Only market and theyve got 400 000 compromised machines inside companies ive heard about this before, but they have their browser cookies, their logins and fingerprints for impersonation they say, but its got saved cookies and saved credentials. So i think you could um log into services like slack and such and then imitate people. They found someone in the ministry of internal affairs for georgia with credentials for a mail server for one dollar, so that would appear to make it seem like you could send mail from uh inside that company ive heard about this for years, but i havent seen such Nice, clear screenshots and everything of exactly how it works yeah anyway, um so thats, interesting stuff, its a been sort of well known fact for a while that machines inside every company are for sale, so heres uh some response from customers considering what they think and the Number of android users that would like to switch to apple has dropped greatly like by half, because apples, big sales point for years has been their extreme position on privacy. Oh and i see i havent got my camera working. Let me see if i can fix that. I remember i have to go here and then come back all right. Just a moment: uh huh. There are a few problems here there that might make it better come on, come on there, thats an improvement anyway, so um apple was so extreme about privacy. They wouldnt.

Let the fbi get into the phone of a dead terrorist, claiming that theres, somehow somebodys privacy still involved and now theyre putting a back door in the phones to scan the photos. So people are getting upset and it is a very strange position for them to take capital was always real, real stern about privacy and now, for some reason, theyre putting in the back door now. One thing i heard is that there was recently a study showing that there is really a large amount of child porn on cloud services and phones, and perhaps that had some impact on tim cook. But it is a surprising back door. After going all the way to push to the supreme court to fight putting in a back door now they just put in a back door so and heres another one. Um apple lets people chat about things at work, but not about comparing their pay. They do not want them discussing what other people make or whether they pay women the same amount as men. They banned that and they said the reason they had to ban. It was because of the terms of use for slack for use at apple, but those terms of use were written by apple, so this is a very disingenuous attempt to avoid explaining why they did that uh. These people think that probably is illegal, which is interesting, that it institutes, like suppression of a union or something. I myself am very surprised that anybody would want to discuss a topic like that on an official company server um.

It would seem to me that thats, the kind of thing a union should be discussing and it should be on some private thing not associated with the company. It is a rather strange idea to discuss something which is almost certainly going to be uh. The sort of thing the company wont like on official company servers, but anyway they claim that right and they uh theyre fighting to get that privilege. So google has delayed their back to the office everybodys getting pretty upset about um delta. I think they were gon na make everybody go back uh in october, but now theyre gon na put it off till next year and heres delta. This is the united states cases per hundred thousand cases per million and, as you can see were in just since july and august we have become the world leader again in covet um. Of course you know, i wondered how much i should panic and not go out anymore and stuff, but then this is really cases not deaths. Vaccinated people still have a less than one percent chance of getting coveted, apparently and a very small chance of getting hospitalization or death. So um im beginning to think that we need to do what um some other nations ive read about has done. We just need to start opening everything up and going back there and accepting this its never going to get any better its never going to get a lot better.

Kobe is going to be with us forever and were just going to have to get used to masking and other things like that, but we might as well get together and do things we all went to def con and as far as i can tell, it was. Okay, so uh one issue is opening up schools. Of course, city college is still shot this semester and they havent even decided if theyre going to open next semester, of course, at city college theres a special problem that nobodys in charge but um. In any case, i think we need to open up the schools and everything and just implement other precautions, because i think its not going away but well see um. It presumably will get somewhat better when we have a lot more mass mandates. Now that we have the official uh fda approval, san francisco is having strict mass mandates. The federal government is, some airplanes are pretty soon. You know its going to become very difficult to live your life without getting vaccinated and that will apparently provoke maybe about half the unvaccinated people to get vaccinated, but that wont be enough to get rid of it. So robinhood is the trading app that makes it a fun game to trade stocks and become extremely popular among young people, uh largely to their detriment, because it secretly charges you fees by selling your stock order flow and, as far as i can understand this, they arrange People to essentially man in the middle of your purchases, so the prices you pay for things are a little bit higher than they should be.

So they have a concealed pricing structure thats how they make all their money. They do not have a transaction fee. They have a hidden transaction fee, you cant see yeah well as people say hand washing. I i dont think hand washing uh is relevant for covert real. I think it spreads through the air, although its good for other diseases anyway um so uh. The securities exchange commission has said he might ban this practice of selling order flow and that would greatly impair robin hoods profit model. Well see what comes to that. I was pleased to see this. The national security agency has posted an updated document explaining their position on quantum computing and quantum cryptography, which are very important and ill talk about in a lot of detail, i think in a 141 class uh cryptography class but its useful. They explain what quantum computers are and what this thing a cryptologic cryptographically relevant quantum computer, is quantum computers compute using very different fundamental operations on qubits, which are strange things theyre very different than a normal bit, and the process processes they perform are very different than a Normal bit and they can solve certain problems much faster, but there is no computer right now that can actually do that, its all just theoretical there are prototypes that are so slow and noisy that they cant really do anything spectacular, but if they were to get a Whole lot better, then they could crack our public key encryption schemes, and so they talk about this and uh talk about the new quantum cryptography schemes that are being developed, that to resist quantum computers and a lot of other good stuff here, such as quantum key distribution And so on, so well talk more about that later, but um in the other class, but i think its nice to see an official document from the nsa about this all right and so that i think its time for the official stuff.