I had three questions. One is spreading. Actually an effective way to lose fat now. Of course, nutrition has to be on point for this to actually work as fat loss is determined by whether or not youre in a caloric deficit. All the spraying in the world will not lead to fat loss if im eating recklessly ill discuss my nutrition a bit more further in the video two. Is it safe to do this much springing? I already know that many people who dont sprint regularly are concerned about whether or not a regular sprint routine will cause any pain or injuries. Three can sprinting replace the gym entirely. I dont plan on giving up weights and the gym, but it would be cool to find out if and to what extent sprinting could substitute everything else i was doing previously. These are three rules i set for the experiment, one. I can only use my environment. This means i cant purchase any equipment. I can only use the tools available around the city of new york that are free and open to the public two. I will train for no more than three hours per week. Each sprint workout will be limited to one hour. The reason im doing this is because not everyone has the time or the desire to drink for hours and hours and hours, three most important rule of all only sprinting is allowed. This means i cant perform bodyweight exercises or even do any other form of cardio.

That may supplement the spring training, drills and movements that are or resemble. Sprinting is okay. On day one, my body weight was 117 pounds, which translates to 53 kilograms, just kidding thats my cousin of scale, not me. My actual starting weight was about 162 pounds, but i wasnt too worried about the scale, because im focused on looking and feeling good, not about hitting a certain number only reason im, even showing it is because i know people will be curious and im gon na get Asked about it anyways. I calculate that i begin around 15 to 18 body fat. Part of it was that my workout routine fell apart when kovic shut down gyms for months. Part of it was that i knew i wanted to do this experiment and make a video of the weight loss anyways by day three. I realized that i had to plan my days carefully. Otherwise, this experiment was going to fall apart, entirely Music theres, a bunch of rainy days ahead, so to make sure to plan my spring workouts around them. A little bit of rain is not a problem, but i wanted to avoid running in heavy rain by now. You might be wondering if i had any plans of setting any personal records in terms of sprint times. The answer is no, at least not in this video, by the way in case theres, any confusion when i say sprinting for an hour im referring to the length of the entire workout, including warm ups, drills, sprints and the cooldown.

I wouldnt do this exact workout. Every time, but i would do it about every 10 days, its day 10, as i was coming over here, i was thinking i dont have anyone to time me and i dont have some sort of electric timing system in order to make sure that i can keep Track of progress after a proper warm up and doing some drills im gon na give myself 30 minutes and im going to see how many 200 meter sprints. I can do within that, given time frame im a bit nervous, but im about to set the timer lets go Music all right. I just completed number five and i got that cramping on my sides. So i say you know its game over im, pretty happy with five. Oh, she could have got six, but now i know what my starting point is and i know what to work towards and what to eventually beat for those curious by day 12. I was already at about 159 pounds, thats three pounds in about two weeks, thats roughly about 1.5 pounds per week. At that rate, i was confident that i would achieve a decent amount of fat loss by the end of 60 days by day 15. I took out the track specs, but the nature of the design carbon fiber plate, the thin, soles and lightweight masks. Once you take these out. The intensity of the workout automatically goes up a notch. I didnt take them out before, because i was building up my feet.

Ankles and calves to become stronger in order to handle a more intense workload from the spikes. This day consisted of working on starts over and over which, for me, is honestly a weak point, and even though im not planning on competing any races anytime, soon, theres a lot of benefits from improving the start. That makes them worth doing even for a non competitive sprinter. What good is to have stamina speed if you cant even get into your run fast enough? For example, this could benefit a basketball player going around a defender or even someone taking a dog on a walk that suddenly drops the leash the same day began using the spikes. I also began massaging my foot with a small ace ball, because, although i didnt have any issues, i did feel the muscles on the bottom of my foot becoming tighter and tender as the days went on. Apart from this, i had no issues and thats, because i approached my training in a very specific way. My usain bolt video. I discussed how he didnt even train on the track, all the time and often would train on the grass to put more work in with less impact on the joints. The surface on which you sprint is critical by d21. I saw that, although i was making progress, i wasnt losing fat at a rate that i was excited about. I concluded that the main reason for this was because my nutrition was not on point, which makes this a great time to talk about how i was eating in the past.

When ive been on diets, i relied heavily on cutting calories, which works ridiculously well and im. Not against it as long as your calories are coming from high quality foods, but doing that all day makes you feel like an accountant, thats obsessed with food labels. Maybe it wasnt the best idea, but this is the first time i want to try out losing fat without canning calories as well. The reason why i want to do this is because something else that appeals to me about springing – and maybe others as well, is the simplicity. You can perform one single movement and get all these benefits. So i wanted to see what would happen if i kept my nutrition simple. The problem is, i was enjoying summer too much and having too many cheat meals. So, as i got closer to 30 days, i knew i had to scale it back. If i wanted to lose fat at a reasonable rate, if you start alone thats ideal, because you dont depend on anyone else, however, if you can bring a partner, it makes things much better. Training with a partner makes the workout much more fun and intense as im editing. This video im currently training with a high level sprinter from jamaica and the workouts are very different. These sprint sessions are 20 physical and 80 mental, but you dont need a pro to come out and train with you. You just need someone who has heart and is willing to push themselves physically and mentally during the experiment.

I was traveling around a fair amount, yet this did not interfere with my training at all and heres. Why? Right now, im in new jersey im on a trip from this beautiful hill outside the house, which i can use to work on my starts and it shouldnt take long. It shouldnt take more than 30 to 45 minutes to get this workout done, and i can move on and hang out and have fun for the rest of the day with spreading. You have to depend on anything outside yourself to have a solid, workout and switching up locations keeps things fun, thats the magic of screening, even though i dont have a problem being consistent. Ive found that my workouts are much better when im working on something new and im, much more excited about my training. So right now, with the biggest show, there is right here in new york city, at least from what ive seen and were gon na do sprints. As the sun sets, we get the city right there in the back its gon na look dope. The plan right now is to sprint from the bottom to about this point right here where the crosswalk is on camera. It doesnt look too crazy, but trust me this is a steep, steep hill. Throughout this challenge, i can honestly say that i found some new spots around new york city that ive never even knew existed before, even though i grew up here, but even if youre, not in a major city, theres got to be some locations near you that either You havent found yet or havent sprinted on that may be fun.

This could be near a lake in your town or maybe a steep hill by your house. I read recently that they built a 200 meter track on a roof. So, no matter where you are theres a way to get it done. It turns working out from another item on your to do list to a reason to get out of the house and explore your area while at the same time giving you flexibility to get it in a workout. When you have a lot going on, but dont feel like going very far by day 33, i was 158 pounds. I lost four pounds in one month. This may not sound like a lot, especially since theres so much noise in the fitness industry. That makes both promises about losing fat in a short amount of time. The reality is that losing fat isnt. The problem problem is keeping the weight off. In my experience losing about one to two pounds per week, depending on how much body fat you have has always resulted in a successful transformation, so stink assistant was actually never really an issue because it was only three times per week and im, not gon na lie. Creating this video did help, keep me accountable as well. I know, keeping yourself accountable is hard if youre someone who struggles with this, i highly recommend getting a partner to train with or reach out to me. If you have any questions check the description in this video for more info on day 46 over six weeks into the experiment, i waited now 156.

On day 47, i found a sled available for free to the public. In the beginning of this i said one of the rules was, i can only use my environment and cannot purchase anything if you find something around where you live. Its fair game were making the world our gym. At the end of the day, at pier 40, they have a soccer field and in the lower level they have this football sled, which you can use its free to get inside and its free to use a sled. As long as no ones using it, you should be able to use it as well. Some of you who live nearby may already know about it, but every time i went it was empty. So, im assuming its not that well known time to answer the three questions that had set at the beginning of the experiment, starting with, is it safe to do this much sprinting? Fortunately, by the end of the experiment, i had no injuries. No aches no pains not even shin splints prior to starting this. I had some issues with my knee, which i had just taken care of, and my knees felt great week after week with no problem. I have a video on how i fix and strengthen my knees, which you can find the description after you finish watching this video. The next question, which im sure everyone wants to know, is sprinting actually an effective way to lose fat.

What im, showing you are realistic results for someone with average genetics heres how my physique was looking after 60 days, with only three hours of spring training per week, without counting any calories. Overall, i would say sprinting is for sure, an effective way to lose fat, even if you dont have tons of experience in sprinting and only commit to a few hours per week. It may take a bit more time if youre looking for a gym shark sponsorship, but if your goal is simply to get rid of a dad bod and look good at the beach in a fun, simple and efficient way, theres no better way. This leads to the final question of the experiment: can sprinting replace the gym entirely? In my experience, if your goal is simply to look better than the average person at the beach feel more confident and have more energy for all kinds of extracurricular activities? Yes, sir sprinting can replace the gym entirely. If your goal is to build the best physique possible, then i believe the ultimate strategy is to combine sprinting with lifting weights and plyometrics thats, how elite sprinters train – and, in my opinion, that is the ultimate combination. Now that this experiment is over, i intend, on focusing on both behind the scenes, im designing the ultimate program for building a sprint physique, a program that can be used not only for speed but also losing fat and building muscle through sprinting, lifting and proper nutrition.