How democrats are angling to pass not one but two. Fourteen hundred dollar stimulus checks into the 3.5 trillion dollar stimulus package, also the delta variant affecting the american people and our prospects for a fourth stimulus check and, lastly, news on the eviction moratorium and president bidens new pay raise starting january 1st, get excited guys on this Channel we cover all things: stimulus, the u.s economy, personal finance, all that right here guys – and i just want to say thank you guys so much for always watching and hitting that like button, it really makes my day. I really appreciate it hold the phones guys. This is not a drill. The democrats seem to be pushing for a new tax overhaul that could raise enough money for not just one but for two 1400 stimulus checks: fresh off a house vote to advance a 3.5 trillion dollar budget blueprint. Democrats are now drafting the massive spending package just in time for another vote these coming days. What theyre talking about right now, taxes now were hearing a lot of proposals to pay for this massive price tag like tax hikes on the wealthiest americans, investors and large companies. President biden proposed a 28 corporate tax rate higher than the current 21 level, but moderate democrats like joe manchin, are already uneasy and said that they prefer to see a 25 tax rate instead. Now the other side of this tax hikes coin involves partially rolling back. Some of former president trumps 2017 tax law, particularly the part that involves how the government taxes us based multinational firms depending upon the location of their headquarters and where they earn their profit.

Senators ron wyden of oregon, mark warner of virginia and sherrod brown of ohio are taking the lead here. This week the trio released a draft framework to end incentives for companies to move operations out of the u.s and encourage them to expand. Domestically now were hoping that this would stem the flow of tax money going abroad and instead keep it right here in the us. Now, at the same time, itll boost our countrys tax income to raise as much as 800 billion dollars, thats enough money from the federal government to finance two 1400 stimulus checks. Just like we got from the third stimulus check package back in march, heres, hoping for you guys. What do you guys think about this one? Should we tax these big companies for more stimulus, drop? A quick comment down below now with midterm elections coming soon multiple stimulus check proposals are on the table and these lawmakers are looking to be reelected ill, be honest with you guys, im, probably more optimistic than ever, that we will actually see additional stimulus checks being sent Out im, just a glass half full kind of person now, in the meantime, lets stay as healthy as possible by eating healthy foods and thank our video sponsor. Hellofresh hellofresh offers a wide variety of quick meal options like 20 minute dinners or even oven, ready. Pizzas, hello, fresh, makes living healthier easier with many low carb carb smart vegetarian and pescatarian options every week, plus every recipe is packed with fresh produce sourced directly from farmers.

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Teachers 500 for part time taxes, some local school districts are providing their employees with stimulus checks in the form of retention bonuses in the dallas suburb of irving. The bonus is as much as two thousand dollars in nearby denton teachers will receive 500 and a two percent pay increase if they return to work in the fall for the 2021 2022 school year. Several texas school districts have also approved pay raises for educators. Instead of direct payments now keep checking our latest news updates as states counties and cities are still deciding whether to spend their federal stimulus aid money on stimulus checks for residents, hit the subscribe button and ring that notification bell. That way, you dont miss out also check out our giveaway the special report on gold investments, valuable information right there guys just hit the link below in the description or ask the pin comment down below. You can also hit the website directly by going to big economic alerts. Dot com forward, slash gold calls for more stimulus are getting louder as the delta variant rampages across the united states. Senator ron wyden of oregon, chair of the senate finance committee, is all in on renewing jobless aid. Now, according to him, i dont see it as likely that congress will extend the 300 weekly supplement, but i think there is some reason we need to be talking about the extra weeks and particularly this expanded universe, the gig workers. I definitely think thats worth a discussion id like to figure out a way to build a permanent unemployment system for gig workers.

I think that was perhaps one of the most important things we did in the first stimulus bill. I think we have some work to do here. Treasury secretary, janet yellen, as well as labor secretary marty walsh, have ruled out an extension of the pandemic jobless aid programs. Now, at the same time, they mentioned that states could actually use funding from their 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package from the third stimulus check package to support unemployed workers. Now, according to them, there are some states where it may make sense for unemployed workers to continue receiving additional assistance for a longer period of time, allowing residents of these states more time to find a job in areas where unemployment remains high. And so what this means is that states can use their part of the 350 billion dollars in state and local aid from the march stimulus bill in order to fund unemployment. Benefits. Lets add this to our list of stimulus to watch out for guys, especially since the latest pandemic data is really getting serious out here. New infections, average 155 000 cases a day, thats a 21 increase in just the last 14 days and as the situation gets worse, more and more people are turning to the government for much needed help. The petition for two thousand dollar monthly stimulus checks is now sitting at 2.8 million signatures, just a stones, throw away from the 3 million signature mark. Now, according to the text here, it took nine months for congress to send a second stimulus check and just moments to spend moving forward.

Congress needs to make recurring stimulus, checks automatic if certain triggers are met and were waiting around for the government to send the help. We need its also very important to note that the white house has not taken the fourth stimulus check totally off the table. During a white house press briefing press secretary, jan saki, she told reporters that the president is happy to hear from a wide range of ideas. What would be most effective and whats most important to the economy moving forward in a separate briefing, she essentially punted the responsibility to congress by saying that well see what members of congress propose, but those are not free. Stick around for this one, as president biden just announced, a new emergency pay raise starting january 1st, find out the details in just a little while that definitely raises our hopes, as the delta variants really taken a toll on our nation covet, patients are overwhelming hospitals from Coast to coast driving the summer surge, the delta variant, which a new study finds more than doubles the risk of hospitalization for the unvaccinated ers like this one in atlanta, are turning ambulances away its difficult at this point to find a single hospital thats, not on some Type of diversion in seven states, more than 90 percent of icu beds are full alabama. Has zero beds left in its icus, prompting a rush in vaccinations? I had cove at once, and i dont have no intentions of kitchen again.

Nationwide deaths from covid are up. 355 percent, since early july, louisiana hit a record high this week in south carolina. This funeral home has never seen more covet got. His vaccine at des did almost 60 stress not only on us, but the families we serve, but there are stories of survival hi im, dr ralph. I admitted you to the hospital one of colorados. First covet patients returned to serenade the doctors who saved him the biggest. Thank you that anyone can give their health care providers to go, get their covered back seat, its hurting the economy. A lot now, according to a recent survey, 45 of restaurant owners are unable to pay rent in august. This is up 5 versus july numbers now. Lets think about this for a second 45 of restaurant owners are unable to pay their rent. Well, guess what if they cant pay, they rent theres, no restaurant. If theres, no restaurant theres, no jobs, lots of people could be affected by this theres. Also, very scary, news popping up like theres one about the school teacher that infected half of her elementary class on may 19th, one teacher in marion county california, elementary school who was not vaccinated against the virus, began feeling fatigued and had some nasal congestion. She pretty much blew it off as allergies and just kind of powered through it, while she was usually masked. She made an exception for story time so that she could read to the class.

Two days later. It was confirmed that she actually had the virus and half of her class of 24 students had been infected, nearly all of them in the first two rows of her desk and the outbreak had spread to other classes, siblings and parents, including those who were fully vaccinated. So this is just proof that, just because youre vaccinated doesnt mean you cant get the virus. Still a simulation posted this month by a cdc, funded lab predicted that in elementary schools, without either masks or regular testing, more than 75 percent of children might be affected. With the virus, in the first three months, the surge of the delta variant has forced dozens of school districts around the united states to postpone their return to the classroom, frustrating millions who have been eager to return to work. Now some areas are pressuring the fda to authorize the vaccine for younger children as soon as possible. Now, according to dr fauci chief white house, medical advisor, our kids may have to wait until around thanksgiving. We are now doing studies that are ongoing, as were speaking studies that are looking at what we call age de escalation, children from twelve to nine and then nine to six and then six to two and then six months to two years. We hope that, as we approach the end of this calendar year, well have enough information to vaccinate children of any age, so im quarterly optimistic. We might be there by the end of the year.

The one thing we want to make sure is that we dont declare victory prematurely and feel that, because things are going in the right direction that we dont have to keep vaccinating, people were on a really good track now to really crush this outbreak and the more People we get vaccinated the more assuredness that were going to have that were going to be able to do that. Economists say its difficult to know just how many people have been forced out of the labor market, especially because of child care responsibilities. But 1.6 million americans were out of work and did not search for a job in july because of a reason related to the pandemic. According to the labor department, really guys, my stimulus sense is tingling on this one. I think we may see something happen pretty soon. With unemployment before the labor day, expiration watch out for that in our coming days. Definitely more on this very soon eviction moratorium update congress is under new pressure to help keep millions of americans in their homes after the supreme court blocked the bide administrations latest eviction, moratorium house, speaker nancy pelosi, said in a statement on friday. Congressional democrats have not and will not ever accept a situation of mass eviction. We will continue our work to ensure that families suffering hardships during the pandemic can have the safety of a home. We also work with the communities to ensure immediate disbursement by states and localities of the over 45 billion dollars allocated by congress for rental assistance.

According to recent census, bureau data residents of several million households are concerned that they will have to leave their homes due to eviction. In the next two months, white house, press secretary jensachi, said in a statement after the supreme court ruling that president biden is once again calling on all entities that can prevent evictions from cities and states to local courts. Landlords cabinet agencies to urgently act to prevent evictions. Progressives ayanna presley of massachusetts, corey bush of missouri jimmy gomez of california and alexandria, ocasio cortez of new york led more than 60 house democrats on friday to call for an ambitious legislative solution. Now this was called on from house speaker, nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer. Their letter said we implore you to act with the highest levels of urgency to advance a permanent legislative solution in a must pass legislative vehicle in order to extend the life saving federal eviction, moratorium for the duration of the deadly global health crisis. Now, its definitely looking like an all out hands on debt kind of situation right here with this eviction, cliff right in front of us were expecting a breaking news. Update on this story, pretty soon dont miss it guys in my future videos. Finally, we have president bidens pay raise announcement starting january 1st and its for federal employees. Now dont leave yet guys well talk about how this could possibly lead to a nationwide minimum wage increase right down the line so keep watching.

President biden announced friday that he is giving all civilian federal employees a pay raise effective january. 1St pay will increase by an average of 2.7 percent overall, that includes a 2.2 increase in across the board. Pay and locality pay increases of half a percent on average. He also cites us codes which allow him to increase pay if he finds such action is appropriate because of national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare. Now, in comparison, the increase is greater than the raise federal workers received this year when former president donald trump raised federal workers pay by one percent on average, without an increase in locality pay. President biden also signed an executive order in april. That requires federal contractors to pay employees a 15 per hour, minimum wage by march 30th of next year. Now, of course, companies are definitely going to be taking a hint from the president and will probably look at raising their own companys minimum wage companies who have already raised the minimum wage to 15 per hour. They include bank of america best buy chipotle, costco mcdonalds target under armour and wells fargo. Now, congress may not pass a federal minimum wage increase, but the american people are already taking it into their own hands, never settle for less guys and like what we always say here. Poverty is a policy choice and so is stimulus more on these seamless programs. In my next videos and check out our other ones on the channels playlist, all of our top hits are: there got social security, rental assistance, student loan, forgiveness and even credit card hacks.

So go ahead, jump right into your favorite playlist, oh and dont forget to grab your free copy of our special report on gold investments, its exactly what you need to get started on your financial freedom journey ill drop, a link down below in the description as well As in a ping comment, you can also go to big economic alerts: dot com forward, slash gold – that was your daily dose of your stimulus news on the two thousand dollar fourth stimulus check and other important headlines. We covered how the democrats are angling to pass. Not just one but two 1400 stimulus checks into the 3.5 trillion dollar stimulus package, the delta variant affecting the american people and how our prospects for a fourth stimulus check are more likely and, lastly, news on the eviction moratorium and president bidens new pay raise starting january 1St want more stimulus, hit the subscribe button, dont forget to hit that notification bell, and once again i just want to thank you guys so much for hitting that like button, i really appreciate the support im really excited to see you guys on the next one.