This is adam carlick from figured out productions. The following video is a video of some kind and i hope you enjoy it. Hey guys its adam here and look what finally happened. Yes, i was able to finally get a playstation 5. uh. This took a ridiculous amount of time um, but i was really insistent on getting this at best buy and ill elaborate on why that is towards the end of the video uh. But, as you can see, i was successful and with that the mission is accomplished. Ive successfully acquired ps5 at a best buy, but now that ive got it its time to do an unboxing of this, and i will be doing a review in a separate video. I i its just its kind of funny because traditionally on this channel id like to do the unboxings and the reviews pretty much as soon as the console comes out, but in the case of the playstation 5. As you all know, the things like borderline impossible to get uh and i i did admittedly make it harder on myself, because i was very particular about getting it at best buy um, which was funny because a lot of people tried to help me get it. Uh. Jake randall whos, a great guy uh, has a twitter account who is hes one of those guys who constantly keep track. You know keeps track of when ps5s drop and he kept trying to help me out with it, but we just werent having any luck with that.

Gamefly, oddly enough, the rental company they even rent, they even reached out to me specifically like hey. We have a custom thing: it wasnt, even just a generic ad. It was like hey. We set up a thing for you uh. If you want, we have ps5s in stock and you can buy one off us and i was just like no. I have to do this through best buy, which again, i will explain at the end, but all that sort of stuff aside. It is time to finally go ahead and unbox this thing and take a look at it. Now. Ive already got a couple of games for it. These were uh. I got these uh. Actually, i think, lodmot a guy in my discord, hooked me up with the demon souls there and im pretty sure i bought this um. I dont even remember to be honest with you, spider man, miles morales, which i have not opened either of them, but well do that uh towards the end as well, probably but the console itself, the piezo resistance. Uh lets, take a look. So this is the physical edition uh the disc edition. This is not the digital one. I would not get that um and yeah. It is in the boxes, look in great shape, im, just kind of basking in the fact that we finally have it, but um yeah man lets just go ahead and get started so on the back here.

Uh, which seed looks like that im sure youve seen a million unboxings of this thing at this point, but hey. Why not another one uh, but on the back you can see the console says play like never before um and it has much information about it, including you know. It uses ssds and blah blah blah, whatever 825 gigabyte model, which is strange number i mean we all know why it is now its basically a 1s a 1 terabyte, but you dont really get that much of it. So theyre scaling it back, but whatever doesnt matter were going gon na go ahead and cut it open here so doing that we now lift the lid and the box kind of folds open a little bit, and it looks like one of these where you kind of Have to lay it down so lets do that uh inside we just kind of pull it to release the console. Well, the secondary box do my best not to damage the main box or the exterior box its one of these box situations where its a box within a box boxception. Nobody made that joke before, but anyway. So now we have this box, which is much less exciting. I think thats it yeah on that side. It actually has the playstation logo, but this side is the one where we open it so well. Do that lift that up there and then slide that out up there like that, and we can start to see thats another box.

This feels like a cosmic joke um, but okay, so well kind of let that out a little bit im gon na. Do it this way because it actually wait a second, no no were gon na do were gon na do a little smarter than that. Never mind were gon na lift this up and inside we have the power cable, which is one of those standard figure. Eight power cables which im happy about. We have the controller which well open up in a second as well as things like guidebooks and uh manuals, and so on and so forth, which probably not going to read any of that. But whatever behind that little cardboard thing. We have a usbc cable, which is, of course for the controller that was a nice noise wasnt. It take that cardboard flap out and we get a couple more things: the hdmi cable, as well as the little stand, the very controversial stand, but lets go ahead and take a look at it there. It is thats we use to mount to the bottom of the playstation 5 to keep the console standing upright um, and then you know what lets before we get to the console itself. Lets take a look at the controller now the controller i. This is not the first time ive held one, but it basically is um, because ive held one at like a best buy on those kiosk units, and some of my friends have had ps5s and i was just like: oh, you know ill hold it for a second, Its, i think, its actually a very nice controller um i mean obviously i havent done anything with any prolonged gaming sessions, but i think its pretty good, so thats cool, um moving on take that out lets see get that and now the content.

The box is becoming kind of back heavy, so lets get the main piece out. If we can alright come on, go gravity, go there. We go that is heavy. Okay, now get this box uh out of the way, because theres nothing else in there. We have these. Like eggshell cardboard edge, things get those out of the way and then, under that we have the console, which is wrapped up in this foam stuff. This foam wrapping. Basically, we remove that and underneath well have the playstation 5. there. It is the disc based ps5 get this stuff out of here, um its nice to see. Obviously it is still a ridiculously big console. The biggest playstation console sony has ever made in my review. Ill probably ill do like comparison, shots and all that sort of stuff, but just kind of admiring the design uh. I do like that, like indentation, that theres a hole in the plastic, essentially that makes the playstation logo uh the fact that it says sony kind of engraved in there is nice theres. A couple of little touches like that throughout that i think, are neat and then, of course you got the disc drive there, yeah so im going to get the mount installed, which i think in order to do that, theres, this little plastic piece yep there. It is you take that out of the bottom there, and then you have to clasp this into place, which i think goes in through the back just like that, although i think youre supposed to rotate something.

This is oddly complicated, so we move well. I might have to figure this one out later, actually because im not entirely certain off hand what youre supposed to do to get this to connect, but i can swear that youre supposed to do something. Whatever im going to deal with that later, thats not worth dealing with right now, but uh yeah ill mount that later, but there you go theres the playstation 5. uh lets take a look at some of the games there. We have uh spider man miles morales. This is the launch edition, which obviously i didnt get at launch, but well just go ahead and take a look: um theres, a gold edition of this, where it came with basically a dlc code to get uh. This ps4 spider man game for the ps5, its a digital, only build, i guess its just like the same game running at like max settings or whatever um. This is not that this is the standard edition that includes a code for extra content within this game, which im obviously not going to show you uh and then its got a ps5, disc, so very cool. And then we also got demon souls which again was a donation to the channel from lodmot. Thank you again, a guy in my discord, uh, taking away that plastic wrap there to the side and there we go demon, souls open it up no manual or anything like that. Just the disc but thats nice demon souls so very, very cool im.

Looking forward to checking this out tinkering with it and, of course getting back to you guys with a review so now you know looking at it its got two: the super speed, 3.0 usb ports on the back broadband port hdmi out and then the figure 8 style Power supply the front has uh, it has a usbc port as well as a standard. Usb looks like 2.0 port, although its got a little charging indicator so im guessing thats. Its intended purpose is just for charging controllers or whatever, probably the same with the usb port, but not entirely certain at the bottom, the little eject button, as well as the power button, and i believe you lay it this way if memory serves correctly um, although im Actually, not even 100 sure of that so ill have to double check. I think thats how it goes, though, um actually based on the artwork. Yes, that is how it goes. So the disk drive is down like that yeah that matches its just that the frame thing isnt on it, so it doesnt sit quite right, whatever strange design – and we know now that uh, the disc drive was truly an afterthought, which is why theyre, probably their solution To all this was uh throw this. In that way, it can kind of sit right actually, to tell you truth, i dont really know why you need to vertically obviously can stay up, but whatever ill probably still add it regardless, because they did actually include it but anyway.

So i like the design – i think its cool its nice to actually have it, but lets talk about why i was so particular about getting this at best buy um, so heres the thing uh, my mother, passed away last year and im sorry, i bring that up A lot its just, it was obviously a very difficult thing for me to deal with um, but it was over a year ago now and when after she passed away, i became responsible for dealing with closing things down like her credit cards and so on and so Forth now you know if you spend money with a credit card uh you can, depending on what type of card you have. You can build up points that can be used for, like you know, cash back or um. I hope you hope you enjoy that guys. Car just as much as he does um it can be used for things like cash back or it can be used for gift cards whatever so as im shutting it down. I realized that my mom had accumulated a whole ton of points, because she was the type of person who just really kind of kept the same card in the same program for years, but really never went to do anything with that those points she never cashed them Out and they dont really expire, so i was like okay im gon na cash, those out for a best, buy series of best buy gift cards uh and at the time i had intended to pre order, the console well famously.

I could not do that. I was unable to ever secure one and i kept trying and kept trying every time they did console drops. I would try and it would always fail when i tried to get one through best buys website this time. Of course it was successful, but anyway the reason i wanted to use those gift cards wasnt merely because oh look, its pre paid. I dont have to deal with it. I mean that was a nice little bonus, but if im honest its because that is in a way my mom buying me one last console, which was a big deal for me as a kid you know, thats how i got my video game consoles thats. What got me into video games really was her being cool enough to be like im gon na hook you up with this um. So this is now the last time if you want to think of it. That way that i get to experience that and im not gon na lie thats thats kind of emotional for me, im im trying to not show that, but it is uh, so it its nice that i can um. I can have that in that. In that way, um, but yeah anyway, um so that thatll do it. For now im like i said i ill ill come back at you guys with a review or i i check it all out and stuff like that um but yeah.

If you guys do me a favor um, can you please, like comment subscribe all that sort of stuff check out social media stuff in the description, um, twitter, instagram, facebook, discord? Patreon. All that i appreciate that um anyway.