This is very, very bad. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the channel and im back from a life is strange. Video, happy september. My friends, it is life is strange month. At last, we are nine days away from the release of the newest installment in the franchise. Life is strange, true, colors and before we get started with the topic of this video id like to have a couple announcements. So this friday, the 3rd of september, a week before true color, is releasing. I will be doing a beginning of a marathon. Yes, so, every day, up until pretty much the release of true colors ill, be playing through the entire life is strange franchise. Once again, if you missed all my old walkthroughs theres playlists on the channel, you can check them out, but were gon na play through the entire series live. I also will have a big announcement on friday that i will be letting you people on youtube know about, but make sure you follow me on social media. So you dont miss out on that. Its gon na be a pretty big announcement, so other than that life is strange. True, colors is coming and well be doing a full walkthrough starting september 10th. I think were going to be splitting it into chapters ill talk about more about my plans. Um as we get closer and closer in videos, um, not many days left, so i know i havent gotten many theories out that id like to but expect a couple more videos as we get closer close to release.

But with my you know, consistent streaming that im gon na be doing every day its gon na be hard to upload as much as i want to, but ill still try to get a couple more videos on true colors out before and remember. We also have the wavelengths dlc on the 30th, so a lot of content coming this month in regards to life is strange. So if you guys do enjoy this video, please be sure to drop a like and subscribe. If you are new to all post notifications, if you are excited for life, is strange through colors and are interested about this videos topic and please be sure to join about the 30 of people that are subscribed by hitting that red subscribe button. So lets get straight into the video, so yesterday i ended up waking up from an app. You know: im just getting excited for the new life strange and everything, and i ended up finding a tweet on twitter. That someone tagged me in saying that life is strange. Is getting a tv show and i was like how have i never heard of this? It was titled sean mendes. You know you know shawn mendes, im assuming majority you do. Boards legendaries life is strange series as executive producer, shawn mendes, the singer executive producer. This is weird im. Thinking like that, doesnt make any sense, and you know i ended up doing some deep dive research into this, and i found out that this was a series that was announced not last year, not 2019, but five years ago, 2016 july, this was announced over five years Ago and they have never even gotten any work on it, i was like hmm, you want to know some more context.

I hadnt even started my youtube channel. When this was announced. I started august 8th of 2016., so i wasnt even on youtube, so its crazy. This is the first time ive ever heard of this and its been five years since this was announced and theyve done. Nothing so first lets discuss the news, then were gon na have a little. You know a little rant, probably about what what exactly theyre doing here, because i dont like the direction this is going in based on things i know now so: award winning singer songwriter shawn mendes, along with andrew gertler, his partner at paramount content, have come aboard. Oversea music for the series, which is being developed by legendary television and dj to entertainment, also coming on board to kickstart. The project which legendary picked up in 2016, like i said a year after the game, was released, is anonymous content the banner behind buzzy series. True, detective and 13 reasons why, among many others, so you see this is weird its been five years and they finally are now gon na start doing this, but its just i dont, know shawn mendes. Really life of strange is more known for indie music. I think – and you know letting lesser known people get their spotlight thats really. What i love about the music in life is strange, is iconic. I dont know if shawn mendes is gon na, be able to do that, but again id have to wait and see on that and based on the reception, ive gotten ive, seen on twitter and everything from all this announcement.

People are not excited for this and listen. I know what its like trust me: life is strange fans uh. If you guys may have watched my walking dead content. You know skybound recently produced a comic called clementine lives, which was a complete disaster. I could say in the completely betrayed my favorite character, one of my favorite characters in gaming, clementine and her character arc and now theyre, making three more books. So you see what i mean when you know something i essentially love is getting ruined its not a good feeling, and this potentially could be another disaster and im not very excited for this im, not gon na lie. It is. It is a little exciting, of course, but they could potentially f this up pretty bad and i mean pretty bad. We know most video game adaptations to tv or movies do not end up doing well. I know the last of us another game. I cover is doing a tv series as well and im very excited. You know they put a lot of money in that and hbo. It seems like theyre going doing all this stuff, but again potential. You know i dont know so. If yall remember michelle koch, the co game director of life of strange one, two hes, basically one of the hens now at dont nod, you know, remember: dont nod the creators of life is strange. They made life of strange one and two in captain spirit.

He basically had a pretty interesting response to this announcement yesterday and lets discuss it. I said how did i just find this out? He responds i did too the own co game. Director said this uh, oh and his next response. Well as precision i heard like four years ago that the rights might have been optioned for a tv adaptation but thats all. I had no news until i read the same news as you guys yesterday, so yeah. This is very, very bad and not looking very good, so i dont know what square enix is doing not telling the own co game. Directors of life is strange about this, not good screenix does, and he did like a couple tweets saying that you know he doesnt, like the direction scoring x, is taking with the series so yeah im a little nervous, uh. Well, a little. Maybe a lot um. So not not good signs, not good signs at all. If youre, a fan of life is strange, so im, assuming that this series will probably come out in 2023, thats – probably my guess since now it seems like they finally greenlit it and were probably gon na, hear some big news about it. Pretty soon might even hear from the official life of strange accounts, so i would stay tuned um. Let me know your thoughts about this. Obviously you know i was excited at first, but after finding out and researching all this uh, no im not im, not as excited as i once was, and im pretty nervous about this, so um.

If you guys did enjoy this video, though, please be sure, to drop a like and subscribe. Well, have some videos on true colors in the coming days as we get ready for the release, as well as be sure to follow my social media stay connected with us, and i want to thank you all so much for watching and please square enix shawn mendes. Whoever else i have to say, do not f this up, please weve already seen enough things get ruined all right. So thank you. So much for watching have a great day and ill see yall later peace, Music.