The best you can now, unlike some of the folks who are out there, selling books and charging a fee for conferences im not here to twist scripture im, not here to get anything out of you. I just want to offer you the same advice that ive offered to hundreds of people around the country over the years. It comes from a life verse that i have now. If youre in the christian world, you understand the concept of a life verse its one of those verses that really grabs you holds on to you and you use it as a foundation for everything that you do. All of us have different life, verses verses. That mean something to us, but the one that means almost everything to me comes from the book of ecclesiastes and in there solomon gives this incredible piece of advice in chapter 9, verse 10., its one that ive taken to heart – and i can tell you based on What the scriptures teach and, on my personal experience it works. It doesnt make life easy. It doesnt always make life fun and exciting, but it is a foundation upon which, regardless of the situation that im in i can do the best i can with where im at i want to pass it on to you. The verse says, whatever you find to do. Do it with all your might, for there is no activity, no planning, no knowledge, no wisdom in the grave, where youre going sounds kind of dark, doesnt it as americans.

We want to ignore that, because the last line death – none of us – want to face death. Others dont know what to do with the verse, because it says there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where youre going and they dont want to have to try to make this verse fit. Our understanding of the afterlife solomon in that in that book is very clear that he believes in an afterlife and even in this verse we get a glimpse of how all of that works. But solomons advice is basic. Its foundational and itll provide for you, the things you need to do right here right now to enjoy life to get the most out of life while youve got it because, while there is an afterlife and were all going to give an account, truth is before that Time comes were all here right now trying to do the best we can and solomon gives us some great advice. Three things. First, give give it your all, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Did you catch that? A lot of us dont really enjoy life. We dont find a passion in anything because were just trying to get by. We do the bare minimum, whether its in relationships or employment, social services, whatever it is, that were doing. We just do enough to say we did it, but if you really want to get the most out of life, give whatever youre doing at the time everything youve got.

This goes from everything to walking the treadmill the gym something i actually know nothing about, because whether its something as simple as that or building a relationship with your spouse, give it everything. Youve got put your heart into it, pour your life into whatever youre doing at the time. People often tease me personally because whatever im doing at the moment is literally the only thing that matters in the whole world, if im with you at that moment, and what, as one of my friends, often says, when youre alone with steve hes youre, the only person That matters, but as soon as he leaves, you probably wont hear from him again till next time. He runs into you the reason for that isnt because of my adhd, which i have the reason for that is because i have learned to develop the biblical technique of giving life everything ive got, and so, whatever im doing at the time is the only thing im Doing – and you need to do that as well begin to focus on what youre doing college student youre doing homework ive been there a lot give it everything you got. College student homeworks done youre hanging out in the quad with friends, give that everything youve got live. Your life with passion, for what youre doing, even if you dont particularly enjoy what youre doing give it everything youve got. The second is in this verse as well get into your present.

Did you catch that? Not only give it all you got but get into your present notice, the line for there is no activity, planning, knowledge or wisdom and shield in the grave. A lot of us fail to enjoy where we are right now because were stuck living in the past. You think about covet and all the restrictions and things are going on, so many people are still focused on what it was like before covet. It was great, but thats gone might come back, it might not, but if you spend your whole life living in the past, the relationship you used to have with somebody the job you used to have the way you used to enjoy this that or the other, but Youre physically unable to do anymore, if youre, constantly living in the past, you dont have the emotional energy to live in the present others fail to enjoy, where theyre at right now, because theyre always living in the future. One day when i win the powerball one day when my spouse finally says im right one day when my kids are out of the house one day, one day, one day one day and they never enjoy now because mentally theyre waiting for something else, we dont know What tomorrow holds what we have is here and now today and so get into the present, spend your energy right now enjoying and going through difficult situations. Now, when you do that, all of a sudden, the past as good or bad as it was, was what it was and you build on it.

The future may or may not be better or worse, youll, wait and see, but for now youre living in the present and when you are present the reality of that begins to come in and it changes your presence. That sounds like a sales technique. The simple fact is when you and i live for today today and let tomorrow worry about itself all of a sudden. We begin to see all of the benefits and the blessing today has to offer so give it all. You got get into your present and finally go forward, knowing that your life has an expiration date notice, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, because when you die thats it now dont misunderstand me: dont, misunderstand solomon: he nor i are saying Thats it you just go to dust, there is a judgment day. There is an accounting, and there is an eternity after this, but when we go forward knowing that what we have now, we might not have in the future, it allows us to enjoy it to respect it and to value it more. My wife and i ride a motorcycle and we recently went on what ive been calling the epic journey. 3 500 some miles on the bike together. The reason we did it was too one were living in the present. We wanted to do it. Two, whatever were gon na do were gon na do with all of our might.

We gave it everything we had, but three we know very well that there is coming a day when physically or perhaps financially were not going to be able to do that, and so the things we do now we do because we dont want to look back and Say you know what we should have done? We want to look back and say: do you remember when we did, and so with regard to the relationships you have quit living in the bitterness of what happened in the past live in that relationship, knowing that it has an expiration date and value and enjoy and Build on it now so that when the expiration date comes, youre able to look back and say what a great relationship ups and downs, but overall, that was a good ride. Instead of you know what i should have done with regard to how you treat people its going to have an expiration date, there are moments for us to reach out and be kind. There are moments for us to go selflessly, serve others and then theyre gone dont. Come to a point in your life or you look back and say you know what i should have done instead be able to sit back and say you know what i remember when i did you want to enjoy your life, the best you can you want to Get the most out of your life. Solomons advice works for you give it all.

You got get into your present and go forward, knowing that life really does have an expiration date. When you live with that kind of focus and passion during the good and the bad times, youre going to be able to look back one day and say you know what it might not have been a perfect life, but what a great ride it was whatever youre Doing today remember this because of jesus life is good.