This is the last california edd unemployment, news release before benefits are set to expire. This saturday september 4th, and in this news release, the edd announced that over 2 million californians will be losing all of their unemployment benefits. When the pua unemployment program and the peuc extensions end this saturday and an additional 500 000 people will be losing the 300 weekly boost, so they will have reduced incomes after this saturday september. 4Th remember if you are on a pua unemployment claim that is going to say, program, type, disaster, assistance or dua under your program type, if youre on the peuc extension that is possibly going to say extension tier 2 or extension tier 2 augmentation. Those programs all end. This saturday september 4th the 300 boost and your weekly benefit amount. If that is your program type, if your program type says fed ed, that will continue through the week ending september 11th as long as you havent used all 13 weeks of benefits. Yet there is a possibility if you qualify to be rolled over onto the fed ed program that is supposed to happen automatically. If you qualify for it, but again thats only one extra week of benefits. It will not include the extra 300 a week boost and there is still no mention of an unemployment extension happening. If your program type says i you will be able to collect benefits until your claim. Balance hits zero, but again after saturday september 4th.

It will no longer include that extra 300 weekly boost the exact number of people who are set to lose their unemployment benefits. This saturday is 2.2 million people just in the state of california, that will be losing all of their unemployment benefits and just to kind of put that in perspective, californias total population, including children, babies, kids under 18, people who are retired. Our entire population is ‘.5 million people and for 2.2 million of us to be losing our unemployment benefits, that is one out of every 18 people that you see walking along the street. One out of 18 of those people is not going to be getting. Unemployment benefits anymore and when we add in the half a million people that are going to be losing the extra 300 weekly boost. That number increases to 1 in 15 people who are going to have a reduced income as a result of our government. Not extending unemployment benefits and in terms of dollars and money, the loss of the 300 weekly boost alone will mean 810 million dollars less in income per week, or about 3.5 billion dollars a month in lost income, because the federal government hasnt extended our unemployment benefits. Those numbers are truly devastating when i hear them, but again i dont want you guys to lose hope. I want us to take action. Please tweet at gavin, newsom use the hashtag extend edd. Please sign jenny silvers petition to gavin newsom trying to bring attention to the fact that we need to extend unemployment benefits.

I will link that for you guys in the description down below and lets get into the california edd news release. I will screenshot it up above and i will link the edd news. Release in the description down below the edd, reminds californians about ending federal unemployment programs and highlights other vital benefits that continue. Sacramento edd continues to remind californians that most federal, extended unemployment programs expire september. 4Th and the federal state extended duration fed ed extension ends september 11th september. 4Th 2021 at 11. 59 pm is the expiration for most federal unemployment benefits, pandemic unemployment assistance, pua pandemic emergency unemployment, compensation, peuc pandemic, additional compensation, pac also known as federal pandemic unemployment. Compensation fpuc supplement thats. The extra 300 a week boost mixed earner, unemployment, compensation m e. U c thats the extra 100 a week boost to those who qualified who had mixed income due to w 2 wages and self employment federal rules allow those who still have fed ed weeks available to continue receiving benefits as late as 11 59 p.m. On september 11, 2021. Similarly, if a claimants peuc benefits end september 4th and that person has not already had a fed ed extension and now qualifies for, one edd, will transfer them to fed ed until september 11th, and they have said in a tweet that that will happen automatically. But with the edd weve seen it not happen automatically in the past, so it wouldnt. Surprise me if we need to call to have that extension added, if you think you might be eligible claimants, should continue to certify for benefits if eligible any weeks of unemployment that occurred before these programs expire can still be paid retroactively.

If a claimant is later determined to be eligible for those weeks of benefits, so if you have pending weeks for dates prior to september, 4th the edd should still pay you out on those as long as they find out that youre eligible it just might not happen Before the programs officially end, they can still pay you out on those later. The federal government does not allow benefit payments for weeks of unemployment, after federal unemployment programs end even if claimants have balances left on their claim. So that doesnt mean that your pending weeks, prior to september 4th wont be paid. But it does mean that, even if you have a balance on your claim, if you are paid out under any of the program types that are expiring, you will not have access to their claim balance to collect any of that money and the edd will not be Paying it all out in a lump sum either that money is essentially forfeited and returned to the government and its the federal government that doesnt allow them to continue to pay out your claim, even if you have a claim balance so its not something that the edd Just decided not to pay us on that is mandated by the federal government that theyre not allowed to do that. A person who has no income in the past 18 months does not have enough wages to qualify for a new, regular state unemployment. Insurance claim edd has a calculator to estimate any potential benefit available.

I know a lot of you are wondering once these programs end. Can you just file a new claim and you wont, be able to file a new claim or even try to file a new claim until your benefit year is over? But if you havent had any wages these last 18 months, youre also not going to qualify for a new claim and if you are self employed or a gig worker. Those benefits arent available. Because that was made possible by the pua unemployment program, which is ending on saturday, so unless youve had w 2 wages in the last 18 months, you wouldnt qualify for a new claim. The federal programs extending unemployment benefits in california expire for an estimated 2.2 million people. Another approximately 500 000 californians will continue on regular state unemployment insurance, but without the 300 federal pac supplement edd is sending claimants whose federal benefits are ending a second round of notices this month with links to other vital benefit programs that continue beyond september. 4Th additional public benefit programs, while the federal programs extending unemployment benefits in california expire. This month, the american rescue plan and california comeback plan substantially expanded other vital benefits that continue to help eligible california. Families edd is supporting a partnership hashtag together. We benefit with other state agencies and departments and county and community organizations to actively raise awareness about these other benefit programs. Guys. Please explore these programs as well. Please dont be embarrassed to reach out for help if youre confused about how to get this help.

Let me know about which programs you need more information on in the comments and i will prioritize making those videos first for you, over 234 dollars per person per month for food via calfresh get or by phone at 1, 877. 847, 3663. Music, ill. Read that again, three 1, 877, 847, 366, six, three and the website is get whether a person is working or not. So, even if you return to work part time, you should still see if you qualify for food assistance at Money for rent and utilities, including 100 and utilities via housing is key at housing is or by phone at 1, 833. 430. 2122. Again, 1. 833. 4300, two one two, two and the website is housing – is key dot com. I also wan na say if you go to the website, if you have made paying your rent a priority and youre not yet behind on paying your rent. If you just use the website its going to appear that you might not be eligible to receive rental assistance or rent relief through that program, however, i spoke to somebody who runs that program and they said that, if you call you can ask for help with assistance And rent relief for future rent and that they are often awarding up to three months future rent. So please call and explore that option to see if you might be eligible for that benefit, free or low cost health insurance through covered california or medi cal coveredca.

com or by phone at 1, 800. 300. 1506. Once again, 1. 800. 300. 1506. The website covered californians, who received unemployment insurance in 2021 may be eligible for covered californias, best coverage for a dollar a month, individuals already enrolled in medi, cal or a covered. California. Health plan should report any loss of unemployment benefits to covered california, because this will lower health coverage cost so guys as soon as saturday rolls around on sunday call covered california. If thats, who you have your health insurance from and let them know that you have a reduced amount of income so that they can lower that cost for you, cash aid for families with children, cal works through county human service agencies at, where people can also Apply for food assistance, calfresh and free health coverage, medi cal golden state stimulus payments for millions of qualified residents who file taxes, even if not required by phone at 1, 800 845 6500 filing taxes may also qualify you for the child tax credit under the american rescue Plan this summer, edd posted links to these vital benefit programs on ui online, the unemployment insurance online portal, the referral links through ui online boosted food aid, applications to calfresh by over 125 000 applications and represented nearly 20 percent of all applications, highlighting the value of cross Agency collaboration, a video with information about these benefit programs, is posted on youtube fact sheets with information about how to apply for these programs are available on the edd, federal provisions for unemployment webpage in armenian english korean simplified chinese, spanish tagalog, traditional chinese and vietnamese edd provides Resources to help people find jobs and job training at the job seekers returning to work web page.

This includes cal jobs, one of californias largest job boards, with more than a million job postings from over 30 thousand employers. Fact, sheets with additional information are available in armenian english korean simplified chinese spanish tagalog, traditional chinese and vietnamese californians can also access services at the states. Job centers, the number of people filing new regular unemployment claims each week is down 66 29 707 since april 2021, 87 672. The combination of new and reopened unemployment claims 67 224 is down 54. Since april 2021., 145 367.. The standard one week waiting period for new, regular unemployment claims resumes for claims after september 7th as well, so guys we havent talked about the waiting week this whole time, because that was waived. So what that means, for example, i became unemployed on monday march 15th. Normally, the edd does not pay you for that first week of benefits, but because the waiting week was waived, i started receiving unemployment benefits for that very first week, the very day that i became unemployed, but now the first week that youre unemployed. Essentially, if you need to file a new claim, you wont receive benefits for that week. Mixed earner, unemployment, compensation, application assistance following junes launch of the mixed earner, unemployment, compensation, meuc application edd, is processing and paying thousands of applications. Claimants have until september 6 2021 to apply meuc payments are retroactive to december 27, 2020 and eligible claimants can receive up to a total of 36 weeks of payments.

These benefits are payable for any weeks in which an individual was unemployed and met requirements, even if they have since gone back to work. Individuals who have difficulty applying or believe they are eligible to apply and do not have a personalized application link will be able to contact edd at a dedicated meuc telephone line. This telephone line should not be used for regular unemployment claim inquiries and for whatever reason they didnt include that phone number. So i will link the video with that phone number in it. In the description down below work, sharing program, application, improvements for employers edd created an online resource for employers who are reopening business and hiring including a fact sheet, with information about the valuable, no cost programs, resources and services available. That fact sheet is also available in eight languages. Edd took action to strengthen the states work sharing program, an innovative unemployment insurance program that helps employers with reduced business, keep valued employees who would have been laid off during the pandemic and avoid the cost of recruiting and training new employees when conditions improve. The department has automated application processing of working sharing plans and weekly certifications to make it easier for employers to participate. The federal government fully funds the program until september 4th when federal unemployment benefit programs are scheduled to expire. Employers are encouraged to apply now for this valuable program september. 4Th is also the expiration date of the federal program that partially reimbursed employers who do not contribute to the states, unemployment, insurance trust fund, which means those employers will resume paying the full cost of benefits paid to former employees.

All right – and that is the end of this weeks – california, edd unemployment – news release guys the channel is not going anywhere. I will continue to be here for you im currently going live every sunday at 11 a.m and monday at 9, 00 pm. I am not planning on changing those days or times or going live anytime soon. So, if you have questions, you just need to talk. Youre worried, youre frustrated, hop on and let me know about it during one of the lives the channel will continue. I will continue to try and help you guys the best i can um. Let me know what you need in the comments down below. Thank you guys so much for watching shelleys millions.