Sean layton reveals why he left sony, interactive entertainment and an alan wake. Remaster leaks online and it looks like its coming to the playstation consoles. All this and much much more in todays edition of the salty playstation news report lets get into it. Music, whats up playstation nation in todays, first story im pleased to bring some fantastic news to the playstation nation. Just to let you guys know, our voices are heard when we stand up for what we think is not right when it comes to being a consumer weve. Seen this multiple times in the industry, i felt like it was important to make a video regarding the playstations lies and mixed messaging. Regarding the playstation 4, the playstation 5 upgrades, i got a lot of blowback from playstation fanboys, telling me to just close my mouth and stop whining and just accept it, but no thats, not how i function. I want to let you guys know that i keep it a hundred regardless of the company. This is a playstation channel and i do report playstation news, but i am going to call sony out anytime. I feel like theyre doing something thats unacceptable, and this was just another case of that. So to catch you up just in case youve been living under a rock on thursday playstation announced horizon forbidden west special editions and pre orders. One of the controversial things that came out of this was that there was no ps4 to ps5 upgrade path.

Essentially, you have to pay 80 to get the deluxe edition in order to be able to upgrade to the playstation 5 version. I made a video you guys. Can go check that out talking about my displeasure over sonys mixed messaging and lives because months ago playstation and jim ryan came out and said dont. You worry guys with this cross. Gen situation were gon na, have a free upgrade path for you guys. We have. You covered, but they did go back on their words. Like i said, what was important is a lot of playstation fans and gamers around the world, took to social media and spoke about their displeasure in regards to the situation and guess what happened in a matter of days, sony comes out on a playstation blog and they Officially announced the changing of the pricing for the ps4 to ps5 upgrade for not just for horizon forbidden west, but all future games going forward when it comes to cross gen games. This covers the base 60 version of the title on playstation 4 going forward. Sony has confirmed that all first party titles going forward on both the playstation 4 and playstation 5, will offer a 10 upgrade path. This includes the already announced gran, turismo, 7 and god of war ragnarok, which are examples of cross gen titles itll also cover any first party playstation title that its crossgen in the future were having a playstation showcase and im almost 100 positive.

That theyre going to be announcing new games. So if those happen to be crosston, which lets be honest, theres a good chance of that considering chip shortages and the fact that playstation 5s will be scarce into 2022 and 2023. Potentially crosston titles are here to stay. For a while, unfortunately, but its good, that playstation nipped us in a butt and they stopped the mixed messaging. They said that they were wrong. They admitted that going forward. Playstation gamers are going to have a clear idea of how to upgrade from playstation 4 to playstation 5. playstation 5 games are 70. Playstation. 4 games are 60 dollars. Youre gon na pay a 10 upgrade fee to get the playstation 5 version its simple. This could have been done from the beginning, but they decided to take the hard route pause, whats important. Is they directed their mistakes and going forward this isnt going to be a situation? Like i said in my previous video, i have a playstation 5 and i could have easily just sat back and said nah this doesnt affect me. I already have my playstation 5, but thats not how i operate. First of all, this is a playstation channel and i thought it was important for all the people that dont have a playstation 5 and i know theres a lot of you guys out there to cover the bases there, because i just didnt like what was happening there. I felt like it was scummy, so i hope you guys understand that im going to keep it real on this channel, this isnt a shield channel im not going to tell you what you think you need to hear or tell you things that the company tells me To tell you, because i you know, signed a contract with them.

This is how i have always run my channel, and this is how its going to go in the future. I hope you guys appreciate that, but let me know what you guys think playstation reversing course on the upgrade cost from playstation 4 to playstation 5. lets talk about it in the comments section in other news, former playstation boss, sean layton has finally revealed why he left The company so abruptly almost two years ago, playstation boss sean laden abruptly announced on september 30th, 2019 that he left the company. But he didnt reveal why he departed and this confused a lot of playstation fans because they liked sean laden. They still liked sean laden and he remained quiet on the subject regarding why he left people were speculating. What happened behind the scenes. But now, almost two years later, sean laden in an interview with bloomberg revealed why he left playstation, and this was to avoid burnout and to put good pin in his legacy at the company. If you guys arent familiar sean laden was at sony, interactive entertainment, not just there but sony in general for 32 years. Imagine that some of you guys arent even 32 years old, he was there longer than youve been alive. This is what he had to say about the situation, its a young persons activity laden said. I felt this is a good time to put the pin in my legacy. Layton explained that in the years leading up to his departure, he had helped the company release.

Some of the highest rated games of the entire generation, he noted horizon zero dawn and got a war to bloomberg. He said that leaving playstation when he did, which happened to be the year before the start of the playstation 5 generation, came down to good timing. He said that it seemed like a good time to step off the top and allow another generation to take the playstation 5 to market bloomberg asked leyden if his departure had anything to do with the current playstation boss, jim ryan. In light of the rumors that the two didnt gel leyden said he wouldnt get into specifics there, but laid in simply answered. I think i took my time at the moment. I saw best to take it and i couldnt be happier honestly the way he answered that question kind of opens it up for you to think about what happened there, and i do think that there was a difference in philosophy and ideology between laden and jim ryan And i think the company wanted to take a different approach in terms of strategy and the way he talked about it. Obviously he cant say everything got to be political here, but i think it worked out best for him and for playstation, because playstation is doing very well right now and sean layton is doing well hes now serving on the advisory board for streamlined media group. So it was the best decision for both parties, even though a lot of gamers miss mr laden.

But what do you guys think of what he had to say in this interview? Do you guys buy it? Do you miss him lets talk about it and, in the last bit of news, alan awake, which was released in may 2010 exclusively for the xbox 360.. A remastered version of alan wake is rumored to be making a release on october 5th, the same site tracker that discovered a listing for final fantasy vii remake on the epic game store found alan wake remastered listed there. So you got to take it with a grain of salt, but taiwanese websites have it listed for an october 5th release date on the xbox series x, playstation, 4 and playstation 5. rumor. Has it that a possible alan wake sequel is in the works, as remedy has moved into full production of an unannounced project being made with epic games? Publishing remedy has a two game deal for epic for a triple a multi platform game and a new, smaller scale project set in the same franchise, and if you guys have played control, they had the dlc for alan wake. So it just kind of makes sense with this company to do something like this, because alan wake is extremely popular theres been so many people asking for a sequel on xbox, but since xbox showed no interest in making a sequel for that or quantum break, it seems Like theyve moved on, and you saw that dlc in the multi plat game control, so it looks like theyre gon na be doing a sequel to alan wake.

In addition to this remaster, i personally did not play alan wake back in the day. Just kind of passed me by i had it on my xbox via backwards compatibility, but i went in there and it just never clicked with me, maybe because its old, the controls as such, so maybe if the remaster hits just right ill pick it up. But i want to hear from you guys: are you guys alan wake fans? Would you want an alan wake too, and are you going to pick up the remastered version in october? If it becomes true lets talk about it, but anyways thats it for todays edition of the saltys playstation news report, i hope you guys enjoyed it. I enjoyed making it if you guys are new, make sure to subscribe, hit the bell icon. So you can stay up to date with all things playstation and playstation 5.. I hope you guys have a great day have fun gaming and, as always, stay salty.