of fully stamping out the virus.. Instead, the pandemic ends when almost everyone has immunity, preferably because they were vaccinated or, alternatively, because they were infected and survived.. When that happens, the cycle of surges will stop and the pandemic will peter out.

. The new coronavirus will become endemica recurring part of our lives like its four cousins that cause common colds.. That means most people will encounter it at some point in their life., But whatll be good down. The line is that SARS CoV 2, the virus and COVID 19. The disease can be disconnected from each other., Meaning vaccinated people will eventually inhale the virus, but need not become severely ill as a result.. Some will have nasty symptoms, but recover. Many will be blissfully unaware of their encounters.. Just imagine There will be a time in the future when life is like it was two years ago You run up to someone give them a hug, get an infection, go through half a box of tissues and move on with your life. Thats, where were headed, but Were not there yet.? What do you think guys? Can you imagine this in our near future Drop a quick comment down below. To get to that point well, need all the help we can get vaccines, masks and most interesting of all stimulus. Hear me out guys., As we can see now, unvaccinated pockets are still large enough to sustain Delta surges, which can overwhelm hospitals, shut down schools and create more chances for even worse variants to emerge. To prevent those outcomes, we need to take advantage of every single tool. We have at our disposal.. These should include better ventilation to reduce the spread of the virus, rapid tests to catch early infections and forms of social support such as paid sick leave, eviction, moratoriums and free isolation sites that allow infected people to stay away from others.

. Do you hear what these experts are saying guys? We need more stimulus if we want to beat this virus sooner rather than later., While were waiting lets get to talking in our community. Heres a recently trending question. I thought we could pick up here in our comments. Id love to talk with you more guys. Drop a quick answer to this in the comments below so we can liven up our community a little bit. Just check out how much the stimulus checks have helped out so far. For the first stimulus check, almost 75 used Or planned to use their stimulus payments for household expenses like food utilities, rent and mortgage payments., Then the spending patterns changed for the second and third stimulus checks., Approximately 20 spent or planned to spend their stimulus checks on essential expenses such as food and housing.. Americans instead chose to use their Economic Impact Payments to save for retirement or pay off. Debt. First Stimulus Check Spend 74 Save 14 Pay Debt 11. Second Stimulus Check Spend 22, Save 26 Pay. Debt 51 Third Stimulus Check. Spend 19. Save 32 Pay Debt 49. Whatever the case here were seeing the stimulus checks really help in peoples lives, especially with our expenses and debt.. Most importantly, the stimulus checks have a serious positive impact on poverty.. The 1400 3rd stimulus checks alone will keep 11 million people out of poverty. This year., A fourth and fifth check, could keep an additional 12 million out of poverty.

, Combined with the effects of the ARP direct payments could reduce the number in poverty in 2021, from 44 million to 16 million. PovertyisAPolicyChoice lets make this go trending, guys More on this Later, when we talk about the coming 3.5T stimulus package and how the Democrats confirm that itll put food on the table and money in your pockets., All that in just a little while. Were also doing our part here on our channel.. We just got a brand new partnership with meal kit maker, Hello Fresh to give you up to 14 FREE MEALS across your first 5 HelloFresh boxes, plus Free Shipping at, Thats right guys. All you have to do is put in our channel exclusive code RONYATES14, and you can already enjoy those 14 free meals when you try out their meal kits.. Each meal kit contains easy to follow recipes with clear nutritional info. Pre portioned ingredients straight from the farm convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in the fridge and overall, a fun cooking experience for you and the whole family thatll definitely make you feel unstoppable.. Also a small part of the proceeds will go to our channel. So this is another great way to support our channel and keep the Ron Yates certified stimulus info flowing straight to your screens.. Again guys. The code is RONYATES14 at Bookmark, the page now., More stimulus, related news. Consumer confidence falls to six month low as COVID infections. Soar., The Conference Board released figures this week, showing that its Consumer Confidence Index fell to 113.

8 this month hitting its lowing point in six months.. This covers consumers, evaluation of current business and labor market conditions and consumers short term outlook for income, business and labor market conditions.. Well, we cant really blame people for feeling this way.. According to this Concerns about the Delta variant and, to a lesser degree, rising gas and food prices resulted in a less favorable view of current economic conditions and short term growth prospects.. Their report also included a drop in consumer optimism for the short term business conditions outlook in August 22.9 percent of consumers believe business conditions will improve down from 30.9 percent in July, while 17.8 percent think business conditions will worsen up from 11.9 percent.. How about you guys? How optimistic are you feeling about our economy and the Delta variant Drop? A quick comment down below.. So what should we be doing with all this Senator Bernie Sanders says we should pass the 3.5 reconciliation package.. I hope you didnt miss my favorite part there, food on the table and money in your pockets. Thats. What Sanders and the Democrats are promising in this major stimulus, bill. And theres. Definitely a lot of stimulus here that could really translate into money in our pockets, paid sick and medical leave, reduced drug prices, Medicare expansion and the several tax credits that benefit low and middle income families, and especially those with children. Im talking about the child tax credit. The child and dependent care tax credit and even the earned income tax credit for those of you without children.

, Taking a look at how they might expand this theres Rep. Gwen Moores proposal to expand and modernize the earned income tax credit.. According to the proposals text, The maximum credit for single filers would rise to 4000 and married filers would receive a maximum credit of 8000. And much like the child tax credit. The earned income tax credits would let you get your stimulus on a monthly basis.. According to the text, The WRCR Act includes an option for recipients to receive 75 of their estimated credit. Monthly. Taxpayers may elect to receive the payments by direct deposit, low fee debit card or check. Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the Democrats on our side are really fighting hard for all this stimulus. Guys. Sanders recently spoke out against big businesses planning to lobby against this 3.5T stimulus. Deal., According to his Twitter account Yeah, not this time.. According to the article here, big business groups like Business Roundtable, National Association of Manufacturers and RATE Coalition are planning to campaign against proposed tax hikes in the spending package and other components.. Big names in the list include ExxonMobil Pfizer, the Walt Disney Company, Apple and Walmart.. But without those tax hikes were not really sure if we can get as much stimulus in this reconciliation bill., But you know what Im taking this as a good sign.. This just means this 3.5T stimulus package is the real deal and its showing because big businesses and big Pharma are starting to get scared.

. Otherwise, they wouldnt bankroll such a big and obvious propaganda machine against it.. Am I making sense here guys Im honestly getting excited over this as Im, seeing this massive stimulus package for all of us. More on this in our coming updates. Subscribe to the channel and click that notification bell, so you dont miss it., Oh and another thing not To miss is our urgent newsletter on gold. Investing.. Remember guys, when Wall Street is afraid, the world is dazzled by gold.. Just last year, gold outperformed stocks during the volatile year of 2020, with gold prices rising 24.6 compared with the 18.4 total returns delivered by the SP 500 index.. Really in this uncertain economy and volatile stock market gold is a solid part of any portfolio.. Just ask billionaires Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio both have a pretty big gold investment right now.. Could they know somethings coming here? Maybe theyre preparing for the Delta endgame Check out the newsletter in the pinned, comment below and grab your free copy, today. Or you can go and get it directly at BigEconomicAlerts.comReset, New 1000 stimulus checks have gone out to more than 1500 people this week, thanks to back To work bonuses in the state of Connecticut., Even better news, this is just the first round of the 1000 back to work bonuses for up to 10000 eligible applicants through Dec. 31., If youre in Connecticut and interested you just need to obtain and maintain a full time.

Job for eight consecutive weeks between May 30 and Dec. 31., You can complete and submit an application electronically to the Department of Revenue. Services. Dont leave yet guys, as a lot of other states are giving out back to work, bonuses., Arizona, the biggest one time bonus of 2000 for those who get a full time position and complete 10 weeks of work. 1000 for part time, workers., Montana and Oklahoma. Both offering a one time payment of 1200 Colorado 1600 to workers who began their jobs in May and 1200 to the ones who start work in June., Connecticut and New Hampshire, 1000 to unemployed workers taking jobs. 500 1000 as well for part time. Workers. Employers are also offering their own benefits and bonuses to get people. Target and Walmart recently announced tuition reimbursement programs to help employees with the cost of higher education.. Other employers, such as Best Buy Amazon and Facebook offer elder and child care benefits., Were also seeing wage hikes and signing bonuses. Papa Johns, McDonalds and Chipotle are just some of the restaurants, giving out pay hikes and signing bonuses.. Basically, what were seeing here is a better normal for working class Americans, especially since a lot of people woke up to the fact that the government and employers could offer so much more to the people.. Am I right guys Were keeping a close eye on this since Labor Day is coming up and together with that is the scary unemployment. Cliff.

New data confirms what most of us already know about ending unemployment.. You heard it right, guys. Its not really the unemployment benefits, keeping people on the sidelines. In case these governors forgot were in the middle of a global pandemic., Not to mention a scary new wave due to the Delta variant.. If you ask me, theres definitely cause to see hope in a renewal of these unemployment benefits., If not at the federal level, then at the very least, the state level. More on this in our coming updates. Guys.