Thank you very much for watching this video and welcome to ipo market watch. The channel that covers every single ipo initial public, offering plus some specs direct, listens, plus extra stocks and plus cryptos. We cover everything but guaranteed every ipo, so guys if you want, if youre new – and you want to know about ipos guaranteed, then subscribe to this channel. So we need to talk guys. This is actually an amazing video. I really like this video. I, like the content its not because i made it, but i like it, so we need to talk big upside potential. This is a stock that has a huge, huge, immense unthinkable potential and what it can do and where it can be as a stock and as a company and so on. At the same time, it hasnt proven itself one hundred percent, all right, not a hundred percent, not in the majorities. You can save the percentage, wise and so on, but lets look at it and then you guys can. Let me know in the comment section below what you think ill tell you guys my opinion also guys were going to talk about quantum computing quantum computers, cyber attacks that have that are are done using quantum computers and so on right. So recent advances in quantum computing right could make it easier for hackers to crack the security codes that protect the privacy of peoples data because quantum computer skies work very differently from normal computers.

Even the greatest of normal computer. You can get quantum computer is infinitely well infinitely thousands of times better, so thats a major concern for security experts, big advanced hackers, really good, advanced hackers, getting something in their hands, some really good quantum computers and they will be able to unleash immense amounts of destruction. With their cyber attacks, so there is a company. Now, though, that says that we are the answer, we can stop hackers who will use quantum computers to conduct their cyber attacks. Uk. This is a uk based, startup company is called arkit and he claims its technology allows users to secure their network devices against super sophisticated cyber attacks that are coming from quantum computers. Quantum encryption technology company arkit is going public by combining with a spec thats back is since centric is acquisition. Corporate was announced back in may of 2021. c e n h is still the ticker symbol that you would have to type to find this because you, its still trading under the spark, but in september, coming up in a few days uh. It wont it will no longer be cenh and it will be officially the publicly traded company called arkit with its own ticker symbol. So quantum computers are no longer guys a science fiction scenario. They exist theyre here. Progress in this field is rapid and most tech giants are working feverishly on quantum computers, arkit, which will soon be listed on the nasdaq stock exchange, promises to dramatically increase the security of computing and telecommunication networks using its own quantum cloud.

Quantum encryption method which protects all networks even from quantum computer attacks, so you can see that this is significant and it comes at a time when the world, especially in the united states. Cyber attacks are big right and we do know from. If you look at professional analysts, reports and forecasts for the next decade that cyber security companies will have a lot of business in their hands and a lot of cyber security stocks will do quite well. So how about our kit, which is one step ahead in as far as them being able to defend you from quantum computer cyber attacks? So quantum cloud delivers the most effective, efficient and secure form of encryption to your device anywhere in the world. They say quantum computers, or rather computers, that work with quantum technology have been described as one of the most promising fields of modern technology by many experts, scientists, investors, journalists and many others. The fact that the building block of quantum computers, the equivalent of a bit in traditional computers, is the qubit all right quantum bit that can take infinite values between one and zero. So quantum computers can take infinite value between one and zero, as opposed to bit which the traditional computers use. They can only take two values, one or zero right, and the ability for q bit to receive this number of values makes quantum computers much faster, as they can perform an a much larger number of operations than traditional ones and ill.

Give you an example. In a little bit, so you can understand the difference between traditional computers. You can take like youre the best one against a quantum computer. So arkits technology rests on inventions in two domains. The transmission of quantum information over fiber is secure, but only at limited distances. Satellites can transit can transmit quantum information over long distances, known as satellite quantum key distribution, but the previously known protocols for qkd these satellite quantum key distribution have major implementation flaws. We dont do qkd, we invented our own quantum encryption methods which are trustless and pro pro pro, probably im. Sorry, secure arcade has invented a new quantum protocol which solves all the problems the world knows about, and here we can see arkit and babcock sign collaboration, agreement for government and defense market, which is a plus, and it kind of gives you something to um rest upon, Because if youre going to invest in a company, you want to see something you want to see that they got a product out, they got some sales, they got something you want to look in. Something will help you feel better, psychologically, more positive about making that step to invest, and this is good all right, so arcing and back sign collaboration agreement for government and defense market, and it says here that arkit limited a leader in quantum encryption technology has entered into Collaboration agreement with babcock international group, the aerospace, defense and security company. The agreement will see the two companies jointly test and experiment with a range of use, cases, scenarios and practically and practical applications for government and defense customers to demonstrate the encryption capabilities of market and if our king, this was on august 24, 2021.

So should arced. You know amaze them, then you can rest assured theyll, be uk government funded projects contracts even from the usa also lets look at an example of what the best traditional computer can do against a quantum computer. It is typically reported that quantum computers, a that a quantum computer that has been built already by google researchers with 53 cubits, managed in three minutes to complete calculations that a traditional computer would do in 10, 000 years, yup, 10, 000 years. So thats. The big difference between traditional computer – you get it how much better quantum computers are, but if they fall in the hands of hackers we got a problem. Our kid says: dont worry, i can deal with them. So, of course, as scientists and researchers working on the project, uh on the subject, point uh point out that the commercial circulation of quantum computers is still not easy, since they are still quite unstable and there are no suitable microprocessors at some point. They will be, these things will all be sold, if not already so. This does not mean, however, that quantum technology is not already in use. A typical example of its use is the rumored involvement of quantum computers in attempts to illegally enter computer networks, as their high computing power allows them to more easily breach security systems. So arkit, which well soon see which will soon see on the nasdaq, is trying to use quantum computing technology in a good way.

The uk based company has developed the quantum cloud platform which the company claims is revolutionizing: the security of all types of networks and interconnected devices, so quantum cloud their product always according to arc. It provides those who use it a level security incomparably higher than the existing corresponding products, eliminating the need to use special devices and relieving them of the constant anxiety about whether they can trust their online partners. Quantum cloud creates disposable cryptographic, keys that cannot be stolen or broken. These cryptographic keys are created with the help of software that works with quantum computing technology and as the company reveals uses physics, it uses physics equations to arrive at the random number. That constitutes the cryptographic key, so arkit claims that these keys cannot be broken even by the by the most powerful quantum computers, precisely because they use physics and not mathematics. Quantum cloud has another special feature. As for its operation, it does not use the terrestrial telecommunication network wired or wireless, but satellites through which the connection is made between the customers and their devices and the company, so rakesh rama, chartran hes. The ceo and co founder of q, brix incorporation emphasized that quantum computing is poised to have an effect in virtually every sphere in which crypto cryptography is used in the case of blockchain technology. He said we might expect a systematic shift, so it says he says quantum computers will be redefining cryptography of not only blockchain, but whenever, wherever there is an application of cryptography, including simple things like an online banking website, there is a considerable research and work being done To mitigate the effects and move to quantum resistant, cryptography or post quantum cryptography, however, the challenge of blockchain is not just about the threat that quantum computing represents, but scope of how blockchain will migrate to new version of cryptography so guys, as the company informs us.

The transmission of quantum information is not secure through traditional networks, but only if satellites are used, and only with the use of special protocols that this company arkit has developed. Arkey claims more or less that quantum cloud, the software and the satellite communication protocols it uses have brought it many years ahead of the competition without a trace of modesty, the the the company argues that those who use quantum cloud should not worry about the security of Their computers in any way shell perform. They should be not worried at all that they are perfectly theyre theyre protected their local area networks, their mobile phones, everything is protected. So this is a big bold statement to make. Arcade was founded in 2017 in the united kingdom. It currently sure its its current shareholders guys check this out. Their current shareholders include the united kingdom government all right. The english government notion capital seraphim space. Its founder is david williams, a veteran of the telecommunications satellite market. Its clients include clients guys, including the united, the united kingdom government, the european space agency, the telecommunications company bt group in the japanese giant, shu mi tomo. So the company has signed partnerships also with defendants with defense, industry and northrop grundman, and plans to launch two special quantum encryption satellites in 2023 through richard bransons virgin orbit. So there you go if you own virgin orbit. You might be excited about that. So williams is very optimistic, saying that the market is gradually discovering the potential of his company, and things will go very well.

According to market, the amount of signed contracts is close to one billion dollars. If the companys claims about the effectiveness of its products and its great lead in relation to the competition do not prove to be a word of error and its, and they prove to be true, this is one of the greatest stocks you can get into because its Right now, just 10 bucks yeah, so thats that so its it could either be one of the greatest stocks that you could have ever gotten into in your life at 10. Bucks or it might turn out to be in the end, not so great, because what the company was saying, really wasnt living up to what it said, all right, so thats that so there is huge, immense, unbelievable potential in this company. To be honest, i like this company and im the type of investor that, if im going to get im going to get in early, if i you know, i dont want to get in the middle. Sometimes i do it, but i want to get in early and i want to make sure i want to be sure, obviously, because, if youre going to get in earlier in something you better do some good due diligence or else you might be stuck um in you Know if you dont do good due diligence, you might be stuck uh in the red for a long long long time. So for me, my opinion is that this company is, is good.

Im interested that but thats just my personal opinion, guys im, not a professional financial advisor, so dont trade according to this video at all, you have to do your own due diligence. Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think about this stock and thank you very much for watching.